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founders of Publishing Profit mantra
The group behind this packaged information       about creating a book… who do not                            have any books for sale.

Sold by Srijan, Gaurab, Tom & Vicky, is basically a way to build a huge list and make passive income using Kindle’s self publishing system. Except Publishing Profit Mantra Reviews will tell you other wise!

What they tell you to do is write a book. And just how easy this really is. My Publishing Profit Mantra Review will tell you that making good money this way is an almost impossibility in today’s heavily competing market.

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And then they go one step further, making even building a list sound easy. When reality shows us it is a daily process of gaining five leads per day and collecting them and building a relationship with them over time. Other wise if you suddenly try to market your book to this new list of subscribers they will move you to the spam folder!

So it is a theoretical falsehood, to suddenly write a book that becomes a top seller, and build a targeted list in the time period given. I’ve learned over the last few years that there is no easy quick methods of building even $50 dollars per day, much less the 7 figures they mention here, using a $7 dollar course! You will need much more than this.

The Truth Behind MINI Course Info…

The tell tell sign of things going south here is the cost and the guys not having their own books? Preaching what they do not do themselves is a killer sign that this course is worthless! How much valued information that works, inside for this $7 dollars?

The course is built out of free information gathered from the internet to be sold in a package, so they themselves make money this way. Not by writing books!

If the Publishing Profit Mantra course really did work, Caurab, tom, Vidky, and the other guy would be working this and show you at least one book each they are getting rich from. Where is their books?

I purchased this since it was a small amount to pay and found inside the huge list of tasks and instructions to get a book published through Kindle.

Not only do I not recommend attempting this, the majority of marketers and learning marketers online today, do not have the skills to create a book in the first place! And you would even be better off learning how to self publish your own training eBook through Amazon.

pu2What is Publishing Profit Mantra?

The course itself gets into using Kindle as a publisher to create passive income from work that you have to do first. Write a book. Most books from first time writers will never even be bought. Unless you are skilled a presenting information online you will not know what information the public is attracted to in the first place. So in my view, what is Publishing Profit Mantra?

Just another way for a group of guys that are selling and packaging information in order to pad their own wallets.

Once you learn how to market something, you can do it with free information all over the internet. Trouble is, you ruin your followers and are always going to have to create new programs such as this. You ruin your good name, and your list.

These boys are banking on you buying the course, finding out it is not for you, and since it is only $7 dollars, taking advantage of those not willing to trouble themselves with a refund.

They also provide you with extra information and their so called game changing instructions on building a list, so that you will not ask for a refund. As they perceive this as giving you extra value and bonuses.

is publishing profit Mantra a scam
Sound so easy? Wrong!

Below you will see the Module’s offered in the Publishing Profit Mantra. Sounds impressive to newbies, but not something workable in the real world using real marketing skills.

  1. How to Find a Killer Niche. This is talked about all over the internet, just search Niche Market Subjects
  2. My Secret 5 Step System for Research. Go to Jaxxy or Wealthy Affiliate and learn what works for real.
  3. My Personal 6 step system to write your best selling book. Get on Amazon and buy 20 books to first learn HOW. Reading is the only way to learn.
  4. The killer tactic for formatting books on Kindle. Again, this is in Kindle self publishing
  5. The exact 4 step system I use to build my email list on autopilot. There are many more steps to list building and learning than what is shown here in the course.
  6. The easy way to publish your book on Amazon. Easy peasy he says? NO> There is no easy method.
  7. Tactics that maximize your profits. He says sneaky? Not wanted online today.
  8. Proven techniques he used to build a foundation on Amazon? Takes two to 5 years to build a empire as he says.
  9. 3 step plan to launching a best selling book? First you have to spend months writing on. Perhaps years if you cannot do this full time.
  10. How to make thousands more by using his 6 powerful techniques? No brainer? It is marketing strategies we need to first learn, techniques is what you develop over time that work for you.
my publishing profit mantra
Are we building leads? Takes WAY Longer. Average 5 per day for Targeted.

Is Publishing Profit Mantra a Scam?

No. Not if you understand they Published Mantra for their Profit! The course comes with enough information, that it does do well at giving you information. And that is what they sell. Yes, Publishing Profit Mantra should be listed as a scam…but you can’t say it, because it could actually work for someone that works hard and never gives up, And is a gifted writer!

The world is now full of thousands of people who have found out how to market information effectively by pricing their information very low, and giving you perhaps much more value for the money than you expect. Trouble with systems like this.

They hardly teach the newbie how to make real money online, and pretend it is easy and all you need is $7 dollars. Join Wealthy Affiliate to Learn Online Marketing and get Started for FREE.

What I see is, Publishing Profit Mantra is nothing more than information being sold that is already on the internet for free. If you want to write a book, the first step would be to create an ebook and deliver it in a self publishing way to Amazon. Learn all the free information you can on how to do this. But first, make sure you have something, )content( that is sell-able. Other wise you are wasting your time.

Publishing Profit Mantra
How to build a 7 figure income with a course              costing $7 dollars?

Conclusion to Publishing Profit Mantra 

Stay away from gimmicks that you know nothing about.I’m an experienced marketer earning my income form home. I run into dozens of these type mini course information programs each day. Publishing Profit Mantra will not help you write your book.

If you are wanting to earn online the first step is to get the right training. No one can jump onto a program course such as this and learn what works. Read my #1 recommended review how


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