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Is Killer Content System a Scam?

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No skills required, just a few clicks of the mouse and PRESTO — really easy money! Sound familiar? If you are acquainted with any online affiliate and marketing systems, then these types of promises are pretty common — and almost always untrue. Enter the Killer Content System. Developed and promoted by a gentleman named Socrates Socratous, the system is supposed to do all of these things. But does it? Read on to find out if Killer Content is a scam.

 System Name: Killer Content System

Developer: Socrates Socratous

Price: $37 with discount


Pros —

  • Reasonable price and low cost to get started
  • Lots of video-based training
  • Additional tools that you can use to bring in more income



  • Way too many options to choose from, making it very confusing
  • Training information could easily become dated
  • Not the most dynamic presentation out there. Becomes boring, to be frank.
  • Support is really non-existant
  • No community built around the product, so is you don’t get it, you’ll feel pretty alone
  • No free trial. You’re on the hook from the beginning


Killer Content System Review: Who is the target audience for the system?


The Killer Content System targets online and marketing greenhorns.
The Killer Content System targets online and marketing greenhorns.

As you probably guessed from the intro of the Killer Content System review, the Killer Content System is designed for folks with little or no experience with computers in general and definitely no Internet marketing experience.

The system itself really is pretty easy to use, but the problem lies in the myriad set up and program options available to the user. They could be overwhelming to even the most experienced user.

And they will almost certainly will be overwhelming for the novice user. New users should almost always focus on one area of learning before moving on to the next.


Killer Content Reviews: What About Tools And Training?


All of the training and tools the Killer Content System come in the form of the 10 videos. Below in this Killer Content review is a list of topics covered in the training.

  • How to get thousands of subscribers with fewer than two hours work.
  • Build your list from eBay
  • Make 70 percent more on your products through resell rights
  • Increase the profitability of any private label rights (PLR) packages
  • Turn information into high-quality multimedia DVDs
  • Make huge returns while you are building your list
  • Double your opt-in conversations rates on your list
  • Generate 30 thousand highly targeted keywords in just a couple hours


Support — Is There Anybody Out There?


This beaming support person will not answer your calls. There is no support to speak of with the Killer Content System.
This beaming support person will not answer your calls. There is no support to speak of with the Killer Content System.

Like most money making programs, the Killer Content System claims to offer world-class support. So does it? After using the product for a bit, I can only offer one answer. Either the whole support department was out sick that week, or support simply does not exist. I sent in a few questions that should have been fairly simple to answer, but I received no reply at all to any of them. This is a HUGE issue, and for me it moves the Killer Content System into the borderline scam category.

The system does come with the standard FAQs you can pour through. And you can enter a support ticket. However, if my experience is any indication, do not expect a timely response if you ever get one at all. There simply doesn’t seem to be any discernible support.


 What’s The Price?


The cost of entry for the Killer Content System is confusing to say the least. You are initially told that it is $47, but by the time you are ready for checkout, it has dropped to $37. That’s not a huge amount of money, and it is a one-time fee, not a monthly recurring bill. But again, if the information and system is of dubious value (and I believe it is) then it doesn’t really matter how low the price is. And beyond the $37, you will have plenty of other things to pay for, including:

  • Websites
  • Hosting
  • Content development
  • And likely help from a developer to get you going



Final Thoughts On the Killer Content System Scam


I personally liked the video training, but I have been doing Internet marketing for several years now. For a beginner, there are just too many options, and I think most folks will not end-up performing any of the strategies very well.

Also, the support for the system is really appalling. And finally, something I have not mentioned yet — many of the strategies and tactics the system promotes are considered fairly “black hat SEO” in the world of Internet marketing. For someone not familiar with Google’s policies, they could get you into big trouble with the search giant.

Bottom line…..stay away from the Killer Content System.


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