Retired And Looking For Work? Or Even Semi-Retired?


Are You Retired And Want To Make Extra Money? I Will Show You Some Ways How You Can Work For Yourself And Supplement Your Retirement Funds!


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Hi my name is Rick.  To the right you see a photo of me flying.  Am I retired and looking for work? No, I am very much active and working for myself at this time, though.  I’m no longer working for someone or contributing time and effort into making them money!  I am a self-made entrepreneur in online marketing.

The photo is of me earlier this year flying a small 2 year old Piper airplane out of the Denton Airport near Dallas, TX.  I’m actually watching a flock of birds as the tower reported they were picking up another craft insight, of which turned out to be these birds!  So, I did make a turn, away from the flock.  I also fly helicopters in my spare time. The Robinson, and the Shwarzer Heli’s.

My point is, many people are able to quit their jobs earlier these days but they are still not about to just sit around and do nothing.  We still have all of our faculties even into our late 70’s and 80’s.  So why stop living for goodness sakes!


Are You Still Working?


And yes I completely understand you may still be working for someone else at this moment..that is okay.  Whether retired and looking for work, or even semi-retired, and still working.  Makes no difference.  I know many of my friends still work a full time job but enjoy other ways to earn a revenue, or create added revenue with new ventures outside the work place.  I’m one for instance.

Back when driving a truck for a living,  I decided to invest in real estate.  So that later on when I did retire,  I would have a supplemental income even before the government kicked in with their share.  So while working a full time job I used any down time, and weekends to learn real estate investing.

And now I have 3 homes  which I purchased using other peoples money, bringing in an extra $2,000.00 dollars each month in profits.  And later, even after retiring, I kept working, but in a different venue.

But my point is this…whether we are older or younger, we can supplement our income and earn huge amounts of revenue from home.  With today’s technology we can build a website and start generating traffic to it almost immediately.  Giving us our Way of making money from home.

And most of us already have a computer so getting into a popular program like Affiliate Marketing would be a breeze.  So what is Affiliate Marketing?  I can give you an example below.


Affiliate Example


online jobs for retirees
Affiliate Marketers made over 10 billion dollars in commissions in 2013

Basically I create a website and I decide to write about fitness.  I list some articles about fitness, add some affiliate store photos to my webpages,  and on these same pages are linked the stores themselves.

So when you are reading my articles on fitness, you have been looking for a treadmill, or other product I have listed, and so you click on the photo I have shown on the page, to get even more info.

And of course someone just got through reading how popular this item is and how great it works, from me.  So, when they are redirected over to the web store where the product is…they can purchase it right there and have it delivered.

So the product they just bought, well, I would earn a commission on it and thereby make a profit from this website.


How Much?


Well for example, someone viewing your website just bought a weight set priced at $499.00.  People do this every day of the week, buy online.  Some products you sell can reach into the thousands!  But, this product for example, you just made a ten percent commission on, earning yourself $49.00.

Not bad for doing nothing.  Meaning that once you get the website set up, and ad your content and photos, the website doing the work bringing in traffic, you will basically just sit back and collect money for work you have already done.  It is that simple!


Many Ways To Make Money Online


Make money online
The effort to start an online business can be rewarding

This happens to be one of the most used methods around.  The number one way to make money at home today is using affiliate websites.  And of course there is lots of competition in the area as you will see.  Don’t let this scare you off though from getting involved with this wonderful way to supplement your income.  It works.

You will learn how to get traffic to your site by getting your articles to the first search page in google.  And, to start,  building a website takes about 30 minutes or so, and then getting some articles and photos into it another few hours!  But you are not quite done.  As you will want to add fresh content along the way.

It is very simple because technology has everything preset in this day and age and with just a few clicks of your mouse you are up and running

Most important is that I myself did it, and I’m successful at it.  And I have had very little education.  So I know anyone reading this article can also mimic this same success.


How Much Money Can I Make?


Well, that depends entirely on you and how much you would like to make.  I know of thousands making enough money to live on, with hardly much effort.  I also know of others who are making hundreds of thousands a year using this exact same concept.  So, having the willingness to learn, the ability to be patient within the first few weeks.  I believe anyone can enjoy working on a website at home, for any profit they wish.  Even as a hobby if you’d like.


How To Get Started


The online community where I joined to learn this method above affiliate marketing,  is Wealthy Affiliate.  I explain a lot more in detail on my Getting Started page.  You may want to check out some more interesting facts and figures telling about supplementing income.  So, remember, whether retired and looking for work, or semi-retired, I believe this to be the best work from home program on the market today.

And I am here to prove it by showing you my own success.  And don’t forget,  you will want to check out every link you come across.  To take in all the information you can.  Also I give you a link to see me in action within a profile page at WA itself.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is free to sign up, and to browse the lessons, or just start learning!  It is what I did at the beginning of the year.

Click the button below for more information.


Wealthy Affiliate

I hope my article was helpful and I would appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions contact me by leaving a comment in the box below or visit my contact page and send me an e-mail.








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  1. Randy

    Hiya Rick, just wondered which Piper you were flying and which Robbie’s you fly. I’m right under the inbound path for KRAL and see tons of aircraft coming in from the practice area every day. Our Sheriff’s dept uses the R44 and we get to take a look at it at the air show once in a while.

    One of the greatest things about retiring was the freedom to head down to the local FOB and get some time in a Skipper. But… just like you’re suggesting here… there definitely arises times when we retired folks could use a little extra in the bank account. I’d still be down there checking out the 172 if I had a little extra in the account that didn’t affect the monthly operating expenses.

    Thank ya’ for some great info and direction…


    • Rick

      You are welcome my friend. Thanks to you I’ve seen a couple of mistakes in my articles that I need to correct.
      Even though I try to help others…they are always helping me back! :)
      Check out my review site here.

    • Rick

      Yes. Wealthy Affiliate works for thousands of members and has plenty of room for thousands more. Will you change your life by joining? I did!

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