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Get A FREE Solo? Seriously? 

Many Solo Ad Vendors will give you some free traffic. But normally free clicks are just added on to your first order. As a discount really. More clicks for less money, just as a courtesy and Thank You for your first order. 

The reason is, you cannot really test out your product with only a few clicks. It can take up to 500 to know for sure whether this list is going to work for your type product.

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If you only have 25, 50, or 100, clicks. It is why solo ad vendors won’t give you 100 clicks. Because you are not likely to make a sale with them.

If you don’t make a sale. How likely are you to come back to this vendor and say, okay, give me 500 clicks! None. 

As a Solo Ad Vendor, I Paid .28 cents a click so that I could build my lists, and then sell them at .40 cents to .50 cents each to make my profit.  A ten cent to twenty cent profit each time I sold clicks to someone. And by the 1000’s of clicks, this really ads up! Profits! Big Profits!

Solo Clicks & Traffic Explained

The problem with this for customers they think they are getting a lead or click that is of great value. So the more they pay the better they think the lead is. But no. The lead could have cost only .20 cents to buy from another vendor. And it could be duplicated from one list to the next so it is the same address, only bought and sold many times before you ever see it.

The thing with solo ads is that the traffic is normally bounced back and forth between the Solo Ad vendors in order to quickly build up their own lists. The reason for this is, the bigger their list, the faster the clicks can be generated for their customers. 

When people buy clicks they want to see them take no more time than about 100, to 200 in 24 hour period. So big lists can sometimes complete a 1000 click purchase in a 24 hour period. The faster they generate clicks the more sales they can take in daily. 

More sales, result in solo vendors making more money. After all, they are there to make money.  


You must have a big list in order to get the clicks done fast.  

So You Want Cheap traffic, Right? Heavens No!

Wrong! Who told you that cheap traffic would ever work? Who? A Solo ad Vendor? No…No Way. Not happening. Not now, not ever!

Cheap traffic does very poorly. As an EX Solo Ad Vendor, of course, My traffic was Cheap. The results sucked. I myself had difficulty making sales with my own offers I would send the traffic to daily. Which means my customers had poor results as well. 

It is Why Solos are considered Spam and a racket of just sellers making the money. True. 

Truthfully Cheap is not so great today. And, you are buying cold traffic as well when you purchase a solo ad lead or click.  I say cold. I mean it is slightly untargeted. Unless it is Make Money Online. But a real targeted lead say from a Facebook Paid Ad, can cost as much as $1 dollar or more. 

Yet your chance of making a sell does increase by a large degree!

Which traffic is going to buy your $49 dollar product? Facebook Ads can be targeted to just the right demographic and niche. So they would give you a much greater chance of buying this product than a solo list would.



Cheap Traffic Only Gives You Cheap Results!

Cheap traffic usually will only buy a cheap product. But even if you buy a solo ad for $40 bucks and get 80 clicks on your link, it does not mean you will make even one sale. Normally you would have to buy 300 to 500 clicks to see if there’s even the slightest of chance that type traffic is going to buy your product. 

So as Solo Ad Vendor will try to sell you more clicks. As a result, the chance of making a sale goes up.

Most marketers think that $200 dollars is way too much to find out if they have a product people want. And let’s say that product is an affiliate product of yours so you make half the commissions. 

If you make two sales you’ve earned perhaps some of your money back. But now you have some leads, that didn’t buy. Certainly, you can try to sell them something else. But chances are they won’t be buying anything from you after that.

The reason is that most have already filtered you out. So they won’t ever see an email from you. So most subscribers will never buy once you’ve added them to your list. That’s just because they have been spammed so many times they are willing to just cancel, delete and spam check the next ten people that try to sell them something!

You seldom will ever break even and make as much as you spent on a solo ad. And you will seldom ever sell your new list of another product. Low-quality traffic has the same results. In fact, this is what you have ended up with.

You’ve just spent more than you earned. And you now have a list of potential email addresses that will probably never buy anything. That is low cheap quality traffic for you.


But Wait!

What about the leads that cost you $1 buck a piece? 

These leads will not be so quick to spam check you. They believe you are honest, and someone that cares about them. And in that respect. When you do send emails, and as long as you send them value first, they will likely consider buying a good product that has lots of feedback as being a good product. 

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Recently I did close the doors to my own Solo Ads Business. The reason was clear to me that it was more about spamming unsuspecting subscribers than anything else. The money-making opportunities become endless in that respect. And millions of subscribers sign up for just about anything offering them quick riches. The trouble with it is that there really are no quick riches. But money can be made online if you do it in a legit and value-based progression.

You’ll find out that solo vendors target anyone…Anyone that willingly replies to just about any sales page or advertisement. Most sales pages that are created to get people to sign in to the dream of fast cash. But inside the value that is given is mostly of Solo Ads Vendors wanting to make a quick profit off of YOU! 

Vendors do this due to the need they now have of generating clicks to get paid. Read this review about how solo ads work and why so many make money from this action. 

I’m also to blame as I have helped others learn this market. I’ve educated a few people to be able to promote clicks and become a Solo Ads Vendor. Just like others vendors do daily. But the truth behind it all is that you’re not going to feel good about what you are doing.

Many marketers struggle to make money online and most don’t. The reason being is they are of the belief that anyone can get online and suddenly generate big paydays instantly. 

Which of course is due to false advertising. Or false marketing. 


Have you ever wanted to test things out before going all in on something new? Or perhaps you’re someone who has failed to get conversions after purchasing Solo Ads and are quite frustrated and still looking for answers. Well, now there is a way to promote your offers, test Solo Ads traffic for FREE, and get super conversions. 



Can You Make Good Money In Solos? 

Yes. Sorry. As a vendor yes. But it can also cost you $3000 to $5000 dollars to build your own list in order to sell clicks. Solos are not my recommended way to earn income online. Not any longer. Can you do it and make money? Yes. Will you feel good about a good hard day of work? 

Don’t think about becoming a Spammer. You will always be frowned upon.

And stop thinking about buying clicks from Solo Ad Vendors. You will always have poor results.

In the last five years, I’ve learned much better ways to make money than using Solos. I’ve found that getting traffic using Bing, PPC, SEO, Paid Ads, and other strategies far out do Solos. 

Take advantage of learning a skill and you can be earning way more money in no time! “Behind The Scenes.”

Most people fail to convert using solos, and then due to poor results, they try to give the industry a bad name. All because most people are wanting to make money so badly and so quickly they fail to set up a proper system or funnel that converts lead to cash. But there are many solutions to turning this around. We are here to help by giving away a free trial solo ads order.

We even help Solo Ads Vendors themselves to increase and UP their game. So we know what we are doing. And, we do this for a living so we know what it takes to convert offers into cash.  And also, why it works for us to help others into the business.

Free Solo Ads Trial Today. Included: 50 Clicks to our high converting list of subscriber leads. One free 30-minute consultation which covers everything you need. If you have questions just send in a support ticket while visiting our SABC website: 

Why People Fail To Convert Using Solo Ads 

Read about Solos as it so you understand why this may not be the path for you.

First off with Solo Ads you are spending cash money to hopefully get your offer out there and be seen by opportunity seekers. Solos is an investment. Yet when baking a cake you don’t just skip to the icing part! People are not cake makers, no are they solo vendors. Not at first. If you are someone who likes to skip things…The sugar, the flower, the temperature settings, and want to go straight to icing the cake…Well, we will not be able to help those types.

A system or proper funnel with adequate engagement is needed in any type of marketing endeavor here online. In most cases, a system must first be designed behind the scenes in order to pull this engagement part off. You cannot successfully promote just a landing page, and expect to make sales. That won’t happen even if we give you free solo ad clicks. With no follow-up, no funnel and no system, you will be lucky just to lose all your money!

When done correctly, Solo Ads is a way to make money, help others, and deliver a great product or offer. It is a quick way to target your demographic as well. but only if you know what you are doing. We help you make sure you have a funnel system in place. We, in fact, show you ours and why it has converted so well over the years. With very few changes.

Solo Ads Funnel Systems

Unless you first have a credible funnel, a highly converting offer, and understand just what a Solo Ad Offer is all about, you may struggle. This is where most fail to make money. In fact they lose way more by thinking their success will happen if they just keep buying clicks and change nothing. Actually, with that attitude, most will lose hundreds of dollars before they learn anything. Often times the vendors are blamed for the lack of results. But we are here to kick that myth in the butt. It is only the ignorance that causes failure. 

We can deliver you 50 clicks. We show you what you need in the way of a great offer, a front end low priced offer, and a back-end offer where you have an autoresponder and tracking set up to continually promote to your new list of subscribers with a 5 to 7-day email sequence. All easy to create…Once you know how.

Take Advantage Of This by contacting one of your team members below: 

Skype: Rick.Bell30

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Comment: Leave a comment below so we can help.

What We Can Tell You

We analyze your system or set up. Give you advice on what to improve on. And we show you our system and how it works. Then you can test our clicks once we have you set up with a good running funnel system. We will even provide you more clicks to run with huge discounted access to our list of 250,000 anxious subscribers which are in the Money Making Opportunities Arena.

Why do you need this? You need to learn how to communicate with people! You want to allow them to get to know you a bit in order to lower their guard and even ease their skepticism in a way they feel comfortable buying from you. It’s psychology 101. To do this effectively we normally target that person (traffic) 5 to 7 times. So when your traffic hears from you 5 times they are in a much higher receptive state of purchasing your offer then if they just see your page suddenly appear with an offer on it.

Solo Ads Vendor Information

What if you could run offers to your own list, or be able to take advantage of other subscribers list and move your product for free? No Costs advertising. It means you could basically do paid-for-advertising at no cost. With huge profits! The drawback is it would take investing in knowledge. You would need to learn how. Skilled vendors can take weeks and even months learning the trade and how everything really works.

And you even have to build your own list before being able to sell solo ads to other members. But. after that, you would be able to make your complete investment back, scale a real business successfully, and promote anything you wish, for free. All while taking advantage of the billions of opportunity seekers who are looking for such products or offers.

How To Get Free Solo Ads

You can confront certain vendors who will give out free solo clicks to you as a new customer on their list. But it is difficult to ever determine if just 50 clicks would get you the information and results you will need. 

Normally to find out if an affiliate product is going to sell, you would need 300 to 500 clicks. And they must come from different vendors. What happens is some vendors lists are murky, worn out and overused. Which leads to getting subscribers that are just there seeking free products and such. 

Perhaps you don’t really care about your clients. But over the years I’ve come to appreciate the difference between having subscribers that are more interested in honor, the legitimacy of value and retention. Instead of freebie-seeking subscribers who will never buy and always be on the lookout for free stuff. 

Trust me on this…

If you are looking to get things for free here online then you are going to fail. If you don’t perceive value in anything you receive. You will likely never believe in it in the first place. Until you decide that something is worth your effort or your hard money, it will never help you succeed. Whether in solos or any niche that you want to earn money with.

Those that do seek free stuff never get enough printed information to actually make any business work online. It is usually part of this and part of that which is never the whole training or education they are needing to profit here online. 

I hope that you will learn to grow your business in a helpful and legit way that allows you to enjoy your work. In order to make changes to what is going on here on the internet today, we must work hard to make little changes daily. Please comment or reply if I can help you in any way.


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Rick Bell


Email me or reply to this and I will help you start making money! See you there.

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