Speedly Review – $295.00 Per Day On AutoPilot Riches?

Speedly is merely a 16 video training course created to basically show how to set up a new Facebook fan page and a blog website. My Speedly review takes you from the top all the way to the very bottom in highlighted details. 

Watch the video in full if you’ve not heard about Speedly. He makes a killing. But can you? Find out…

My Speedly Review is the only review you will need to get all the answers. We buy these products to find out just how legit they are and how helpful.

As one of only a handful of honest review writers today, you will always get the best details as we go inside to find out Speedly Secrets. Our team has first hand information on Money Making Products of Today.

Product Summary:

Speedly shows you how to get more opens from your email list. If you don’t have one it shows you the best strategy to start one by using social networking and blogging. 

Speedly is training videos on the basic strategies used in online marketing. It is legit training. But should you buy it? The answer is below…


Art Flair and Pallab Ghosal




What Is Speedly About?

​Basically Speedly is marketing training in which you can use to increase your sales by doubling your conversions within just 5 minutes of work and in 24 hours of time. 

Unfortunately it sounds a bit like a hack for sure if they think any training could perform at this level. Earning almost $300 dollars per day on autopilot is a bit gimmicky as we find out once inside.

There is legit training. However it won’t get you doubling anything for a very long time. As it takes months and even years to generate the kind of traffic Art shows in establishing a brand new Facebook account along with a Blogging Website. 

Now maybe he is not talking about his own Speedly program training giving you the extra doubling affect, if you became an affiliate marketer of it.

But the system he himself uses to promote Warrior Plus Programs is in itself limited as he shows us the problem. 

The solution he suggests using is in fact; Speedly training in a video based training module which teaches you how to make money online with Facebook by using re targeting, custom audiences and highly relevant audience demographics. But that won’t double your earnings in the frame of time he suggests.

But then all the up-sells to buy into being a licensed operator to promote Speedly itself is perhaps how he suggest you actually earning income on Autopilot and fast. 

Because the social end game he talks about…Setting up a blog and Facebook Fan Page, can take years of development!

Whats Inside Speedly

You get 16 videos all basic training to build yourself a Facebook Fan Page, Blog Website and teach you how to run paid ads on Facebook. Here are the titles to the videos…

Module 1 – Introduction to SPEEDLY

Module 2 – What You Need

Module 3 – Set Up – Part 1

Module 4 – Building Your Fan Base For Free

Module 5 – Set Up – Part 2

Module 6 – Set Up – Part 3

Module 7 – Set Up – Part 4

Module 8 – DOUBLE Your Traffic – Part 1

Module 9 – DOUBLE Your Traffic – Part 2

Module 10 – DOUBLE Your Traffic – Part 3

Module 11 – Setting Up Your Traffic Magnet

Module 12 – More On Traffic

Module 13 – Outsourcing

Module 14 – High Converting Offers

Module 15 – Starting From Scratch

Module 16 – $22K in 60 Days Case Study

Art takes us inside his pages and show this method working for him 

However they have had it set up for some time now and even now it gets very little targeted traffic. But it does help the situation. It is all a matter of what you do with that traffic. 

Are you going to sell, sell, sell, like they do? I don’t recommend doing that after taking months to build your FB Fan Page and Blog Site!

Below is part of their sales page which I think coincides a bit with their training. But it is a bit off as well.

  • The exact method they use to earn $298,50+ every single day
  • The exact strategy Pallab uses to create profitable campaigns
  • How to start earning right away
  • How to get floods of free traffic and then double it in 5 minutes
  • How to get laser-targeted paid traffic that converts for pennies
  • How to scale up to as high as you want
  • Essential tips for succeeding and earning

Bonuses You Get With Course

Bonus #1 Facebook Mastermind Access

Bonus #2 YouTube Video Software

Bonus #3 His Case Study Itself On Speedly

Speedly founder Art

The Speedly training is suppose to teach you to be engaging and personal with your list. However, the old list of Art’s perhaps needs some of this care as well. More sooner than later!

So we are uncertain whether or not he is really trying to mend his Own ways of marketing this way, or just sell us on them while he rakes in more cash through the Speedly funnel system him and Pallab have put together.

Is Speedly A Scam?

The boys do make it seem awful easy to earn income. But then they have been marketing these Shiny Object Programs for years. Are ordinary marketers going to follow suit? No. Is speedly a scam? If you mean does the hype live up to it’ name? No it doesn’t. 

However, the training inside is for real and it does work. Just not in the time frame they chose here to sell the $12 dollar front end product. 

We believe the low front end training is just a way into the sales funnel itself so Art and Palob can promote the very thing they do for a living. Promote using huge lists of subscribers, the very product we see here called Speedly. 

Yet most online marketers do not have such vast lists in which they could earn even 5% of conversions from. 

Let him explain it. He reviews his very own product on YOUTUBE! Need more sales? Haha

It is why they have 4 huge upsells after you purchase Speedly. Hoping they can cash in on visitors who fall for all the huge paydays they show themselves having. 

Problem is it took them years to get here. Yet they say just by copying what they do you can have all this in just mere hours. HYPE. Nothing but.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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How Much Does Speedly Cost?

Speedly training course is a mere $12 bucks. However the intention to sell a bit more comes next. 

Upsell after upsell on recommended product. Which of course is not needed to actually create a Facebook Account and set up a Blog Website. 

But it would be needed if you want to join the boys in promoting various Warrior Plus programs they promote themselves.

Yet without a huge list of subscribers you will be going no where fast. But we do list the upsells so you can see the money THEY would rake in themselves.

What I Liked About The Training

The training itself is good. Art does know what he is talking about. However, you cannot take the word of someone who is into teaching how to get big lists of traffic fast or make money in 5 minutes on autopilot. 

That does not work. And sure he can make money as he has worked hard for years selling quick get rich product material. But it does not work for the reciprocate. Only him.

Marketing is not a make money proposition only. 

Marketers need to understand why they are here and what their purpose is. 

We deliver value to those who are in need. We work at helping to move people forward, to better themselves to become better marketers. 

There are no short cuts. No favors, and no easy ways to make money online. It is all thought out carefully step by step as we grow. 

Even thought the training is easy to follow and pretty much spot on in Speedy Modules. It is unnecessary to build your business on the bases or grounds of trying to get more likes, more subs and more money.

You can stop all the nonsense now because it just does not work for the average person.

Speedly access

Speedly teaches Affiliate Marketing via Social Engagement. Please do not think you can master this in the time frame Art talks about. It won’t happen.

What I Did Not Like About The Training

The very fact that Art shows us this is great. As it is legit training. The mere fact that he also shows now what he makes when using this. Is false. The stats show what he makes from promoting many different products at the same time. Now if we did that we could earn as much. But it’s not happening without a list of subscribers. To get those you will have to work week by week and build by build. 

It will not happen just because you now get this training. This same affiliate marketing training is merely the basis of which you need a foundation. It is not the entire solution as he is trying to sell us here.

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

It’s a bad idea to think this is all you need to becoming a successful marketer. It is not. You also need a product that people can use daily, that sales daily, and that millions are wanting.

Just because Art tells you that it is all you need…Beware. He is a sales person and he is good at influencing people to buy.

The average marketer has to go through boot camp to learn the strategies they want to specialize in. You cannot just start using someone elses recommended strategies and expect these same results.

Marketing does not work that way.

Below you will see a way to earn a real and legit income by building yourself your own niche website and business. The strategies taught work for all, not just salesmen.

The power behind this platform below is it works for everyone know matter who you are. You don’t have to be special to make money using Affiliate Marketing. 

Nor do you need someone else’s funnel. You learn to create your own. Within my #1 recommended and specialized training below…

peedly inside set up

You would have a better chance of buying his license and using his list to sell his own product, then to think you can suddenly build a Facebook Fan Page or Blog and suddenly be in the money.

Will Speedly Help You Make Money?

My email marketing experience has been over 5 years. I’ve yet to see anyone with less time earning more than I do. Save yet a few specially talented people.

Yet they learned what I learned as well. Speedly is not going to help you make the kind of money they express inside their sales pages.

No way. It aint going to happen. And the sooner you learn this the sooner you can get on with your own marketing building strategies and niche websites.

And email list is only as good as you make it. If you push product after product you will indeed get a non opening rate of 95 and 98%.

However if you learn to do this by giving value and helping others, instead of selling them you will grow a list with a 95% Open Rate instead!

We don’t recommend buying this course. We recommend you learning it from a different source. One that has been teaching it for 15 years. 

Speedly is a bit two sided as we see it. On the one page Art talks about you being able to mimic the results he has. By learning to build fan page, blog page and such… But to do so you need months and months of social engagement, Paid Ads, Facebook re-targeting campaigns and much much more. Seemingly he has his system crossed with his own. 

You cannot gain instant success without a list and a beginning facebook page or blog. It can take years to build. 

The other side of him is the product seller. Of course which he insists we need his help and his pages and his recommended products. 

But wouldn’t that create a email list for ourselves like he has with just a 5% open rate? We don’t want that do we? 

Would I Recommend You Buy Speedly?

Of course what I recommend is you build a list of subscribers who want what you have to offer. And build an engagement Social Network that follows you. Not one that is there just to allow you to sell product too. Which his list seems to have turned into. 

No I don’t recommend the Speedly. Nor do I recommend you learning Social Networking from a Warrior Plus Vendor. 

 You don’t need too. Even if you have not gotten the education you would like up until now. There is still time for you to become a top money earning marketer, you still can.

We are all on different levels and inside the recommended training I share with people are like minded members who are willing to help and share their own success with us.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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