Profit 365 Review – Get Paid 365 Days A Year!

We’ve found Profit 365! Is it that easy to make money with affliate marketing as Jamie Lewis suggests in his sales page and video? 

We go inside to learn that the training is absolutely lacking and perhaps they even created the videos years ago for some other program they were hacking away at. 

Name: Profit 365

Owner: Jamie Lewis

Launched:  2019

Price: $34 + upsells

Recommended? Oh My!

product 365 is it legit

We go inside the product to find out what is going on. Once set up Profit 365  continues to bring in money even while your sleeping.

  • Even while on vacation
  • Even while you’re spending times with family and friends
  • Even while doing whatever you want
  • Even while you’re sleeping!

Apparently, anyone can do it, even if you are a newbie. The product idea uses special squeeze pages or landing pages, solo ads along with email. Send traffic to these using email marketing, solo ads and you got an instant successful business?

As good as this sounds, I decided to take a close look at the training provided inside by purchasing a copy, for $34 and becoming a member of Profit365.

Product Summary:

We go inside Profit 365 since it’s a click bank money maker. So Evin says. And it sounds so good we hope to make money! So we become a Profit 365 member to complete this review.


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What Is Profit 365 About?  

The course is really video based information which trains or teaches how to make money as an affiliate promoting with ClickBank.

Profit 365 is about Affiliate Marketing Training which combines seller strategies within video based education technique. 

15 Videos are inside the members area once you sign up. The videos total about 2.5 hours of marketing training. Not really enough to explain the finer details you would need to make the kind of money they have lead you to believe you can make. 

My standards suggest this product training is a bit high for what you get. The value is just not there in my opinion. 

We also find that the videos themselves were created not a month ago, but 3 years ago!

Yes, the training appears to have been created over 3 years ago perhaps for a different product course.

It appears they suggest and try to help you with how Solo Ads work, as well as show you why YouTube videos can help you get traffic to your affiliate source.

They also want you to get Click Funnels to help you build the pages. Which we thought would already be made for us. 

The training is a bit shy of the mark for us as we have seen much greater value delivered in the past for this price. 

To think that you still have to get extra help to set up click funnels, a Youtube channel, and learn all about how to pick solo ad vendors on the cheap to send traffic to your offer

profit 365 review jamie lewis

Evin says he engineered this product to work from the comfort of your own home, only requiring 15030 minutes per day, and once you activate the system it is hands free. I’ve engineered this to be as easy as possible for you to get started right now:

And when you begin TODAY you can have your first check next week! Hardly possible we find out. Bringing the traffic in from solos and YouTube means lots of work and it can even become full time.

Since most products or affiliate pages need traffic. That is something everyone leaves out of their equation.

And Jamie Lewis says look, if a simple guy like me can do this, anyone can do this. All the while showing you all the money he brings in from this. 

Yet if he has been marketing 14 years? Do you actually think you can earn commissions like this, without a list, without a website, and without lots and lots of training? 

Solo ads work, but not very efficiently. It is a list of subscribers who want to make money, yes. But, not perhaps in a way where they themselves need to do solo ad marketing. 

Is Profit 365 A Scam?

I’ts not as much of a scam as it is a lengthy time consuming process. Of learning strategies that do work, and testing these for weeks and weeks in order to determine which thing makes the most sales.

So his hype here is the only thing I see that is selling. Will you earn money with something that a 14 year marketer has become successful at. 

No. Not in the time frame he speaks of here. No way. 

When and if you do ever make a sale in ClickBank you run the risk of cheap unworthy products being refunded!

That means for ever sale you make, you do run the chance of not making that sale and commission. 

Lots of products on ClickBank are not going to work for the new online marketer, or if you don’t have a large 50k list to promote to.

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How Much Does Profit 365 Cost?

The training inside is cheap really. Just $34 bucks one time. But they insist you will need the upsells to better take on such a challenge.

In my expert opinion you won’t get everything you need to start making profits with Affiliate Marketing. 

It takes years really to find something that works and then build it or scale it up. Mostly this is hyped up by Jamie to make you think you will get rich over night. Won’t work like that at all. 

And many can even loose entire savings accounts as they strive to make these strategies work. Further training is recommended.

But what you get is limited as well. If you have two and a half hours of training, when you would need perhaps a hundred.

The price would go up. But what sells is something like this. Offering you the fast track to success and riches. 

Yet we find these products never bring you the success and riches you seek. Not by a long shot. We did quickly get our money refunded without questions asked. 

What I Don’t Like About Profit 365 Training 

The profit 365 does have good training. Just not enough of it. And what you get will not be all you need. Perhaps that is why you get the up-sells. 

But these products appear to be something you will not be wanting or needing either.

Up sell #1 Elite High Converting Campaigns For $194.00 One Time Fee

The issue here is this campaign works on his list of subscribers. Not for a person without a list. And just starting out. Hold off on this ups-sell #1 and #2.


So the Elite High Converting Campaigns are reduced by $100 bucks if you leave the page. Still not enough value for $94 dollars.

Up-sell #2 Unlimited Profit 365 Reinforcement Classes. 

Okay here’s the deal. If you just bought a product which Jamie says you need nothing else. Why is he trying to tell you now that you need help? Again no to up-sell #2.

And again another down-sell only to try to get your money and again offer you very little value. Not suggested.

Why Jamie’s Profit 365 Will Not Work

To put it simply. The training is just not going to work today. These are videos created over 3 years ago. And in marketing things change every day. Not just ever year.

But very little value really. What you need for learning and operating within the solos market is a lot more training. Not just a few minutes. But perhaps a few weeks of lessons. 

It is difficult to use solos, YouTube, Facebook, or any of these type strategies and then expect suddenly to start making money as Jamie Suggests within Profit 365.

profit 365 Accelerated income

Track Record Of Jamie Lewis & Andrea Fulton

Both of these product creators have a history of creating and promoting these kinds of low quality training modules.

The quality and relevance of Profit365 is without question incredibly low quality, there is no evidence to give any credibility to the training inside.

Another product I reviewed by Jamie and Matthew Neer, called Income League, was equally poor quality. I even uncovered some simple evidence which shows they most likely fabricate their sales proof, at least in my opinion.

Here is my video review of Income League:

Equally, Andrea has released a lot of products over the last 7 years or so, based on her track record of MunchEye. And I can’t help but notice that all the domain listed no longer exist.

That either means that those services are simply old and outdated or they were taken down shortly after release. The latest on was only released 6 months ago and it has already been taken down…

What does that tell you? It tells you that they release short term and low quality training which is “churned and burned” and then re-released over and over – just like they have done here with Profit365.

Will Profit 365 Help You Make Money?

The Training Does NOT Show You How To Do Real Affiliate Marketing! 

  • How to create yourself a website
  • How to set up your first autoresponder
  • How to build sales pages
  • How to create any kind of page
  • How to purchase Solo Ads to get visitors
  • How to Grow your business to earn more

Does not show which products types are best to promote on ClickBank

There is much training you would need if you are a new online marketer wanting to make money with this product. 

And most of that is left out. As it would take a long time to put a real Affiliate Marketing Course Together.

It appears that the video training was done for a different product, and they collectively put it together here in mismatched fashion to try to create what is now being called Profit 365. 

profit 365 profits 365 days a year

Enter your text here…

Would I Recommend You Buy Profit 365?

There is a lot to say here but let me keep this simple. 

The videos are ancient in my view as a full time marketer who has vast experience helping newbies succeed. 

The training will make you think that Affiliate Marketing is simple. When it is not. Once you get into the program you will see there is very little value here for educating a new marketer. 

And besides that there is no step by step instruction base. So it goes on in a haphazardly fashion as I stated before. 

But if you want to try it out. Profit 365. I would not suggest it. Try to understand that you will need much more education and skill building then is inside this product Profit 365.

If you have questions please post them below. I’m happy to help if I can. Thanks!

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

Rick Bell

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  1. Jamie lewis

    Well the claims of “income proof fabricated” and “3 years ago” are untrue.. I didn’t even read the rest of it.

    • Rick

      The claims stand until someone, anyone shows me they are profiting from this and working it on a regular basis. Once that happens then and only then will I be able to change my findings and the tons of research we do on reviews of this nature.

      Rick Bell

    • Rick

      Most of these types of programs are out to take your money and empty your wallets and bank accounts. Not actually a good source to learn from. If you want to learn the art of marketing successfully, then I can help you.
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