Second Income Center Review – Dozens Of Opportunities Inside!

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The product this time is hands down one of the oldest forms of “Listing Opportunities” out there. Our Second Income Center Review shows us exactly why these programs are searched for. 

These ype programs have been around for years. As it was once a top marketing strategy earlier marketers used. The product called Second Income Center is a Cheat Sheet of job listings, but much more.

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Is Second Income Center Legit?

Once again I’m Rick Bell with Downhill Money presenting recent product evaluations which we present to help you find your online wealth and opportunities. We answer that question today, Is Second Income Center legit.

And to keep you from being scooped up and charged for hype and BS. We go inside to give you the details so you can see for yourself whether or not to label these products as a scam or legit. 

What we found out about Second Income Center’s website is that we didn’t find it to be legit.

Product Summary:

The Second Income Center appears to be a website dedicated to listing all types of opportunities online and off. Yet there were only 3 that we actually seen. This time. 

Inside there are plenty of articles, which I believe are merely created to legitimize the website. And yes, the information is pretty good on the strategies and marketing information listed below.

Advice and Tips, Get Paid Opps, Marketing, MLM, Video Marketing, Surveys and even Motivational and WAH articles. Which it includes 5 work from home opps. Also, articles on success, attraction, aDSense, and blog posts.Writing Attention-Catching Headlines for Blog Posts Success Tips for Work at Home Moms Focusing On Success What is the Law of Attraction?How to Increase AdSense Earnings from Blogging.

The problem lies in once you read these articles it makes you think they know what they’re talking about. So it makes you a bit more susceptible to the offers on the right side of the website. Which is a bit of a  scam approach we think.


[Name Of Creator]



What Is Second Income Center About?

When we first saw these products we always go in with hopes they are legit. Yet the Second Income Center doesn’t seem to fulfill much of a promise. Included inside are listings of varies opportunities, mostly online but some offline as well.  

Our team at DM buys into these products so we can give you the best idea of whether or not they are legit, or merely just another scam. This one we didn’t have to buy anything!

However some products we can detect as scams but perhaps Second Income Center could have some information some might need or want.

However after researching some of the many products we can say for sure it is not within the legit programs that we like to give positive reviews about.

We do see about 4 to 5 pages of listings in which dob descriptions and opportunities are in fact listed. But to go over them all would take weeks. 

second income center website

Many people who visit the page would find so many potential opportunities overly exciting, so they quickly sign up and leave their email. We did too, yet we used one of our interview emails which is not public information. So we signed in to get the cheat sheet they have as a product.

Once they have your information that information is then taken to a data based where it is sold to third party companies for a small price. And that is why now if you used your legal information, you will now be receiving lots of spam emails and offers. 

The Job Center claims that a “new and shocking simple video reveals exactly how anyone could make $500 – $1,500 per day. And do it while online. 

Once you sign up you will receive a free Cheat Sheet and a video ad. And where we suspect it is not at all legit is when they show the news media covering this very program. 

I wonder how they get away with this?

Once you sign up you get a user name and password and a link to get started. 

Once we get into the website we see it is littered with sponsored ads. So basically this company was created to target new online marketers and people who are looking to make more money either through a second job or one of the opportunities listed here.

Is Second Income Center A Scam?

We found ourselves immersed dozens of job opportunities and offers and we quickly spent over two hours going through some of them! 

Most of these appear to be on the edge of being a scam. Some are just out right programs that take you money. 

Link Posting? Do be honestly think you can make money doing this. When a software can do it for free?

Personal Computer Success is another that has a long history of complaints from the Better Business Bureau.

However if you don’t sign up, or put yourself a fake email address inside, you can see all the articles and information within, yet you wont see the sponsored opportunities on the right side.

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How Much Does Second Income Center Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to join Second Income Center. Yet the programs and products inside can set you back some money. If you ever get to them from the articles they have.  

But if you do sign up with a product you should use a different email address. 

Lost of information here, however mostly Second Income Center takes advantage of you giving them your email and name. They then sell that of course to third party companies. 

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What I Liked About Second Income Center?

The articles within the Second Income Center seems to be legit, and however the do not offer training themselves. Only the sponsored ads on the right. 

We see that these offers are using faked testimonials and many do not offer money back guarantees. Which means the program you may buy into for some quick cash, can also cause you some issues of not allowing your money back. Nor might they ever help you make money. 

We suggest you not use this application as we tend to believe it is just a bunch of crap they are promoting.

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The offer here is just one of a few they have on the Second Income Center website. It is a program called Personal Computer. So there are many variations today. And of course again, there is no link posting jobs available.  

If you’re looking to earn income online I suggest you take a look at the link legit link below.

Before you do anything else, I recommend you read this post about learning real marketing

Pros For Second Income Center:

The cheat sheet is also just a low value listing of many scam programs which you will want to stay far far away from. 

Earning income online is best taken seriously. Making money means you would have to work, just as hard as you do outside of the marketing world.

And we are not sure why so many people are naive enough to believe some of the things seen here online today that are advertised. 

If you need Second Income ideas look into getting a real marketing education. See this platform education center.

Cons For Second Income Center:

I couldn’t find any PROS to this product…but do leave you a link to a legit program where you can possibly learn to earn money here online.

The website for Second Income Center is covering up whoever is behind it. That is a big RED FLAG. No names, no creator, no founder. 

Also the product we found inside are listed by using faked testimonials from paid actors from places such as

Some of the ‘featured’ income opportunities obviously use fake testimonials which can be proven by comparing testifying individuals with spokes persons.

Also the so called opportunities inside say there is no money back. A huge reason not to sign up for Second Income website itself.

melissa-johnson in another advertisement inside second income

When you see this page…run. There is nothing good here waiting for you.

Will Second Income Center Make You Money?

We’ve found the opportunities within the Second Income Center to be a waste of time and perhaps even dangerous to sign up for. 

We got a warning that this site is and could be dangerous! Take our advice and move on to the next opportunity you see. 

Or let us help you with marketing and allow Downhill Money Website  to show you plenty of good product programs that could be of wealth, health and happiness. 

See these here: Tai Lopez Knowledge Society. We found this one pleasant and legit. 

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Do not subscribe to receive exclusive Opportunities. Because for the most part they will not be legit programs you can join and make money with.

Would I Recommend Second Income Center?

No. We would not recommend you ever purchase a product that we review that we tell you is a scam, or a poor product that will not allow you to earn income online.

We do not recommend Second Income Center. We do have legit offers that we have helped people learn and earn with. It is why we’re here. We try to keep newbies from falling into areas where they can easily lose all of their money!

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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