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Look no further. I’m a guy who has had several successful companies and Successful Handyman Businesses. I marketed myself through ads in newspapers as well as the internet, years ago. Read on to learn How to Create a Handyman Website that fits your career. Free website.

Follow me to creating a perfect website for the Handyman in you. I’ve successfully created easy to navigate websites for the last 3 years! And I’m also a Handyman.

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IMG-Handyman-Website-How-ToHow to Create a Handyman or Business Website Yourself

The issues become one of price if you are wanting someone to provide you with a custom website. These can run from $500 to $3000 without a problem. But don’t worry.You can create your own FREE Website with Training! Let me show you what works best in How to Create a Handyman Website that Works.

After taking on full time marketing lessons and research online, I learned that free is not always best. But for building a website, low cost can be taken seriously. I can show you exactly where and what you will need, to get started. And create a great looking WordPress Website in no time, that you can use immediately.

In order to create a very professional website for your Handyman Service, you will want to learn what works best. Many places online offer good information, but at a price. Sometimes hundreds of dollars! But, where I learned to build great working websites from and get the training for free…is  Wealthy Affiliate. They offer you two free websites to get started with and also training! You can create a great wordpress website in a snap! 

best website lessons
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The Best Handyman Website Creation Tool  

WordPress is an easy to use interactive platform many are using today. WordPress is so easy in fact, I learned it in about two hours having no knowledge about WordPress. The reason why I ask you to join WA to build your site is a secret…along with their best website creation lessons, you get interactive members who will critique your work. Feedback that can change everything. 

The Wealthy Affiliate program uses WordPress as well-Take a look at this website lesson.

So it is what they teach! You can get a wordpress site for cheap, but then you have to hunt for the lessons on how to do everything, have it hosted, and then find nuggets scattered around the internet that fit what you want to achieve. I found it much easier to use one place, WA.

They have thousands of members building new websites each day so you will have someone to ask questions to regarding your Handyman Website Creation and get the help you need fast and easy.

 So when you sign up for free you get two free websites and thousands of templates to choose from. If you don’t know which to use, just ask. You get interaction with others who are doing the same thing.. Building websites. And, you can also get my advice and help along the way as I’m a active member there who helps others.

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How to Create a Business Website Yourself

The internet is full of wrongful knowledge and help. Just because you find help, doesn’t mean it is the right help for you. Many will tell you lies just to get you to buy their product. Don’t be fooled. If you use the same professional site as someone commanding $10,000 dollars a week. People could view you as someone who overcharges people! Make your website simple, clear and to the point. No extravagances. Follow me to learn how to create a business website yourself. I’ve done it many times for free!

Also, don’t try to do everything by yourself without input. Getting advise is crucial. Having others check out your site and give you feedback is very important. It will keep you from creating a silly looking and wrong website that will not work. You can reach a happy medium if you take your time and try some different things as you go. 

Don’t use stick figures or old head shots to complete your handyman website. You need professional quality material and content. It is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate help. Regular members will help and look over your work and give you real time feedback each step of the way, so that you get this right. And the end result is exactly what you want.


Handyman Keywords to Success

The key to creating a successful website and reach more people, is to understand a little about marketing. Thus, being connected with the training program WA. If you want more customers, you can get them. Just go through the marketing lessons at WA and you will be taught what is working today. In other words, if you want to reach top of the page results. You have to learn how to do this..It is not something that falls in your lap. 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to do just this, using what they call low hanging fruit, keywords. They have a keyword tool built right into the program. FREE to use as well. This changed everything for getting my articles to top positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Want a Successful Handyman or Business Website?

I can help. And I do not charge! 🙂 No matter if you need one or two websites…Wealthy Affiliate teaches you about marketing and how to get noticed online. Your Website Design is the first step, but there is way more to it if you want to get increase sales along with your website.

If you are wanting to just have a website that you are going to be able to give out cards, that’s fine. But, if you want people to find you on the web.. and you want to be searchable, that’s a whole new ball game for most. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how.

Someone can look on your flyer or advertisement and see your name, and then be able to type it in and find it online. That is cool. But you want the best of both worlds. And it is why I recommend my training program to assist you with your professional needs.

Take the training that Wealthy Affiliate provides, while it is still FREE. You can even join as a premium member the first month for as little as $19 dollars and learn all you need to learn about websites and how to target your audience who is needing a handyman service in your areas. All within one month! It’s an Awesome DEAL.

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate to make a difference in your Website Creation Success!

Please feel free to leave a comment below. I’ve helped hundreds of newbies online to learn to build a website to generate real traffic and promote and sell products of varying degree. I’m here to interact with you and answer all questions. I do have experience in this field and am not just selling you a training program here. I’m here to help you create a Handyman website that is proven to work and help you generate income.

Things that hurt you more than help you…

  1. Old images too many before and after photos
  2. Lots of clutter on main page, keep it simple
  3. Problems navigating, keep it simple
  4. Unclear content, where do I go now?
  5. Writing is a huge problem for many newbies, get the help you need
  6. Wrong use of colors, no black, no dark backgrounds
  7. Fonts too large, or too many different ones
  8. Too many links and too many ads, visibility should be clear
  9. Too large of a header image, half the page is way too large
  10. No about me page, who are you? people want to know this

Learn what is working today with website content, graphics, colors and fonts…Wealthy Affiliate. Get the right training to build the perfect Handyman Service Website.





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