Tai Lopezes Amazon Sales Blueprint Review – Is It Legit Or Scam?

Glad you made it. The review here will help explain that Tai’s Amazon Sales Blueprint is legit information and and training. Keep reading to find out how you can best enjoy your new increased income levels!

Our Tai Lopez Amaon Sales Blueprint Review will explain everything you need to know. Take your time, cover each title as it will also give you updated and important information on using Amazon and selling affiliate products.

Today you’re not only getting our honest review. We’ve gone inside to make sure this program is legit and you can earn income with it. 

We have purchased several Tai Lopez products recently and have shared great value with our clients and customers.

You won’t need to research at any other source. As Downhill Money can assure you we buy products so you won’t have to. 

Let’s go see what the summary says about this product Amazon Sales Blueprint’s quick start guide.

Product Summary:

Inside the Amazon Sales Blueprint we discover the shortened versions of the guide to Affiliate Marketing for beginners. It may be you’re a beginner. That means we will show you the quick start marketing plan you will want to purchase.

Tai Lopez has a host of knowledge in marketing and has been recently creating lots of education and training programs. So far we find his knowledge to be helpful and legit. 

These courses can help your growth as a marketer and also help you earn income if you’ve never sold a thing before.


Tai Lopez




What Is Inside The Tai Lopez Amazon Sales Blueprint Program?

The second video in the new program Amazon Sales Blueprint is presented by Dave Zaleski who shows us the inside information of the categories in which we will be learning. But only if we get his Six Figure Sales In Six Weeks.

But I’m pretty sure that this same information below you’ll be instructed to learn and it be published for the Tai Lopez Sales Blueprint Program.

Here I will make a few lists of the topics for you.

  • Why Amazon and eCommerce? eCommerce is one of the fastest growing sales methods today.
  • Amazon VS  Other Ways Of Making Money.
  • What Is Amazon FBA? Means fulfillment by Amazon.
  • Traffic & Conversions. And why they are so high on Amazon.
  • Building An Amazon Business.
  • Overview.
  • Product Discovery by Viral Launch.
  • Using Advanced Filters.
  • Good Products VS Bad Products (Checklist).
  • Market Intelligence – Dumpling Maker.
  • Viral Launch Analysis.
  • Avoid Getting Sued. (Trademarks).
  • Trademark Research.
  • Finding a Supplier. Using Alibaba.com or Thomasnet.com in US.
  • Profits Per Sale. Amazon keep 15% referral fees.
  • Questions to Ask. What is MOQ. Minimum Order Quantity.
  • Sending Thousands Of Dollars To Overseas For Purchases.
  • Photos And Taking Great Photos Of Product.
  • Setting Up Perfect Listings.
  • Using Amazon PPC. Pay Per Click
  • Launching and Ranking 

And Much Much More…

The key to learning a whole business platform is intriguing. Even exciting. But there is so much work involved that I myself would walk away. 

Especially after learning how easy it is to become successful just being an Affiliate Marketer.

What Is Tai Lopezes Amazon Sales Blueprint About?

The training product here will truly help you understand the steps to selling products using Amazon as your fulfillment method. And how it will benefit you in this method to earn income online from home with Amazon. 

The Amazon Sales Blueprint Quick Start Guide shows us finite steps we need to learn and to understand in order to get paid commissions from Amazon.

Having a niche and getting yourself acquainted with ppc will be most helpful and we will cover this as we go along.

But also we see that the full blown amazon Sales Blueprint is in itself a much longer course which digs much deeper into the every single detail of running a complete business utilizing the ever growing Amazon.

Dave Zaleski makes 100k inside amazon blueprint program

Also the second video in the upcoming program training for Amazon Sales Blueprint shows Dave Zaleski making $200,000 thousand in sales for just one month!

And yes, these numbers make you want to join right away. But don’t get going to fast here. This guy has been selling since he was just a boy!

Is Tai Lopezes Amazon Sales Blueprint A Scam?

Of course it’s not a scam. Tai Lopez does have great training and education just about everyone wants to learn. The thing is, we cannot all be Tai Lopez. There is only one of him. 

Nor can we be Dave Zaleski. There is nothing wrong with getting the quick guide to learn about eCommerce and using Amazon to fulfill your needs as a business owner. 

But the key to remember here is you are not Amazon. And it means you have to advertise, you have to be able to use Affiliate Marketing skills to make money online.

Even if you aren’t selling on Amazon.

Also remember there are dozens of profitable ways to sell online. These strategies all work well. But they don’t work well for everyone. So finding out what the best strategies are that work for you will be a super key note to follow.

The 12 Foundations Facebook Group

The Quick Start Program VS The Full Blown Amazon Sales Blueprint

The two are of course great programs. The same in ways. However the quick start guide is basically giving you a rich over view of what you will be seeing in much more detail within the full blown Amazon Sales Blueprint. 

I believe it is set up like this to give us a great but limited view of how we can build ourselves a business using Amazon. 

But then once you get through the quick guide, if you are interested in moving further and actually starting up a real personified Amazon eCommerce store; you’re going to need the full blown course for sure!

Amazon Sales Blueprint Private Facebook Group

In both the quick start guide or the full blown Amazon Blueprint course you can become a member to the Private Facebook Group. For up to 12 months. I believe.

So you will get help from Tai and even network with other members of our 12 Foundations program by joining our exclusive Facebook group! Click here to join the private Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/195083801093798/

You can access the first lesson by :http://www.tailopez.com/l/m5tAJa

If you sign up early there is a bonus as well.

It’s called Tai Lopez’s 12 Foundations Program. In which they’ll be releasing content to you on a weekly basis so you won’t be overwhelmed.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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How Much Does Tai’s Amazon Sales Blueprint Cost?

Perhaps you are interested in joining? The quick start course is very much more of an outline and the information is not as detailed as if you joined the longer course.

$29 Dollars for the Quick Guide Startup. Which only has a dozen or so videos coming out. 

Amazon Sales Blueprint is $497.00. For the full blown course covering 6 weeks of material.

These quick start videos inside which go into helping you get a good generalization of the training and education that is presented, will probably lead you to the full blown version if you have enough interest in doing this for yourself.

Or you can pay 3 payments of $197.00. Which is quite a bit more this way, but would be helpful if you didn’t have the entire $497 at the beginning.

At least you could get started learning about Amazon and selling products.

What I Liked About Amazon Sales Blueprint

Even though there are only two videos at this present writing, we hope to add more to this review about the coming video training. To help you guys decide on whether or not it is for you.

It isn’t Tai Lopez who does this training. Sure he has some videos about why you should join and use Amazon as your big profits store. But it is others who we will see the details from and these people have learned this stuff inside and out and can coach you as they go along talking to you about this Amazon stuff in video training.

tai lopezes quick start plan

So this second video by David who is an avid salesman on Amazon products and making a great living as well, shows that these people know what they are talking about. 

To follow someone who is already successful is the very thing Tai Lopez tries to beat into us. Don’t follow someone who has no sales or is just starting out!

I don’t agree with Mr. Lopez having us buy into a course that is not complete and ready. This time as he starts off with giving access he uses that same old marketing strategy to get people in first, test the waters, then finishing up on creating the rest of the course material.

If lots of sign ups, then it will be worthy to do a course on and then complete the course once you see the money rolling in. 

That is a hard process to get started. But it seems Tai Lopez is a master. Just like his Knowledge Society mentoring program where you learn different niches from different founders and presenters, he did the same thing there.

Meaning he started it even though he only had a few presenters to show their success. But it is evergreen as he says so it will keep growing.

Dave Zaleski makes 100k inside amazon blueprint program

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

This represents why, only now since all the materials is not in yet and we cannot even review it to help folks determine it’s value. So the training is however good enough! Just not yet!

I never like the way the training starts off after you buy into a program, and the first thing you see is more sales to a similar niche product or even an upgrade to what you just bought. 

It means it makes me feel a bit used. Like I’m still be sold to, even though I bought the product being advertised. 

I should not have to sit through more sales videos just because Tai Lopez has something else he wants to promote to his now HOT clients. 

Yes being a customer or visitor who just bought a product we are considered a super hot audience. So it is why you will still see sales pages and promotions hitting us in the face.

tai lopez amazon sales blueprint quickstart guide to selling on amazon

Perhaps if I had enough of a list to do this with I would do the same thing. It is a great way to make way more sales as most of the members who just bought, will continue to buy product. Verses those he has to bring in as cold traffic. 

Will Amazon Sales Blueprint Help You Make Money?

Yes and no. It is a legit education course on eCommerce. However, most people are naive enough to think that just because someone knows what they are talking about and are also making good money, you yourself will be able to as well.

It doesn’t work like that. The reason being is it is lots of work. And if you are not interested in working 7 day weeks and 50 hours a week. Than perhaps it could take you years just to start breaking even!

Seriously. What comes easy for some is down right difficult for others. Even when you have the steps in front of you, many will not work hard enough to gain significant traction.

Especially if they are not passionate about selling. Selling Amazon products mean you are a one hit band. You have to do it all. That means you have to sit here and do returns and advertise and many other things you may not want to do. 

tai lopezes quick start plan

As an ex eBay seller I hated to see all the refunds and having to deal with customers. What is a store? That means you are running a real business and what comes along every day are tasks you end up having to do whether you like them or not.

Only when you have worked for years will you earn enough money to pay others to do the work and job you don’t want to do.

Would I Recommend You Buy Amazon Sales Blueprint Quick Start Guide or Full Program?

Yes. Of course, I do recommend you getting the quick start to see if this is of interest enough for you to begin a store. It has a 30 day refund period so keep it for 29 days. Then decide by then if you want to go all in and take the more in-depth Amazon Sales Blueprint course.

Take the training and see if this is the ballpark you want to be working in. Do your research and learn about how long it’s going to take and what it will cost. 

There is a lot to know with running a business, even from home. I don’t recommend you buy the full course at $497 just yet.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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