Push Button Commissions – Same Ol’e Scam, New Faces



is push button commissions a scamThere is a new millionaire created every single day, if you want to believe a certain Adam Williams. I don’t know the guy, never heard of him before, but he keeps sending me emails five times a week. So what is Push Button commissions? Let us find out below.

Of course, programs like this end up in a spam-mail account I maintain to collect topics for my reviews. This dude Adam obviously launched a new product just a few weeks ago, that will make you a millionaire within one year. That’s what HE says, not me.

I’ve heard this many times before, but it always amazes me and I needed to find out what kind a scoop he came up with.


What is Push Button Commissions?


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It’s just one of the many Binary Option Trading Scams that popped up over the past 12 to 15 months. I am not sure who really is behind all of this, but it seems to me that JVConnect is producing most of them, because they all are sold through this affiliate network.

They all claim to possess a “secret software, discovered a glitch in the system, or some other mysterious way” to be able to predict accurately the fluctuation of the commodity market and produce winners, over and over all the time.

Like all the others, the makers of Push Button Commissions will let you have this automated trading software for FREE! We will explore the WHY and HOW in just a bit.


push button commissions is a scam


The Push Button Commissions Sales Video


It contains all the elements you would expect from a scam promotion:

  • A narrator who may be a paid actor, or may be indeed a person with the name of Adam Williams
  • The bragging about “being rich”
  • The flaunting of the riches, i.e. million dollar mansion and expensive car, all bought paid for in CASH!
  • Exaggerated earning/profit potential
  • Fake Testimonials
  • The annoying “self-start function”
  • The absence of video “doohickeys”, i.e. buttons to Stop/Start, Rewind and Fast Forward.
  • The tiring duration of almost 50 minutes
  • The “SOB Story

To be honest, the production itself is ‘top notch” and much better than many others I watched. The producers put a lot of effort and money into it.

The setting is a million dollar mansion, somewhere on top of a hill, and I can swear that I have seen it in another video that promotes a similar scam. Obviously, the mansion is not occupied and you could rent it for the day if you want to do a production like this.


Adam’s “Sob Story”


So, what is Adam William’s story? He lets you know, right of the bat, that he is a millionaire, bought this mansion and expensive car paying cash for it, and he is giving money away.

He is promising you to transfer money into your account of choice, but only if you watch the video to the bitter end (of course, he didn’t say “bitter”). He made me chuckle when he compares himself to the “genie in the bottle that will make you rich”.

Anyways, after greeting his wife, he excuses himself to have the delicious smelling lunch she has on the stove, he meets you on the veranda outside, washing the lunch down with a glass of Chardonnay.

After more bragging about his riches, he invites you inside to listen to his sob story (there has to be one, otherwise you would not understand why he is giving money away).

Adam was a struggling minor league baseball player. He played for some A-league farm team of the Baltimore Orioles, making less than minimum wage. His wife Jenna was tired of the financial struggles and gave him an ultimatum.

Get another job, or else. Adam loves his wife and decides to give baseball ONE more season. If he can raise his batting average to over 310, he surmises, the Orioles have to call him up to the majors.

Sure enough, his added efforts in working out pay off. He bats .321 with 18 home runs and, finally, gets the call he was waiting for. He will be playing for the Orioles in the majors.

But as fate will have it, poor Adam tears a tendon in his leg, sliding into 3rd base in his last game with the Triple-A team. No more baseball, says Uncle Doctor.

Adam is out of a job, the unpaid bills stacking up, Jenna is ready to leave Adam and he is desperately looking for a job.

Enter the savior; every sob story told with these scams has one. In Adams case, the savior is his father-in-law. He is the founder of a software development company and holds the majority of stocks.

He passes away, sudden and unexpected, and wills his shares to Jenna and Adam. And just like that, Adam became a millionaire. But the story does not end just yet.


push button commissions by adam williams


Unknown to Jenna and Adam, his company was working on the “monetization 0f the NEW INTERNET”. You see, there is a new internet in development and only few people know about it. And his father-in-laws company got the contract to deliver the needed software programs.

There is a program on the laptop his father-in-law left behind. Jenna and Adam find instructions to open a trading account with a binary option broker and link it to software on the laptop.

They do just that and all the screen showed was a BIG RED BUTTON with the word LAUNCH on it. So they push the red button, but nothing happened. After waiting for a few minutes, Adam has to visit the restroom.

He hears his wife calling out to him and he hurries back. She shows him the balance of the account they just opened about 10 minutes earlier, and lo & behold, there was a deposit of over $400 made just a minute ago.

And there you have the end of the story, the secret software that “monetizes the New Internet” and the sure fire method to become a millionaire.

The video is not over yet, but if you decide to click way, there is yet another video to watch. There are the fake testimonials (and I thought they missed that ingredient to a good scam sales video) and some more persuasive words from Adam.

The image below is that of a person which supposedly uses Adam’s software, giving a video testimonial saying that he made in excess of $30,000 profit


push button commission fake testimonial

In reality, this person is a paid actor, advertises his service at fiverr.com and creates any kind of testimonial for as little as $5.00.


How You Get Scammed With Push Button Commissions


Binary Option Trading is a legitimate form of trading commodities. It is very risky and most newcomers will lose money. For more info about BOT and the risks, I refer you this Forbes article.

In the USA, BOT is regulated by the SEC. There are no brokerages registered in the US. If you want to give it a try, you need to find a reputable and honest broker in Europe. Most are registered in Cyprus and regulated by CySec.

However the creators of programs like Push Button Commissions are not regulated. Their products do make a lot of money; not for you and other traders, but for folks like Adam Williams.

They portray themselves as millionaires with a miracle software program, tell unsustainable lies, and offer you the use of their system for FREE to lure you into opening a trading account with a broker of their choice.

You see, the truth is that they do not own a system or software that will make you a millionaire. Every broker uses a platform that includes some software that reports the trend of the market and gives trading signals based on the trend.

You are getting scammed when you believe their lies that they have a system that can predict the future and is almost always accurate.

The scammers, like our friend Adam here, are in fact affiliates of the brokers and earn a hefty commission when you make your first deposit (minimum is $250) into your trading account.

Their commissions are $250 and up. I looked up some broker’s affiliate page on their website, and found out that some pay an additional commission of 35% from the trading value.


What About The Money Adam Will Wire To My Account?


That is a bait, and an outright lie, to lure you in. When you open an account with the broker, they offer you a “matching bonus”. Lets say you deposit $500, they will add $500 to your account if you take their bonus offer. And this is the money Adam is talking about.

He is not giving you money out of his pocket.

Let me give you a fair warning about the matching bonus offer. You will not be able to withdraw any part of the bonus until you have executed a certain number of trades. For every trade you make, a percentage of the bonus will be put aside until you reached this threshold.

If you accept a $500 bonus, for example, you need to generate a trade volume 40 times the amount of the bonus. In that case, you must execute trades that total $20,000.


Final Words About Adam Williams and Push Button Commissions



I let you know how I make thousands in the internet review game. Follow this Video to see! And also get some questions answered about the program scam of this Push Button Review

Adam Williams is a Scammer and Push Button Commission is the vehicle for his despicable action.  Avoid Push Button Commissions and any other similar program.

There is no secret and always accurate software. The creators of these scam programs only interested in collecting the massive commissions from the brokers for the referral of new clients.



I hope you liked my Push Button Commissions Review and I would love to hear your opinion. So don’t be shy and leave a comment in the box below.

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  1. JavMeister

    Thanks for the honest review Rick. I knew from the start that it was a scam. Just for fun, I watched the whole thing when I had nothing better to do. What a joke!

    • Rick

      Most programs are just ways to make money for the founders. The only ones good to join are where the founders are marketing along side us as well as giving us help, training and feedback through forums and or a members area.

      The lastest programs I’ve found which are paying good and have the help you need are CMC and MEM. Also I recommend learning skills even before promoting these at Wealthy Affiliate.


  2. Sebastian

    Hi Rick,
    I got to know about Push Button Commissions via mail and my first impression was also that it was a scam. I would not have done this stuff anyway but good that I read your review!
    I am still looking for opportunities to get out of my 9to5 drudgery. Any recommendation?

    • Rick

      Thanks for the comment Sebastian. I look forward to talking to people daily and helping them find the right way to success online. You commenting on Push button commissions is a positive feedback that I should keep up
      what I’m doing to spread the word.


  3. Gary


    Thanks for this great breakdown on “Push Button Commissions”, I have looked at a lot of these binary trade platforms and they all seem to follow the same pattern with the matching funds and the high thresholds etc.

    I certainly would not be interested in having to deal with banks in Cyprus as I have seen a path from Nigerian 419 scammers to banks located there in the past.

    Great read on another scammer, thanks again for the warning, my best,


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