SkillPay Review: Is SkillPay A Scam Or Legitimate Online Marketing Program?




Product Name: SkillPay

Product Owner(s): Darin & Kevin Blue

Advertised Price: $67/mo. Up to $695/year

Rating: 80 / 100

Overview Of The SkillPay Opportunity

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SkillPay is an online course offered by Darin and Kevin Blue. It is designed to actually teach you how to become an affiliate marketer. The good news is that this is a legitimate method of earning online and the program is not overly hyped, unlike many others on the internet today. They have a surprisingly decent level of training and education, which is also novel for an online program these days.

While the average new online marketer could likely learn much from this program, I hesitate to give it a wholehearted recommendation for several reasons. For starters, the price is a bit expensive. Yes, $67 a month is not bad, but there are indeed cheaper methods out there. Secondly, the training tends to be a bit too narrow for my taste; those looking to earn money from online marketing should be shown or learn more options than just Facebook and YouTube, which seems to be the primary focus here.


No SkillPay Scam; No Hype


One of the best things about the SkillPay program is the fact that it is presented in a no-fluff and no hype type of way. Very rare for internet programs these days. The site itself does stress the fact that there are no magic bullets or ebooks that will result in you being immediately transformed into a skilled internet marketing guru. They even state up front that there will likely be other expenses as you begin to get your new business started.

This is a business venture and it should be treated as such. The site includes over 100 video tutorials, a number of marketing tools and a 5-step success plan that seems pretty reasonable. They also do not have any of the usual annoying upsells and other promotions just designed to separate you from more of your hard earned money.

SkillPay A

The SkillPay Free Version


SkillPay even offers users the chance to take a look at a free version. While there might be some good stuff in this section, to me it seems a bit jumbled and confused. Maybe it was designed this way, hoping that after someone meanders for a time inside the free section, they will realize they need ‘better’ advice and upgrade to a paid version.

If this is something you might be interested in looking at, there is one slight hack to consider. Sign up for the free version and start looking around inside. Just don’t expect too much at this point. Then, upgrade to the $67 per month plan within 24 hours. Doing so will qualify yourself for a 50% discount on the first month’s fee. Then, take the first month and look around, deciding if it’s worthy of your time and effort. Incidentally, they also have additional purchase option: a 6-month plan for $349 and the 12-month membership deal for $695. Plus, each plan comes with a 30-day full money back guarantee, so you are protected.


SkillPay Overall Support


Support always seems to be a big sticking with the less than desirable internet programs. However, SkillPay seems to have a number of strong options in this area. They offer phone, email and even live chat support. Although I cannot personally for any of these methods, there are a number of testimonials on the site that indicate they did receive prompt attention with their support requests.

The ability to connect with the company live via online chat is very intriguing. Many of the testimonials do speak to this as working quite effectively for them. Overall, it does seem that their support works and is effective. That is a lot more than can be said of most online programs today.



SkillPay Affiliate Marketing Video Training


As mentioned above, affiliate marketing is a very legitimate method for earning money online. Many of the biggest internet gurus either started out or are currently making money via affiliate marketing. Having so much over-the-shoulder video training in their member’s area makes SkillPay training not only accessible but also appealing to a wide range of potential students.

The training itself is fairly casual and straightforward. The presenter does not try and go out of his way to overload the viewer or use technical terms. He also appears very knowledgeable regarding this method of earning online, making this excellent training.


Main Issue With SkillPay Training


In my opinion, the video training offered by the SkillPay site is a bit too narrow. It focus mainly on using Facebook and YouTube as methods for promoting your affiliate items. The problem with this is that you are using someone else’s platform. What happens in the future when YouTube changes the rules and decides not to allow links coming from their videos? Or when Facebook decides to change their rules for promoting pages, groups, or even running their ads?

You have no control in the end when using these other sites. Yet, SkillPay didn’t really talk about things like content creation, which can be a very powerful method of promotion for an affiliate business. It would have been nice to see more training about setting up and building / running blogs, using WordPress, or any number of other low cost methods.



Bottom Line


SkillPay is certainly not a scam. The traning provided is decent, although I think its a little too focused on Facebook and YouTube. It is a good start, but just a start…and your education into affiliate marketing should definitely continue and progress beyond this point. While the support appears to be strong, the price point seems a little high; there are other options that can help you learn affiliate marketing for a much lower cost and provide you with a much broader knowledge base.

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  1. Peter

    Thanks for the review Rick. SkillPay may be a legitimate program but does it teach you how to build a sustainable business? Personally I prefer a program where you are taught to build a website and then market it via the search engines. Your #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, seems the best for this.
    I have just been to the SkillPay site and they are closed to new members.
    Thanks again, Peter

  2. Steve

    Great SkillPay review Rick. It sounds like a decent program but I happen to know you can get training that is just as good for less.

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