Pennies 4 Profits – Do Penny Leads Generate Revenue?

This Pennies 4 Profit Review will hopefully educate you on why cheap traffic to your website, blog, or social group, has perhaps been largely over rated among new marketers.

Certainly the thought of getting traffic at a penny is exciting. Pennies 4 Profits even shows you a case study which they say proves one penny leads have converted even better than $7 dollar leads.

If this were true of course we would be lined up to look such a gift horse in its mouth. So in this review will explain why penny leads simply will not work.

Honest reviews are hard to come by these days. There are review writers raking in large cash due to promoting within their review the new product that just hit the market.  You’ll find that most of them lie.

In our reviews however, we do  purchase each of our products to give you our inside honest view. Our results usually end up a bit negative based on such shallow attempts and short cuts vendors take in getting a new product to market.

Clever ad copy and superbly targeted images do not make a great product. Pennies 4 Profits is exactly one. Mere lip stick you’ll find on a pig is our finding.

Product Summary:

Pennies 4 Profits is a platform set up to distribute leads. Meaning a subscribers email address.  So that you can send these leads to your website or blog to hopefully click on your product.

For 100 leads per day you only pay $30 per month and for that you get 100 leads per day at .01 cent per lead.

You won’t know where these leads came from however. As this information is not public. So receiving such leads could actually put your website in danger! Are you now Spamming?


Steve is spokesman in videoProspect Flow USA



What Is Penny 4 Profits About?

Such a platform that sells leads of which perhaps purchased by said company for fractions below the one cent mark?

Then redistributes these same leads, or email addresses to you for a bit higher price. Say 01 cent per.

Basically you are getting a list of email addresses. That came from God only knows… And with these leads you can then upload them to your autoresponder. Or not.

The thing these days is email providers will not generally allow non-targeted or outsourced leads to your inbox. 

So to use these leads that come to you in a document form you would have to find a different way to send out by email. 

So each month you pay the $30 dollar fee. And every day you receive 100 more leads. So total is once cent or one penny per lead.

The Pennies 4 Profits just happens to have a set up you can use because they already know you are not likely to be allowed these type leads in your auto email responder program.

Here Is How To Get 1 penny to 5 cent Leads

If you don’t have an email service provider I list two below.  You can import the list to P4P’s CAN-SPAM compliant mailer which you can easily send Emails to your list of leads.

So basically you send emails to your list in reverse. You will probably not be allowed to import these to your responder if it is Get Response or Aweber.

Now the leads are legit as they even send them to you with an IP address to where the lead has signed up at one time or another and their location was tracked back to the source. Or their computer location.

It appears they send you an excel document via email that has a list of 100 names, addresses and ip address. 

They use what is called as a Fresh Factor Date in which it shows these leads or fresh and not leads being use from years before.

pennies for profit order form

How Does Pennies 4 Profit Generate Leads?

The leads have been targeted to biz opp and internet marketing industry.

The source of these leads is a trade secret. However they do admit on their site that they have 300 plus joint ventures with top IM leaders.

And that these leads primarily are generated from the United States.

Is Pennies 4 Profits A Scam?

Perhaps they don’t see it as a scam. However I myself when getting started online happened to buy into their list of leads program as a member and was sad to find that not a single sale was made using their leads. 

I’m not sure but I really think these leads come from lists that have already been sold to so many times that if you target them with any type of offer, your offer never sees their inbox. 

Perhaps most of these leads have already opted out or change their email address to keep offers from coming in, in droves!

However, if you think you can actually find such a cheap source of leads and have them work, you are much more naive than I was in my beginning. After I did test this, yet I did not expect results. 

So if you expect to get leads or traffic to your offer, let me recommend a legit and absolute necessity for building your list and using it as a traffic source. 

See below the box? Click on the blue link to grab a legit way to build your list and promote your products.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The membership is necessary to get these penny leads. So they ask that you join. Which entails putting up $60 bucks. 

Which is a one time fee of $30. Plus you’ve paid for your first months pennies 4 profit list of 100 names, addresses, and ip’s. 

That’s it. 

pennies for profit claims

What I Liked About Pennies 4 Profits Website

Pennies 4 Profits is set up great in the way that makes it so simple that anyone can join and begin getting their list in Excel document format. But possibly at your own demise.

The program would be even better if the leads they sell ever worked. Perhaps it’s why they’re so cheap. One penny is almost too cheap for it to be worth anything these days. So you can see the value that is in being able to buy something for a penny? None.

If leads from Facebook Ads cost about $1 buck a click. Then you can tell right off that what you get for a penny will not be much. 

It seems almost like their money is made on the one time membership fee. As once they set this up it is automatically done, so there is no more work for them to have to deal with daily.

pennies for profits conversion image

As an ex Solo Ads Vendor myself for over two years, I know the value of having a list. Even if you have a list of 1,000 names and addresses from Pennies 4 Profit…You will have less a chance of selling even one legit product to this list than you would if you bought 100 clicks from me for the price of .40 cents each!

The value of what you pay for is really important here. Some lists with subscribers can cost up to $15.00 dollars per address. 

However it does depend on the offer and the targeted audience. People pay lots to have a targeted list to such a company as Real Estate, Exotic Auto Sales, etc. 

A penny a lead would not ever work in the above case, as the more exceptional the leads are the more you will pay for the results you will obtain with them.

It always works like this. Don’t expect it to work differently in your case, even if you have a cheap product to sell. 

What I Did Not Like About Pennies 4 Profits

What I do not like about Pennies 4 Profits is the simple fact they are taking advantage of new online marketers who are just learning and trying to find the best way to send traffic to their products. 

It seems their set up is so simple and so cheap that at least 4 in 10 new marketers pay this membership and even pay the $30 dollars per month for many months just on the off chance it actaully makes them a sale. 

The problem with testing something out is that it takes away from your time and your business. And leads you down a false trail of hope and chance. 

Don’t leave your business up to chance. 

Why Pennies 4 Profits Does Not Work

The reason I don’t think this product should even be on the market is that it has no proof of ever working and it has no case study to show that these leads are worth anything but being free. 

Meaning we cannot even find a source of where they got their start, nor did we find but one name behind them other than “Prospect Flow USA”.

This could be a bit of a problem if you cannot find a company or who is in charge.

They also you a bit of sales pressure to ensure you buy and sign up as they say you are just 19 member spots left. Which is basic scare tactic to show limitation.

The refund policy is only 24 hours to get a refund on the $30 membership fee. Of course they will give you a refund on the monthly list fee. But it has to be within 24 hours also. 

There is no effort to give us support for how well the lists work. That tells me you should not even consider purchasing this product. 

It is a red flag when you don’t see testimonials from a business such as this which has been in public since 2014.

pennies for profit list of leads

The guy on the intro video says he’s been testing the leads against much higher lead sources for over 4 years. 

Now why would you ever test more than just one time if you had good results? The reason you see the video is to sell you on the fact that they show here the penny leads out gun the leads that cost $7 dollars. 

Which is all a big fib really as above I just told you why you would ever use a lead that costs $7 or more.

Normal average lead costs for generating product sales even a few at a time here online today are about .40 cents a lead. 

And leads can even run you up to one dollar a lead on Facebook Ads Campaigns. These leads work, as they are generated from a target audience by Facebook. 

Will Pennies 4 Profit Help You Make Money?

Please do not even attempt or think you will be able to sell anything using these leads. They are non targeted to your product for one thing. 

They could be coming from anywhere in the world. If you do not know your list, you will not know what to sell them. 

Plain and simple. List building is a strategy so you can send emails to your audience and talk to them and even have a relationship.

The list buying option here from Pennies 4 Profit is much more of a way of spamming people who do not even know you have their list.

And doing so can get you in more trouble than any preconceived value within Pennies 4 Profits can give you.

pennies for profit leads targeted

Building A Targeted List:

The best way to build a list is through having a funnel, a website, a product to sell, and an autoresponder such as Get Response, Aweber, or any of the other top AR Platforms. 

You must learn that your audience needs to agree and to sign in for your value you bring them. That means only subscribers that you attract should ever be on your mailing list. 

If you are buying lists and mailing to them your results and response will be zero. Mainly because even when you have a list of visitors who signed up under you, very few ever respond to emails. 

About 5 percent open the email even when they know who you are! That number would drop to zero if they didn’t know you.

If they suspect spam from you they will automatically filter out any future emails coming from you. 

Would I Recommend Pennies 4 Profits?

The answer is of course, no. Never purchase any lists that you find for sale. It is not even ethical really. It makes no sense, and it doesn’t really work, therefore giving you no chance of getting a single result or reply.

We do not recommend buying any type of list, especially not Pennies 4 Profit.


My conclusion is this. If you need and want a list. Learn how to build a targeted list by way of email marketing training inside the link below.

If you are new to marketing why not get some training on how it works for those of us who have become successful marketers?

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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