Profit Injector Review – Video Success Without Making Videos!

Creator: Jamie LewisWebsite: ProfitInjector.comOverall: 4.5 out of 5 

Tired of struggling to make money from home? Don’t miss this exclusive review on Profit Injector with founder Jamie Lewis. My Profit Injector Review reveals the shortcuts needed to be able to siphon money from youtube without ever making a single video.

However, Jamie Lewis will tell you that you don’t need to create your own videos. Some of his training will cover creating a Youtube Channel and monetizing it, also. Watch the video to see the revenue he has made..

My name is Rick Bell and today my Profit Injector Review can be trusted, worthwhile, and will help you decide if it is right for you. This is an honest review which has been written to help fellow Marketers in their quest to earn income online.


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What Is Profit Injector About?

Once inside we see that the software includes the very training you will need in order to research thousands of Youtube Videos which have been created by their channel owners.

The Profit Injector helps you take advantage of such information already there, by utilizing it to allow you yourself to monetizing channel owners videos. Making it possible to leave your affiliate link to be seen by tens of thousands of new visitors daily.

The Project Injector software includes everything you need to be able to easily contact Youtube Channel Founders via an email. There are also written emails scripts that allow you to convince these video makers to let you leave your niche link and monetize their video for profits so that you can take advantage of all the Views and traffic they are now getting… Click on $160k below to see how! 



You Don’t Have To Create Videos Yourself!

So you’re not having to create your own niche videos yourself. Profit Injector by Jamie Lewis merely takes advantage of an abundance of ready to go traffic. His training helps show you how to reach these Youtube business owners and go into business with them. Along with the very training on how to build a Youtube Subscriber Account and much more. All inside this Profit Injector program.

If you must know, you won’t be able to take advantage of all the videos on Youtube today. If they are not relevant to your own niche, the channel owners would not likely be interested in assisting you in this area. However, if it is a spot on niche video, perfected relevant to your own niche, perhaps they might be willing to allow your link within their description or code.



Is Profit Injector A Scam?

The one most important thing we found upon researching this is that we did find positive comments about the product. These guys are top marketers and Jamie Lewis has been around for years helping students find the best shortcuts and training to boost their marketing game. So is Profit Injector a Scam? 

We found it to be legit. And we feel compelled to also let people know that it will probably help you earn income online. We do recommend it if you are someone interested in learning such material. Is it going to be easy to get every Youtuber to allow you to promote your links within their video’s and descriptions?

No. But the key here is you must treat it like a numbers game. More swipes you send out the more successful replies you will get. From there the first link could be a Gold Mine which sends you repeat commissions for that product on autopilot for years!

And from there you now have just targeted tens of thousands of visitors who will now see your link. Something you may have had difficulty doing up until Profit Injector came about.

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How Much Does Profit Injector Cost?

The cost to get the main product Profit Injector is $37.00. It might be enough for you to see if this is something you want to learn. If you leave the page before check out, you can get it for just $17.00.

Jamie Lewis’ video training use to sell for $497.00. And I’ve actually seen that program. So true.

Below is extra training that may benefit you if you want to do this for a living. But if only curious…get the software to see if you can work it and have any success. That’s what we did. And we found it to be worthwhile. I’ve already added several links to high traffic video sources!

Below I list the extra training Jamie Lewis Recommends to marketers. I recommend only the six-month limited training. Which is the same as the unlimited training only it goes on for only 6 months.

In my opinion, if you cannot learn what you need to know in six months perhaps you are in the wrong business!

Upsell #1

A weekly training class by Jamie Lewis for $197.00 one time payment. The classes are all about mastering marketing and pretty much has helped many marketers to get a better grasp on making more money. You’ll

also be able to interact with him personally if you’re a part of this.

Upsell #2

$97.00 Basically this is the same type of training as offer number one however it is limited. You are only allowed to be a part of the class for six months. In my opinion, this would be enough training for anyone.

If you cannot change your success level with this, the $197 offer will probably not help you either.

Upsell #3

$287.00 You get Jamies Profit Injector business in a box so to speak. Where you get his top marketing success strategies he himself uses. His blueprinted Adwords Campaigns all done for you and in a plug and play fashion. In my opinion, if you are struggling to follow someone else, I would recommend getting this blueprint to success.

I wouldn’t know how anyone could actually fail to make an extra $5k monthly using this package. 

You’ll get over 80 of his personal ready to go websites that he has successfully earned huge amounts of income with. Once you get them you merely plug in your own affiliate link and sit back and watch the money roll in.

Or so he says.




The Youtube Software Tutorial:

This is where you will gain all the information regarding being able to make this program work. Jamie Lewis covers the top niches within Click Bank that has made him money and that he promotes.

So he easily explains how and why this software works so well. 

Any video that he shows in his tutorial has over 5000 views which allow you to know exactly what niches you will want to target. Then you are able to contact them on their Youtube About page and if you don’t know what to say, you just insert the swipe that is for introducing yourself and why you are here. 

All in all a great and well thought out tutorial on explaining the finer details of what makes this software unique and successful. 

Most do know how to monetize their own videos and they are monetized. You will find very few that have not already optimized this monetization process. But when you find the ones that have not.

Then you can approach them and talk them into agreeing to split the profits coming from your new embedded link on their page.



Jamie shows the top niches relevant to successfully use the software on. In all online marketing, he has selected the most relevant money makers to consider when using this software.

The only thing is, when you target niches outside of your comfort zone you are going to have difficulty in relating to the channel owner. 

It is wise to mostly target only those niches you are familiar with and know something about. I recommend that anyone first work within the niche they themselves are promoting.

Then once you get the hang of the work involved you can branch out to other top niches within the market place. 


Inside Video Training on Profit Injector:

Now inside the Profit Injector, you will find the all-important training videos that walk you through each important step of acquiring Youtube Channel Operators to work with you. There are 7 Work Shops within the program. And these are basically covered by Mathew Sabia. Mathew Sabia does a great job at explaining things and he is easy to follow. 

So far we found the training to be spot on which will enable you to move from having no skill at this to building a dependable money machine taking advantage of Youtube Video Channel Traffic.

Before jumping into trying this Profit Injector. Please go over the very important videos which back it up.


What I Liked About Profit Injector

Inside the Profit Injector software, you get step by step training so you understand how each application is going to work. So, first, you get the introductory video Jamie explains how the software works. Except for their keyword tool itself is lame. You’ll be much better off using the free keyword tool called: Keyword IO.

Then you will move on to the Youtube Software Tutorial. Inside you can select your keyword search terms you want to find along with their Youtube Scraper. 

The software does cover everything you will need to know, and it is vital of course that you start at the top and work your way through. Learning is a chore for some. And the best part about Jamie Lewis’s software on this is he understand the importance of details…So he leaves none out.


What I Did Not Like About The Training

We believe one of the most difficult things to do is talk to people who are busy. It means you will be emailing and spending lots of time trying to locate them, then there is the part about communication. Perhaps cold calling on clients is a thing of the past. It is difficult to do. 

So when approaching this type of marketing of needing to get into contact with like-minded individuals you will definitely need to practice your sales pitch!

You will make mistakes at getting any clients willingly accepting your link to their Youtube Description or overlaying a video on top of theirs. Trust me. But if you are patient you can make this work.


Why The Training Is NOT Quite Enough

If you’ve ever left a comment on Youtube Videos and never gotten a response, you will find that happening here. The training does cover some psychological aspects of communication.

But in my opinion, a lot is left out. The training seems to think you are capable of being able to talk someone into allowing your link, no matter what you say to them. Not the case. Most marketers will not share information unless they can somehow profit from this. 

Perhaps this is where you are to tell them they get 50% commissions from those you earn. Quicky though…How will they ever take your word on that? Since neither of you knows one another.

But what if you could talk an Eskimo into a popsicle? Perhaps reading topics such as this might be of help: Tactics To Influence People would be a much better training course of action.


If Jamie was at all as successful by using the very tools he is continuously selling, he would not have to continue selling them as tools! He would just use them himself. But maybe he does use these, and perhaps it is why he is as successful as he now is.

Another question is why so many marketers are promoting this program of his? Why not do what he says and make even more money for themselves? Is it like he suggests? Use already moving traffic to convert affiliate offers for you.

So we do see the concept at work even here. Using traffic that is coming from other vendors sources. I believe it is why Jamie Lewis shows us the top niches that we should go after within the program. After all these are popular Youtube channels of which some have a million views… This can only help our own affiliate links to be viewed many times during just one 24 hour period.

Will you get the same outcome? Only if you build such skills as he has and is a people type person who is not afraid to knock on doors that close in your face. 


Will Profit Injector Help You Make Money?

It’s my opinion that the software alone may not make you wealthy. We don’t find enough evidence this software will work for you without some decent effort. The simple solution is you will need some training he recommends that goes along with the Profit Injector Program. But which training would be best? That depends on where you are today in your own knowledge of Internet Marketing.

My Profit Injector review suggests that you can make some money with just the program itself. And it’s video training inside. But if you must go in and get extra help…We suggest the 6-month personalized training on marketing he offers for $97 bucks.

But it is 5 times more likely you’ll make more as you go along. Perhaps reinvesting your profits into more of his training. Even one-on-one coaching. An education that will cover the many details is something you can hardly take a risk of passing up.

Meaning we find that the more educated you are in the art of marketing, the better chance you have of Rocking Profit Injector. It’s just common sense that higher educated people earn more money. It works.

Decide if this is something you want to pursue. Give yourself a few days to think about going all in. Do not just buy on a whim. If your heart is not in something it will definitely put up a wall between you and your new found profits.

Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing…Are all individual strategies which can be used to earn money from home.

It is up to you to find out which strategy you enjoy working with and you find a good fit for you and your niche. Work within one niche at a time. Spreading yourself too think is a horrible mistake in marketing.

We find that Profit Injector is a great program and training tool to learn and navigate the world of Videos on Youtube. It’s the very training one would need to be able to reach out to channel owners and inserting your affiliate link via their video.

But the ability to talk people into allowing you to share their traffic…Well, that is an ART FORM in itself. And without the added training listed here, you might not be as successful as you think. With just the software I’m not sure if it is enough for beginner marketers.


Would I Recommend You Buy Profit Injector?

Since Profit Injector is a simple program which has its own training, there are lots of things you will learn. And for the cost of this product only being $37.00 I myself will keep the program and share it with others as well. Here’s a link if you want to try it out. Plus you do get a 30-day refund if not satisfied. Just try the main product first off: Profit Injector.

The information is decent and if in the hands of the right person will ultimately help them earn income online this way. 

However, if you are someone who wants to learn the basics of marketing, perhaps wants to promote their own product or program, and even work part-time as an affiliate to earn money from home..

I suggest you check out the free education below.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review. I hope that myProfit Injector Review has helped you to make the right decision for you.

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