What is Product Launch Formula? Stop the Launch!

 Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Revision 5 is still hot and working


what is product launch formula
Jeff Walker – “Da Maan”



If you have been around the internet and internet marketing for longer than about five minutes, you have probably heard the name Jeff Walker mentioned. Typically, this would be used in ways like a Jeff Walker launch or a Jeff Walker product launch. So what is Product Launch Formula? Keep on reading to see what happens. 

Yes, this is the man who more or less codified the whole idea the big launch down into a formula; this became known as his Product Launch Formula. If you actually go back into the history of internet marketing, you will see all of the major launches more or less used this new product launch process. Of course, you might still be having the question is Product Launch Formula a scam.

You may also be interested to know that product launch formula 2013 (Version 5 now, since it is continually updated) is well regarded by most of the biggest names in the internet marketing field. These are the folks many refer to as ‘gurus’ and other leaders (more about Jeff Walker here)

Believe it or not the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula was actually created based upon launches conducted first in non-internet marketing niches like stock trading. Let’s dig into this a bit and find out if Product Launch Formula 5 is a legit program and if it can actually make you any money.


what is product launch formula


What Is Product Launch Formula


The basic idea is that you need to be trained and coached in order to conduct a proper launch of your own product. Please note that the Product Launch Formula is more geared to those who are interested in creating their own product and then selling it on the internet. This is an entirely different model than affiliate marketing, which is what we do here and what our top recommendations focus on.

With the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula 5 you are going to get a ton of information. This includes two manuals, a set of 10 audio CD interviews with many people who have conducted successful product launches, a video presentation of Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker at a live conference, and a series of of nine CDs with camtasia screencast recordings that explain the entire PLF process.

In addition to all of this, owners of the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula 5 will also have access to a bonus area. This section provides you with a large number of interviews with people who have conducted successful product launches.


what is product launch formula
Jeff Walker, an honest Internet Guru


Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula 5 Overview


There are a number of things to like about this program. For starters, the training provided by the Jeff Walker  is top notch. If you do happen to have your own product and are struggling to make some sales, then this information will help. However, one of the biggest criticisms is that there are too many ideas in product launch formula 2013 (or whatever version).

Chances are that you will never be able to implement more than a few of the ideas explained and discussed in the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula. On top of that, many of the techniques are certainly not simple or quick to implement. For example, finding JV (joint venture) partners can take a good long while, yet they can also be very critical to the product launch process.

Personally, all of those interviews with even a number of ‘regular’ folks who conducted successful product launches were the most helpful part to me. They provide very actionable and straight forward steps and advice on how to really bring your product to market.

Of course, I haven’t been able to get through all of them, and some were clearly better than others. The live conference video was decent, although it did go on a bit long. The actual training from the audios included a lot of mind maps and other visual aids which helped to improve the learning process.


Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Price Comparison


How much does Product Launch Formula cost? Another very important thing to consider is the actual price. Remember that this was originally developed back in 2006, when a number of big launches were all commanding prices of $997 and up. The Jeff Walker product launch formula price comparison should be conducted against any other plan or program you are looking at.

Value is certainly something that will be in the eye of the beholder. If you are ready to roll out your own product launch, then the money could be considered an investment and turn your launch into a huge success. But those affiliate marketers who are simply curious will find a nearly one thousand dollar price tag very steep. With that in mind, this product may help certain types of marketers.


wealthy affiliate review


Should You Buy Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula?


While this will need to be a very personal decision, I do think there are certain people who will benefit a lot more than other from this program. Whether or not you should buy Jeff Walker product launch formula will really depend on where you are in your online money making development. For example, if you can go through his introductory video and understand all of the concepts and ideas being discussed, then maybe it would help you.

People who already have their own product or who are actually developing their product right now are probably the ideal group to benefit from something like this. Being able to take an actual product and then put all of the concepts and tactics into practice will also help to justify the cost.

Otherwise, this is probably not worth spending the money. In fact, I would think most people are probably not ready for the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula. Certainly, someone looking to get into affiliate marketing due to the low barriers of entry and the very low cost involved is not going to see a tremendous benefit from this program; instead focus on our top recommended program.


product launch formula



Final Word to My Product Launch Formula Review


The bottom line is that there is a lot of good stuff within this program. As far as my Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Review goes…no it’s not a scam. In fact, the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula 5 is a legit program. Having said that, also understand this may not be right for just everyone.

The huge price tag will scare most curiosity seekers away. Those serious marketers really looking to get their own product launched and available to the world, will learn more than enough to accomplish this goal here though. But if you are looking to learn the basics there are far better places and more interactive communities on the net.

For affiliate marketers and those looking to make money online in an easier way, there is an alternative.


What Next?


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  1. Sebastian

    I considered getting the program but indeed nearly 1000 $ seems to be pretty much. This is about the price Anton Method is charging for its dropshipping community.
    Do you have a clue whether you would recommend getting started in affiliate marketing or in dropshipping?

    • Rick

      Both the dropshipping and affiliate marketing require about the same amount of work. If I had both to do again I would set up a dropshipping website for a product that was very high in cost.
      Not as much work but when I did make a sale it would only be the one I needed for the year! Too many small sales will get you to be working all day long so they aren’t worth it. Sell high ticket items and
      be in the big leagues. That is what I recommend. I would definitely run a store though and have the products dropshipped.

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