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Are Back Links Still Working?

Backlinks to your site from another site are incredibly helpful, so long as your link is relevant and adds value to whoever’s reading that page.

The important keywords are ‘relevancy’ and ‘added value’, and these criteria seem to represent an insurmountable obstacle to fully automate the link building process.

The longer answer is…

Yes, backlinks to your site from another site are incredibly helpful, so long as your link is relevant and adds value to whoever’s reading that page. The process is tedious, time consuming and requires interaction with webmasters. If done correctly, your site ranking by the major search engines will dramatically improve and individual posts will gain higher rankings.

And how well it works. Does Google see the software created back links as something you or I would do? Or do they slide by as computer generated links?
Which in my opinion can get you into serious hot water. Back-Water-Links. Be sure not to miss this link: #1 Recommended Review.

RankSnap software is suppose to create authoritative links for us within our post or blog without a fuss or muss. No setting a bunch of code. It does appear from my research that
this software does it ALL for us as far as getting more back links and it is a set it and forget it system. Really? So much more plug and play then usual is asking a lot!

There is in fact tons of software based on search engine optimization and ways to take your post and make it so great that google will jump on it like a bunny on a carrot.
However, many of these sofware solutions tend to be more work than advertised and the results are piss poor in my own words.

What Is RankSnap and how does it work?

It creates back links in and around your content that you are writing. Back links are a good indicator of how good your website is. The more you have, say links going to other websites, and back and forth, the better for you. Google counts all these as positive. Back links are incoming links to your website. So yes it would be great if you had software creating tons of these! 

Can you tap into SEO without really knowing much about it? I wouldn’t think so but the RankSnap software creators say you can. Tom YevsikovAlex Krulik & Gaurab Borah.
Back links: Back links are incoming links to a web page. When a web page links to any other page, it’s called a back link. In the past, back links were the major metric for the ranking of a web page.

If the back link relevancy is not there and it does nothing to help the visitor when they click on one…Then NO.
A page with a lot of back links tended to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google. Yes if they are good ones. But what if they are just so and so back links? Then no way.

What about the count? Is there such thing is too many to where Google sniffs out a forge or counterfeit system? What happens when you get caught cheating Google?

Rank Snap Reviewed:

It appears that if you have the software you are going to get these great ways of getting things done.

The softwares intelligence mimics human beings. AI? Automatic Intelligence.This ground breaking tech increases back links by 500 percent! Getting you 100 percent more traffic from places like YouTube, Google, Yahoo and Bing. At least that is what Rank  Snap says…

Also the boys say you can tap into the power of using SEO without really knowing it. Now that part I’m almost convinced you cannot do as you need to at least know how it works so you know in fact what you’re doing.

Back to Basics With RankSnap

Everything seems to run full circle here on the internet. Now they have software that creates the same thing people create when they work online. Back links. Yet Does it work? 

  • creating accounts
  • read confirmation emails & activate confirmation links
  • navigate CAPTCHA
  • post content
  • create IP’s and Proxies
  • rank for multiple keywords

How Does Rank Snap Work?


Create your campaigns by …

a) simply drag & drop the backlink types you want to use

b) choose the multi-tier backlink strategies

c) or use pre-defined templates for maximum effectiveness


Step 2: Provide Pertinent Information With Ranksnap

You need to let the system know…

  • Campaign Title
  • Website URL(s)
  • Keyword(s)
  • Article Title
  • Article Body
  • Set Start Date
  • Set Duration Date


Step 3: Auto Generate Your Human Profile For The A.I Backlinks Builder

This is where the software saves you a lot of money, work and time by automatically taking care of CAPTCHA solving services, setting up Proxies and IP’s, and handles ALL confirmation related tasks.

Step 4: Create Your Contents and Call To Actions:

Step 5: Ready – Set – Go

Here’s a sample of a back link in text. Go here to a buddy of mines review so you can see how close to relevancy this back link would be. READ MORE ABOUT BACK LINKS



That’s it…the campaign has been created. You can now sit back, wait for the back links to roll in, and watch the ranking of your content to improve.

RankSnap Conclusion:

If it were all this simple the software would not be $67 dollars, but it would be $6,000 dollars. So when we see something sound too good to be true…it normally is. 

9 times out of 10 people who are online are merely here to see how much money they can make. The problem with that is they never stick with any one thing. But today there is a way to create yourself a quick and reliable money making business. Go to Wealthy Affiliate.com and Start learning how it is done. Sign up for a free membership. I just witnessed one student who has been there 90 days with a free account and is earning $2.941.00 per month. Just think of what he will do in six months!

Read the review for WA and see if it is something that sounds fun for you. #1 Recommended Review.

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