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What is Pure Leverage About?


joel therien, pure leverage scam review learn what worksPure Leverage is another in a long line of internet programs that promise people they can get rich overnight by following a basic system. The program itself does offer some interesting tools, but the real question is why should you invest your money here rather than getting those very same tools someplace else? What is the Pure Leverage? 

It’s about a number of concepts and tools, none of which really work that well together. Many of these tools and services are available for free in other programs. 


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Another question that needs to be answered about Pure Leverage by Joel Therien is exactly what you get and how it is supposed to be used. They include a combination of internet marketing products or tools, plus a way for customers to ‘market’ the program, earning an income for themselves.

In other words, the big idea behind this system is to use the tools yourself for your own internet business ideas and then also to sell the Pure Leverage program to others.


Who Should Use Pure Leverage Marketing System?


In my opinion, the only type of person who should really be seriously considering such a program is someone who really loves MLM, or multi-level marketing. The only way you will make any kind of income with this is to sell it to others. So much for a Pure Leverage Marketing system, huh?

In fact, one of the big come-ons given by the promoters of Pure Leverage by Joel Therien (namely, Joe Therien himself) is 100% commissions. More on that in a second.

Make no mistake, the tools offered through this program can be found cheaper in many other places. Please don’t fall for the lie that you should sign up just for the product (i.e. those tools). In fact, given the many user complaints and history of site downtime, using these tools might actually cause you more headaches than it saves.


Pure Leverage Marketing Tools Included:


Using the term ‘tools’ very loosely, you are going to be selling several types of marketing products. These include:

  • Blog
  • Virtual Meeting Room
  • Video Email Service
  • Elite Coaching Program
  • Easy Lead Flow Website


Pure leverage scam reviewSo, let’s break this down a bit. For starters, you don’t need Mr. Therien’s program to start your own blog. After all, it is free to build your own blog. The virtual meeting room is just silly and unneeded.

You are paying good money for something you can do for free by simply logging into Google and YouTube. In fact why pay to market Pure Leverage when you can market yourself for free?

With the video email service you are basically selling someone the ability to stick videos into their email messages. Who cares? Only a very hardcore marketer would even want to do this, and then probably only as a test.

Most people these days would simply pop in a link and then the visitor will be taken to YouTube or the hosted website. Speaking of website, that is exactly what the Easy Lead Flow is…just a simple one-page website at that. You could probably build your own that works at least as good.

 Finally, the elite coaching program sounds pretty interesting. You would be wrong—it is simply a series of MLM training videos. None of these videos really give you decent information into MLM or how to be successful. All they do is try to motivate you about selling the Pure Leverage system to others.


Deceptive Pure Leverage Commissions:


Another thing I didn’t like was the fact that you had to really dig into the fine print to find out the truth about this program. For example, the marketing materials really pushed the fact that you get 100% commissions on the people you sign up to sell these products.

Sadly, that is only true for the first month. Every other sign up results in a only 50% commissions. Not a bad percentage, but why can’t they be just a bit more transparent about this fact?


Aggressive Marketing: Pure Leverage


There are several levels at which a customer could join the Pure Leverage Marketing program. These include the Basic and VIP level, but don’t forget the Reseller Fee, either.

  • Basic Level: This starts out with a 7-day $1 trial period. Then, you will be paying $24.95 per month for access to only the tools.
  • VIP Level: This gives you access to everything, for $97 per month.
  • Reseller Fee: In order to be able to market, or sell, the ‘system’ you will need to pay an additional $19.95 per month.

This is kind of expensive for a program that doesn’t really offer you anything spectacular. Again, most of the tools can be found elsewhere (and for free). Basically, you are paying for the privilege of marketing the program to others. Looks to me like it would be a tough sell.


Support & Upsells:


pure leverage scam reviewWhile the company does offer support, there are a lot of unhappy customers and members or Pure Leverage. Some of the complaints include receiving nearly constant emails, trying to get them to upgrade to the higher levels.

Of course, hyped language claiming to be the ‘last chance’ and ‘final offer’ are used regularly. Not to mention the fact that responses from support tend to be fairly slow.

There are also a number of complaints from people who have difficulty logging into their websites. The platform used by the program (GVO) is very weak and experiences regular downtime.

Please do not run off if you are looking for a one time program that has everything, does everything, and can create you a huge revenue to eventually retire from! See this program called Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, pop over with this link to my Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn about the REAL DEAL!


Bottom Line: Pure Leverage Marketing? Is Pure Leverage A Scam!


Pure Leverage by Joel Therien is not a recommended program. We totally agree Pure Leverage Marketing is a Pure Leverage Scam. There does not seem to be any good reason to buy or use their tools and the system seems to be entirely focused on selling the system itself. That is not a money making program but a recipe for disaster.



Be Smart & Avoid Pure Leverage!


Nothing can be gained by joining Joel Therien. It is a waste of money and time. BE SMART & TEST DRIVE The #1 Rated Program Exclusive, the best online business learning center. You can join 100% for free and then decide if this is the right program for you.


pure leverage scam review
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