Project Profit Academy Review-Is It Newbie Friendly?

Company: Project Profit Academy
Founder: Brendan Mace
Cost: $1997.00 or 2 partial payments of $1100.00
Recommended: 50/100
Price: Extreme

Watch the Replay or not…



Warning! Their is a large amount of reviewsfor PPA But>>>written By members of Project Profit Academy!
Except for This One Here Today…

Mostly Members write the reviews you see and embed links in their articles to promote it,

Unbiased Review: Written By A Rick Bell, A Non-Member of PPA.

One member had this to say about PPA: 

“Hey Rick,
PPA is not really about selling PPA.
It’s included in the profit funnel, but you’ll make most of the money from lower-priced products.”

Most of my information inside this review has come from a few of their members and other information I’ve researched my Project Profits Academy Review. Along with the Webinar by Brendan Mace for Project Profit Academy.

I’m Rick Bell, and I’m an Affiliate Marketer with over 5 years experience utilizing Affiliate Marketing to earn daily revenue. About Me



What you will learn-About Project Profit Academy 


  • What Project Profit Academy Is & Does
  • What Project Academy Costs & It’s Value
  • And If Project Profit Academy Will Help You Earn Income 
  • Also, If Project Profit Academy A Scam
  • And then, Is Project Profit Academy’s Resources & Information For You

The webinar replay above is about his training program called Project Profit Academy. During the webinar, Brendan shows many tips and strategies to use to make money online, and even though it is informative, it is after all a sales webinar. Here is the unbiased written review for Project Profit Academy & Brendan Mace. Wish he were here.

Project Profit Academy. Warning: There is no refund if you purchase his training program. I believe it is due to the information you receive once you order. What no refund? Wow! Stop me Now! LOL

Once you buy it there is no way to send the info back so it really cannot be returned. But since there is a platform, autoresponder and you are promoting Project Profit Academy, (PPA) through a funnel of his, you will indeed have to pay to stay. And can you say “I NEED TRAFFIC!”

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The 2 part payment allowed for $1100.00 now and $1100 in 30 days does not mean you can pay half and be able to use PPA. Perhaps for 30 days. But no more if you do not pay for the second half. These membership programs can and will cut you out or freeze your account.

            The Problem With Such Programs of this type: If you buy into a program to promote it, Make sure all your eggs are not in the one basket!

Many programs that build a membership program to promote the program itself, end up in courts or with terminated access. MobeDigital Altitude and other similar programs have been shut down by FTC. Hopefully, PPA does not end up like those two.

MOBE Shut Down By FTC – Bites Dust Like Digital Altitude


What you get inside this education program is tons of marketing information that has been used by Brandan himself to earn his own income online for the past decade. The information he says is put together and complete so you will need no other tool. 

But are you charismatic? Are you a young good looking dude? Can you talk fast and do business like Donald Trump? If not be careful. 

The Project Profit Academy Program comes in an easy to follow format with 3 different sections. In fact, Brendon states it will help you to make $10k per month…And that is without any help from anything or anyone along the way.

Particularly the extreme amount of content and information you get for the money appears to be excellent. Yet, it might be a bit overwhelming for many of our newer online marketers, even though he says he covers

the simple basics to advanced marketing. And he says he does promote this training to newbies as it is newbie friendly. For most, the price is just far too much to give up without a money back return of any kind.

          During the webinar, you will see plenty of value, and we really should see lots of value. After all, $2000.00 dollars is one heck of a lot of money up front to come out of pocket with even in 2018. The price is really $3,000.00 

But if you allow Brendan to show your first $1000 dollar commission, Which he does on the webinar, I think…He then discounts the cost to a meager one-time payment of $1997.00.

Yet would all this information be worthwhile to ALL MARKETERS in any given niche? My guess is, no.
But if you want great training for a very low cost…Read my #1 Review On How To Earn Money Online Using A Free Website!


What Is Project Profit Academy About: What Is Profit Academy?


The Project Profit Acadamy or (PPA as I may refer to it here) is an affiliation program set up to where you promote the program and training itself. Which most programs do utilize these days.

The PPA is education and training that Brendon Mace has used and experienced a great deal of success with. Could you become a Brendon Mace? Possibly, but not likely. What Profit Academy is
about is a platform that promotes Project Profit Academy. In fact, Brendan Mace has built up a 100 plus day automated funnel that promotes this high ticket Affiliate Program through email.

That is to say, when you have all of your members promoting this program for you, the money does come in a great deal faster than if it was just Brendon promoting it thru webinars.

The trouble with getting someone to join this high ticket cost program is the high buy-in. At $1997.00 As a marketer, many online newbies see the high dollar entry as a dead end.

But then many people think they don’t have to make as many sales to gain more their wealth because of the $1k commissions they earn. But it just isn’t True. Higher costs mean very few sales. As it is more difficult and more time to consume to get even one person to buy in.

Bonuses From Other Project Profit Academy Promoters

If you sign up under one of his many members who are vigorously advertising the Project Profit Academy already and has been for many months as taught by Brendan Mace, you will run into some heavy hitter type-competition. However, Brendan Mace mentions that there is literally no competition to mention for promoting such an MMO within such a broad MMO Niche.

Yet if You decided to write a review perhaps to try to get it on page one of Google under a search term such as What Is Project Profit Academy? Well, you would have to sponsor a paid ad.

Reason being is there are only so many spaces on the first page under Project Profit Academy. So what happens is you might be forced to pay for youtube ads,

Facebook Ads-which are not recommended in MMO, or merely reaching traffic through paid Solo Ads. Very expensive really. I use to be a vendor and I could buy them for .22 cents a subscriber. However, if you buy good quality solo clicks, you will pay about an average of $1.50 per subscriber. Because you will get lots of subscribers that will never get your emails.

Top Marketers of the PPA are already buying ads, have already written reviews and are on page one of Google search, and will do nothing but expand their promotions as they go. Which leaves someone just starting out already behind the 8-Ball so to speak. 

It is competitive or else the other promoting members of PPA would not be offering their own bonuses and bonus packages if you buy from them.

So it is clearly already starting to fill up with the competition of existing members heavily promoting this program. As they are taught to reinvest their first $1000 dollar commissions into advertising to get more traffic.

Clearly regardless of the size of the MMO niche here online there will always be competing sites and those who are scooping up warm traffic to PPA.


Will PPA Make You A Wealthy Marketer?


Training information alone has been proven not to be of much help unless the person behind it is prone to taking lots of action and can remain motivated to get things done over the long haul.

In the marketing world here on the internet, it means if you take action and invest your money wisely on advertising and growth, and you commit to this training day in and day out,

for as long as it takes…Then Yes over the coming years you will increase your sales potential and earnings and possibly be able to make a great living from such. Even into the six figures.

…Is their a guarantee? No. Is everyone successful that has taken such training? No, of course not. Most do not want to put in the hard work that it takes. 

I’ve seen income stats from a few members who show their first years to be quite slim. Profits in the range of only a few thousand dollars per year at best. After ad costs and promotions and paying yourself to do the work. After all, you are building a business from scratch, really. A year is a long time to wait for a pay check!

Start Out There is no such thing as massive amounts & $1000 dollar bills that zoom to your bank account!

Being able to move high ticket digital products is not at all like selling a $5 dollar item online. Which can sell in the thousands over time, pretty darn easy?

What I’m trying to say is Project Profit Academy will have limits to how much you can earn starting out. AS it is very hard to get people to trust someone they don’t know. And then give them $2000 dollars!

And you could possibly find it very difficult even with Brendan’s team of members, to generate very many of these High Ticket Sales. Trust me I have tried it many times.

However, marketers will tell you that there are just as many people with money that can afford such a training course, as not. I do agree with lots of people having money. But it does not mean they want to spend it.

Many FAIL…

I’ve had the opportunity to promote Mobe, Digital Altitude, Six Figure Mentors along with many other high-end digital products and training programs without much success. And again, as always it is a much tougher sell then they let you in on. 

PPA is one of the highest priced education type informational training programs here online being promoted today from Warrior Plus.

In fact, it is a very costly program that I do not recommend for the faint of heart or the newbie marketer. It would be difficult for any new person just starting out to ever understand the difficulty of trying to convenience a visitor to pay this much for this type of educational training. 

Especially when you can get it for much less cost! Scroll all the way to the bottom of page and click the black box!

Only A Few Succeed…

The Pros and Cons of utilizing Project Profit Academy is seen throughout this review. You are getting the insiders scoop! Inside this Project Profit Academy Review,
I show in detail why this program might possibly be a God-send or could very well be something you’ll want to stay away from.


What Is Inside Project Profit Acadamy?

This is, in fact, one of Brendan’s Warrior Plus Launches of late that contains his past experience with Affiliate Marketing. It is his past and recent knowledge on Affiliate Marketing and his Flagship Training for launching programs over the last decade.

He is one of the few very successful affiliate Warrior Plus marketers and has done quite well over the last decade. He is now also having great success with his Flagship Training Program called Project Profit Academy.

So in Project Profit Academy, he offers his past and present experience to those who are wanting to step up their marketing game. Below find the selections inside the program training.


As a member of Project Profit Academy you get…

A Done For You Profit Funnel:


Now, of course, you will have to find your own traffic for this, but his system is set up to where you earn right at a 50 percent commissions on the buy-in price which is the $1997.00. You earn $1000 if you make a sale.

So when you do get traffic or a visitor to enter the program and pay the program fee, either in two monthly installments or one whole amount as above, you will be paid a 50% commission.

Brendan Mace’s Profit Funnel is an email series on autoresponder that sends your subscribers one
email a day which promotes PPA and persuades visitors to sign up to the Project Profit Academy

Which is not a bad deal altogether. Again the problem with selling high-end digital information training that is a membership type high ticket buy-in with no refunds is going to be tough.

Because what you have here as visitors are everyday people who are needing money yet wanting to make money. The entire group of people wanting to make money online shows the largest buyers not having this kind of money, to begin with.

He does say you can get Free Traffic on Demand. 

But is it really free? To be detailed about this is that you have to reinvest what you do receive so that you can keep investing without cost, later on. That is the free traffic source trick he talks about. Eventually, you make enough to where your ad costs come out of your profits. Make sense? But you can quickly go in the hole before profits are seen!

Which makes for a very difficult so-called Auto-Pilot Sale. These are very few and far between and I imagine those members who do get lots of sales are having to send tens of thousands of visitors through Brendan’s affiliate profits funnel, and then those that are interested will want more information which might mean having to sell to them over the phone or chat.

If you have a funnel and you have landing pages and everything is set up to promote a product such as PPA, then that is a big help.

But it does not mean there is automatic money coming in just because you have a system in place? No.

Without any REAL PERSON behind these large ticket sales funnels, such sales are difficult to close. It is very difficult to get people to commit. They don’t know you. They don’t know Brendan Mace. So,

usually, the best way to sell high ticket items such as Project Profit Academy is to create Live Webinars and be able to talk to people one on one for hours at a time. Which does have results. If you are a salesman.

Brendon does this and in his webinar, he did, in fact, make about 15 sales. That’s $30k Take Home!

But these are highly targeted visitors that have signed up previously from his promotional ads and they requested this information and webinar access long before they viewed it. 

Of course being a top-notch salesperson is crucial to getting these kinds of results such as Brendan’s showing. Because like him you will need to buy your own traffic as PPA does not give you any traffic. Other than 300 visitors to begin with. After that. You are on your own.

On his webpage, Brendon tells us that his high-end training is all you would ever need to make incredible money here online. And that you don’t need to keep buying more information.

Brendan Mace Project Profit Academy



Brendan Mace’s Coaching Training:

So yes there is a guarantee once you buy in-If you consider this to be a guarantee?

There is a guarantee after all. If you buy the program and do take action and you don’t earn $24,000 dollars within the first 3 months after you start, Brendan and his team will jump in and help you until you do. So yes there is a coaching guarantee. Really? I heard it from a member that they do try to help. But there is no guarantee you will ever earn back your upfront payment!

But this only pays off if you intend on busting your ass each day while learning and implementing his training. Which I also means spending your own money for traffic. As Brendan states in the webinar workshop that he knows very little about SEO or Organic Traffic Marketing. 

So How Does He Himself Get Sales? He buys Solo Ads Traffic

With PPA he is letting every one of his high-end students in on these same tips and strategies he’s used in the past. It is, in fact, everything he has learned as a marketer and this information is all anyone would ever need to be able to earn $10,000.00 per month in revenue.

In fact, he tells us that he won’t allow us to join any other programs as he gives us everything we will ever need to earn $10k per month. LOL

But what if you are not in a money-making business online? Well, this type of training may not be of help to you.
What if you are in a blogging niche and are promoting health & wellness? Well, this type of program is well within the MMO Niche, or what is called the Money Making Online Niche. It is not something you can promote if you are in Health or Wellness or much of anything else. You can promote it in a different niche, true. But it won’t go hand in hand or work with any other niche other than MMO.


How Much Does Project Profit Cost?


Clearly, it is a lot. Normal price is $3 grand. Yet Brendan does mention in the webinar promo that you will get a discount of $1000 dollars off if you allow him to post and publicize your first commission. Which I believe they list these on their Facebook Members group to the other members to help keep them motivated and to share this information. 

So at the time of this post, you can join the Academy for $1997.00 or Make a double payment of $1100. and then in 30 days pay another $1100. However last time I checked Paypal does not allow period payments are partial payments so you will be needing a credit card.

Brendan does state in his workshop that if any one of his students does not make $24,000.00 in the first 3 months, that he himself or his other top members will sweep in and work with you until you have made this amount. So this, in essence, is a buy-in guarantee even though he states also there are no refunds. We must take his word, however.



Brendan Mace’s Highest Converting Landing Page:


When you enroll he says he will give you his Landing Page. His highest converting page. He does talk about getting up to a 25 percent conversion rate on these landing pages.

Yet his converts at 50 percent. Really? I’ve not seen even one landing page inside any niche here on the net that converts more than about 5%. So how does he do it?

And what would such a landing page look like? 

Also would this page work for what you intend to use it for? Most likely not. As these pages have to be spot on with the information and education that you intend to convey to your consumer or visitor. It has to be perfect. 

However, he does not put that much value on the landing page alone. I think he values it at something like $297. But really though as a marketer myself,

we find that split testing pages is the best solution to ending up with the highest converting percentages.


Lifetime Membership To My Campaigns


He basically gives us the email swipes (emails that he writes and sends to his own list of subscribers or traffic source.

These would be great notes and highly converting emails for sure that he uses for each and every campaign and launch he does.

Which is great if you are someone wanting to launch similar products of course. But if not, these will do you very little good.

At best you can change the wording perhaps to fit your niche and it might give you some ideas as well. But as far as a money maker?

Again, only if you are launching programs similar to the one’s Brendan launches.

However, they could be helpful tools depending on your niche and what you plan to do in the future.


License to use ANY email I send out to my list 


Now, this is nice to have if you do email marketing and have a large list of the correct type niche related subscribers. It would be a God-send for sure.

And he gives you rights to use these…which means they are yours to do with as you wish. At least in the way of promoting your products. I don’t suspect you can miss-use these for spamming anyone. 

He does add that he does not intend for the license to include the six-figure swipes he uses from his private collection. But these are the ones he uses to earn $26k per month in his business.

He does contend that since he uses these to make so much income that they would be worth more than the $4k Value he suggests on his webpage. Indeed perhaps?

But maybe since our name is not Brendon Mace? Would it make a difference? 

Branding is a very important factor in earning on the internet. It means that we have to find ourselves, we have to be ourselves, and we have to advance ourselves.

If you’ve ever copied someone else’s material here on the internet you may already know it hardly ever fits the niche or perhaps the work you are previously set for publication. 


Project Profit Academy is it a scam


ALL Of Brendan’s Past & Future Products


Mr. Mace says that as a member we get all the products he has ever launched that are under the $50 dollar mark. So, in fact, we get a bunch of stuff that is priced to sell, that maybe we could get ideas from if we were going to be creating a launch for such a product later. 

And if you sign up you also get future products he comes up with that are under $50 bucks. So there is more coming I imagine.

But all in all, these products are merely digital information and training formulas that again, might not be worthwhile to just everyone. If it is worthwhile, great.

 He did say in the webinar that he shows us the programs that do make money on a regular basis so that might be a big help. Being able to promote just those programs that do make money. This one section of the training could literally change someone’s life.


Much More To Be Added To This Article So Keep Checking Back…


  • Bonus Vault (Value: $997)
  •  Facebook Community Group (Value: $500/Year)
  • LIVE Q&A Webinars (Value: $2,997)
  • A Replay Of The Webinar (Free)

brendan mace training with Project Profit Academy



Does One Need Expensive Affiliate Training To Become A Top Affiliate Marketer?

The answer of course, is No. Spending huge amounts of money on specialized training will only help if you have a coach that is a good fit and knows his stuff and how to educate and move people forward. But just having everything in black and white does not necessarily improve one’s life or wealth.

Action And Implementation Is Key To All Success

Merely having material that works for others, does not mean it will work for you. It has little to do with being able to learn Affiliate Marketing and becoming a top Affiliate Marketeer.

As there are plenty of free resources to go around and tons of unique ways to access this information for pennies on the dollar here online everywhere! 

Now as a full-time marketer myself I don’t like to discredit or contest what others say here on the internet. But I did have plenty to say about this particular review.

Because what I’ve found so far is mostly members are the ones that have written the many reviews you are seeing on search. And for a reason. They are trying to promote Project Profit Academy using SEO. By writing a review article about it.

The reason for that is clear. As a reviewer normally we buy the product that we review so we can get inside information on it and be able to steer visitors clear or even help them to find the recent internet opportunities. This programs high cost and no refund policy will prevent the masses from ever attaining wealth from Project Profit Academy.

So why didn’t I just sign up, find out all the scoop and then ask for a refund? Simply stated, Brandan Mace gives no refund. And this is not uncommon with training information.

Someone could buy it and record it all, then cancel and ask for a refund. They would then have the info on hand and it ended up costing them nothing.

Regardless of this program not being for everyone, it is none the less an education training course that is set in 3 sectional training categories.

What it consists of is basics to advanced strategies on how to market products, How to get traffic to those products, along with tips and tricks from many other strategies such as using solo ads, to sending automation emails that Brandon Mace has used in the past during his internet marketing career. 

If You Cannot Afford $2000.00 Dollars For Brendans’ Project Profit Academy TrainingAnd If You Don’t Want The Headaches Of Trying To Sell $2000 Dollar Training And Auto Funnel From Brendan Mace…

Then try the low-cost way I got into the business and now earn a full-time income from the luxury of my own home. 


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