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Being an Internet entrepreneur, I am not limiting myself to just one source of income. Over the years, I have built an online business that generates money from multiple income streams. Therefore, I am always looking for new ways to make money online and subscribed to several email lists to keep myself informed of new, or interesting, offers.

Unfortunately, most of the offers that land daily in my inbox are useless and not worth any consideration. However, there was one email that stood out and grabbed my interest. This ‘High Ticket‘ product is called Pure Profit Pro‘ and is the subject of my Pure Profit Pro Review.


What Is Pure Profit Pro?

Pure Profit Pro is turn key e-digital franchise business that is affordable to everyone. The business provides the potential for a 6-figure per year income for those who follow the proven marketing system and simple 3 step process. Commissions are paid directly to it’s members from sales of 3 different product packages.

This is the ‘official description‘ of Pure Profit Pro, to be found on reviews written by folks that promote this product. It took quite some digging to get a grip on what this really is, or not:

First off, I find it mightily strange that an online business has not a website anyone can log on to. Enter the URL pureprofitpro.com in your browser bar and it will take you to a screen with a sign-in form.




Since you don’t have a Username and Password, clicking on ‘Pay Admin Fee‘ gets you no farther than to another, similar sign-in form with nowhere to go. I assume that his is done by design though, most likely to eliminate having to deal with opportunity seekers looking for the cheap ‘make me rich’ stuff. 

However, if you are really interested, find a Pure Profit Pro Review, click on the ‘Get Started’ (or similar) link, leave your email address, and you will get access to their website.

Secondly, after you locate their website, you’ll notice that there is no mention of OWNERSHIP anywhere on the site. It is important to me to you know who owns that darn thing, IF they expect me to give them my hard earned money. 

I finally came across another Pure Profit Pro Review in which the author sheds some light on the issue. He found clear evidence that shows Pure Profit Pro is related to Tidom Inc., also a high ticket product. 

Ok, that out of the way, what exactly is Pure Profit Pro? 


Pure Profit Pro is a plug-and-play marketing system which includes an automated sales funnel with high converting capture pages, a lead tracking system and accounting and a integrated autoresponder system. Pure Profit Pro provides you with professionally written follow-up emails, advertising campaigns and trains you in various traffic generating methods.


How Much Does Pure Profit Pro Cost?

There are 3 product packages with Pure Profit Pro. Each product package comes with a master resell licenses that enables you to sell the packages over and over again and earn commission.

Each Package contains a different, extensive library of educational Audio and Video recordings

how much does pure profit cost package 1

how much does pure profit pro cost package 2

how much does pure profit pro cost package 3

Your Package Includes:

  • Exclusive Capture Pages & Website
  • Fully Automated Tracking System
  • Direct Access To OUR Outsourcing Team
  • State Of The Art Marketing Suite
  • 7 Days A Week Support
  1. List Building With Co-Registrations
  2. Internet Marketing In One Hour A Day
  3. Facebook Traffic Wave
  4. Personal Growth

Your Package Includes:

  • Exclusive Capture Pages & Website
  • Fully Automated Tracking System
  • Direct Access To OUR Outsourcing Team
  • State Of The Art Marketing Suite
  • 7 Days A Week Support
  1. Leadership Development
  2. Productivity Mastership
  3. The Law of Attraction
  4. CRS 1.0:Part 1 – Series Introduction
    CRS 1.0:Part 2 – Confirming & Closing Techniques
    CRS 1.0:Part 3 – Tactical Closing Techniques
    CRS 1.0:Part 4 – Mindset for Profit and Victory
    CRS 1.0:Part 5 – Tactical Questions and Answers
    CRS 1.0:Part 6 – Operational Training
    CRS 1.0:Part 7 – Advanced Strategies
    CRS 1.0:Part 8 – Organizing a Fronter Operation

Your Package Includes:

  • Exclusive Capture Pages & Website
  • Fully Automated Tracking System
  • Direct Access To OUR Outsourcing Team
  • State Of The Art Marketing Suite
  • 7 Days A Week Support

How To Master WordPress – 45 Videos
Webinar Commissions – 9 Videos
Podcast Blueprint – 11 Videos
HashTag Traffic – 9 Videos
25 Traffic Methods – 2 Videos/3 Hours
Healthy Business Life – 10 Videos
Hire Your First Virtual Assistant – 3 Videos
Internet Marketing E-Course – 20 Videos
Internet Marketing E-Course – 6 Videos
Video Marketing Blueprint – 7 Videos
Video Marketing Excellence – 7 Videos
Turbo Video Profits – 12 Videos
Smart Video Sales Letters – 9 Videos
The Ultimate List Building Guide – 12 Videos
Sales Funnel Blueprint – 8 Videos

PLUS an additional 90 videos covering many Internet Marketing subjects


How Does Pure Profit Pro Work?

In order to join Pure Profit Pro you need a sponsor. If you received an unsolicited email with a link, use the link to start the process. Otherwise, google Pure Profit Pro reviews, choose one that’s obviously from an affiliate and use the link provided. Either way, you will have to submit your email address, receive an email with steps to follow.

Next, you will have to decide how much money you want, and be able to invest in this business venture. Let me jump ahead here and tell you NOW that you will have to ‘go all in‘ in order to make the big bucks; meaning  that you will have to purchase ALL THREE product packages to collect commissions at all three product package levels.

Pure Profit Pro does provide you with everything you need to get started. This includes not only your personalized landing pages and everything else you need to run successful advertising campaigns, but also the support from your sponsor, and the whole Pure Profit Pro team.

You will be taught a lot of free advertising methods, but be prepared to spend some advertising money for maximum results.

Understand that the main purpose of your work is TO RECRUIT AS MANY NEW MEMBERS AS POSSIBLE.


The Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan!

At first glance Pure Profit Pro looks like your bread and butter MLM, but this is not the case. There is no building and maintaining of a large down line because Pure Profit Pro uses a ‘1-up  compensation system’, meaning, that you pass up the 100% commission of YOUR FIRST SALE to your sponsor. You now qualify to receive 100% commission from the FIRST SALE of the person YOU SPONSORED, and then 100% commission from the FIRST SALE of the person YOUR RECRUIT SPONSORED…and so on, and on, and on.

Sounds confusing? Check out this video …



You see, there is no need to build a down line or up line, but there is the potential to unlimited passive commissions.


What I Don’t Like About Pure Profit Pro!

A) The ‘PRODUCTS’ you are required to purchase are PLR’s. Here is the definition of PLR…

PLR stands for Private Label RightsPLR articles are a relatively new twist on content building. Private label rights are a special type of right or license which you purchase where you are legally allowed to edit and publish the article as your own.

The problem with PLR’s is that most of them are OUTDATED and will never be updated. They may have been best sellers, at one point in time, but the rapid progress in the Internet sector makes the products, especially the videos and audio recording, almost obsolete.

B) You have to purchase the package in order to be eligible to receive the commission

Being an affiliate with companies like Pure Profit Pro has nothing to do with Affiliate Marketing. The sole reason is to recruit people and collect their money. Imagine a car salesperson HAS TO PURCHASE a BMW in order to qualify to receive commission for selling BMW. In the case of Pure Profit Pro you will have to spend a total of $2,065 to receive commissions for all 3 product packages.


Is Pure Profit Pro A Scam?

Since they are selling ‘tangible products‘, Pure Profit Pro is not a scam, as far as the law is concerned. One may ask if Pure Profit Pro is a ‘cash gift giving scheme‘ and the answer, again, must be no. Pure Profit Pro is 100% legit.


What Now?

That depends on you. If you have 2 grand sitting around and can invest it, and if you feel comfortable talking to strangers on the phone, trying to convince them to join you at Pure System Pro, go ahead and give it a try.

If you are like me and prefer to be able to take a look ‘behind the curtain‘, so to speak, and find out before hand WHAT you will be spending your money on, here is a link to a site that let’s you 


Take 21 steps to making 6-figure income for ONLY $1.


If you are a complete newbie looking for the best way to get started in Internet Marketing, check out my

#1 recommendation, the place where I got my start.


I hope you enjoyed reading my Pure Profit Pro Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please stop by the comment section on your way out and let us know what you think about it.



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