Parallel Profits Review: Live Case Study! Can You Earn 6 Figures?

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Our Parallel Profits Review will reveal live training so subscribe to the video below. We find out whether or not this product really works. The Parallel Profits Video  shows we opted into the program to give you the inside scoop on franchise details that are covered. 

To get in and grab your territory we made our first payment of $1,059.31 today on 1-30-2019. And then every 30 days we will pay this amount for the next 2 months. 

parallel profits package

Most review writers never even look inside to view the product they are reviewing. However, you’ll want to follow the details about Parallel Profits as we intend to uncover the actual work involved, the time it takes and what it amounts to.

Over the next few weeks you will only need to come back to this review or the head over after this first review to the second update linked here: Parallel Profits Module #1

Or see new links enclosed at the lower section called Live Parallel Profits Insider Info.

Most reviews for Parallel Profits will either deliver a positive or negative review based on their authors intentions. 

We’re going to list it as a positive review at the start today, and then determine every week just where our thoughts are. If our attitude about Parallel Profits changes later on as we become more familiar with it, we will publish and show these new stats within the case study videos at the bottom of this review.

To give our readers a special inside Peek, we ordered this product to find out how well it works. US currency, it is 3 payments of $1064.00… or $2997.00

See our case studies links which are added to the review at the bottom of this article. You will be redirected to our case study videos and written articles that cover Parallel Profits.

Product Summary:

Would you spend $2500 on a Successful Franchise Business? When McDonalds costs 1 Million now to buy in? And you can potentially earn way more with Parallel Profits than from fast food? The entrepreneurs Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth both explain why it is the right move.  Two Website experts who have formed their own Franchise Monopoly to service the world with their website service franchise.

Find out why we opted in to do this review and the case studies…


Parallel Profits



What Is Parallel Profits About?

Parallel Profits is a training course and a buy in to a global franchised business of web based services. The two founders Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth have enough combined skill and education in this realm to help perhaps tens of thousands of franchisee bushiness benefactors they are now being accepted one by one.

There sales page features earnings of $100,000.00 dollars with just 7 sales. Then they say it would be easy to double it year after year, and they show the process and the platform that will catapult you to the top of this wealth gauge. 

parallel Profits featured image steven clayton and aidan booth

A Franchisee has a much greater chance of being a success. Way greater. And that’s why they suggest you would be making a huge mistake if you don’t join them.

Is Parallel Profits A Scam?

Everyone asks…But no. The program and product here is for real and it is legit. However if you’ve never been in sales this may pose an issue. 

Can you earn $100k your first 7 sales. No. But the right 7 sales as they suggest can earn you a six figure income for sure.

And after the first year the second year would allow exponential growth, and I think that is what they mean when they say the wealth could be there for you based on their system that is already working now.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Parallel Profits costs a one time fee of $3000 to join their course. And to hopefully eventually become a franchise owner. 

Which is a very low price for any franchise business today. Perhaps it is why we hear of so many hopping aboard.

However you can get the Parallel Profits course and training for just $1060.00 times 3 payments. One payment every 30 days. So $1060.00. Down, then two more payments of $1060.00

What I Liked About The Training

Even though all the training will mostly be starting on Feb 1, 2019, we can see inside the platform or membership area and what videos they do have cover the material they are talking about in a logic and easy to follow manner.

We believe the rest of the training via published webinars will also afford this same easy to understand formatting and be worthy of the price of admission.

parallel profits invoice

The price is within reach of lots of people who understand the value they are going to be getting here from the two entrepreneurs. 

Basically you would learn everything you need to know to even go into business for yourself. Yet having these skilled sales people and a business plan to go by…I would think you could not pass such as this up.

Parallel Profit Bonuses Over $10k Value…

parallel profit bonuses

Yes they do give you quite a bit to help out when you join. These 3 bonuses I’ve seen when I signed up are covering great information that could help you to earn even more income than they mention here in the sales page.

  • Bonus #1: Secret Mastermind-Workshops with additional tactics, Formulas and Strategies. Value $2997
  • Bonus #2: Parallel Profits Live-Our Online Live Event With Guest Speakers & Inner Circle Secrets. Value $4997
  • Bonus #3: 7 Figure Scaling SecretsExclusive video series revealing how to scale your business Value $2997

What I Did Not Like About The Training

Like most Marketers these days they are taught to just get the biggest majority of a program going first. Then worry about the details. 

It is a marketing strategy. You wouldn’t spend years putting something like this together only to find out the market is such that no one needs a job!

But here’s the kicker. You are selling a franchised business to people online looking to find a way to make money!

Expecting 100,000 members. So why not start raking in the dough! Then build the course you know you can build.

So the sales to memberships go in a month before the course is even developed. There are no videos as of to date, yet starting tomorrow the first of many webinar training videos will be launched.

Module one: Starts Feb, 1 2019.

Module two and three: Feb 8th.

The rest of the training to be announced is what you will see on the inside for the remainder as they’ve not been scheduled.

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

I think that they will have lots of sales training. Yet I don’t think that that will be something they focus to much detail on. So  far they have not even mentioned any type of sales. Yet the model will be saturated with the need to sale. 

If you are not cut out to be able to represent this company and do it like a normal sales person, you may be out of your league. And you may have to outsource that training.

Our case study and videos to come after this, will depict whether or not they cover getting skilled training in the selling arena to become a good web service franchisee owner. So it’s up in the air for now.

Also I hope for every members sake they crush the training going into creating your own business. That will be a must have. 

As you will need to go into this with eyes wide open and take action on things you are not certain of doing. 

parallel profits inside members area

There is going to be a lot of training within Parallel Profits. The things these two guys have had to go through so far to commit to bringing into the world a web based service Franchise is impressive. 

A million dollars will be spent to get this operation off and running. 

And to be a part of that, well, in the future these two founders are talking about being the fastest growing franchise in the world today.

That implies everyone that is a franchisee owner is almost guaranteed to be a success!

Will Parallel Profits Help You Make Money?

The potential is there and I truly believe if it can be profitable, these guys will make it so. Listening to Steve Clayton for over an hour gets you to feeling pretty comfortable with what he believes and how he intends to create this huge business franchise program.

Recruiting and teaching his franchisee owners to be profitable and to have fun as well while building their businesses will be a chore I’m sure. 

But if they are successful there will be many people wishing they had got in at the start when there was territory remaining!

parallel profits Business Blueprint

Will it Make You Money?

Like any business. If you get in and work hard, you will make a living for sure. Will you excel and make 6 figures per year? 

Only if you are a qualified sales type person I imagine. But still, some will move up to this and do very well, even if they have no prior sales experience. But it will mean work, and lots of it along they way.

Would I Recommend You Buy Parallel Profits?

Younger people for sure who have the energy to work hard and always be on top of their game. I do recommend it also for anyone that loves sales. 

Sales is a big part of this business here even though their copy ads we see for Parallel Profits says we don’t have to be sales people to make it big in the digital web service business.

So it is still up in the air how much sales will be involved. They do mention they won’t keep you from using the phone to solicit more sales. Hmmmmm.

Still Here?

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I’ve hoped that you’ve liked this review on Parallel Profits. Because we have more case studies coming in the weeks ahead. 

You should see a link here below for Parallel Profits Case Study #1 if available.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

Live Parallel Profits Insider Info  See NEW Webinar Module #1 –See what Steve Clayton says next!

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