Taking Action Online Review – Legit Training-Or A Membership Scam?

Many aspiring Internet Marketer think that spending lots of money on make-money-online‘ products will guarantee success, but fail for lack of TAKING ACTION ONLINE.

I know from experience that sometimes  a little, or maybe bigger push to get off your behind and actually DO THINGS can do wonders, and lead to the success we all are seeking.

A little known program called ‘Taking Action Online’ has helped many struggling marketers to success, and is the subject of my Taking Action Online Review.

Product Summary:

Taking Action Online, or (TAO) is an educational platform which takes you on a path of discovering how to become an affiliate marketer that earns real money, even if just starting from scratch.

It appears to be a legit website training and education program where he does exactly what he teaches. Taking Action! He shows new marketers How to Make Money Online within any category or niche they are passionate about.


Philip Borrowman




What Is Taking Action Online?

T.A.O is an action plan designed from the ground-up to provide a complete end-to-end blueprint for any internet marketer who wants to become successful as an affiliate or to grow their tribe and following. The training is based on over a year of case studies and real data to show that what we teach actually works!

The creators designed T.A.O as an action plan that with each step is taking you further towards building a brand, becoming a leader to your tribe, making more sales, generating more leads, building a profitable email marketing list, and more. You can now skip the pain and heartache of only collecting pieces of the internet marketing puzzle, and can Take Action using only what has been proven to work for us.

Philip Borrowman – The Creator Of Taking Action Online:

taking action online review

To Those Who Are Wanting To Learn And Earn Money Online,

Phil Says this: 

“You do not need previous experience of online marketing, nor do you need any products or some special niche to earn income online. All you need is to TAKE ACTION!”

Philip started TAO a few years back and was very successful in steering his student towards success. He now has teamed-up with another successful Internet Marketer, JayKay Dowdall.

Together they revised and improved Taking Action Online and will release the all new product on 

April 8, 2019.

Here is what they have to say!

We know that this is the best content you can find online to help launch your first profitable internet marketing business, grow a struggling website with more followers, or take your successful site to the next level.

Because of that, we know that you’ll want to work with us down the road and this is the BEST way to prove to you that we’re all about value and teaching actionable content that works!

We are NOT serial product creators. We actually do what we teach and putting together this discount is a way to massively increase our exposure to more people in a rapid amount of time (it’s actually something we teach inside the member’s area!)

 There is so much junk floating around this space that we wanted to prove to the struggling beginners out there that living the dot-com lifestyle is possible with the right kind of mentor ship and direction!

Philip Borrowman & JayKay Dowdall

What’s Inside Taking Action Online

Along with 20 hours of step by step instructions just to start with, Phil shows lots of money making strategies every month and continues to create even more to come. But he insists that he does not want you to join unless you are going to Take Action Online!

He always says,

“Those that do not make money, are the ones who do nothing.” ,

which means as long as you are at least trying and putting forth the effort, you are going to grow and succeed. 

Below are just some of the goodies inside Taking Action Online…

  • 20 Proven Steps For Building Your Own Online Business
  • New case studies that you can relate to every month
  • Plenty of money making strategies to help you move forward
  • Fresh training modules each month so you can get inside tips and more
  • 25 hours of video training that covers money making niches
  • Every month he showcases a new money making marketing strategy 
  • And there’s more…
  • Taking Action Online Member Area

    The image shows the TAO member area and its 4 main subjects. Let me give you a detailed description what you can expect within the Action Plan Content:

    Getting Started

    This basic introduction is one of the most important parts of this training. You have to understand the mentality you have to adapt to make money online.

    7 Lessons

    Road Map To Success

    This road map will give you a clear outline of the Action Plan so you know how to use it properly! This shows you how you can get the most of out this training.

    Action Plan  Walk Through

    This is a 2-hour tutorial where I literally walk you through the entire action plan, step by step, to show you how to work through each step.

    Let’s Regroup

    This is the first “reality check” video which will help you stay focused and help you understand what you are learning inside Taking Action Online

    Step  1

    This is a 2-hour tutorial where I literally walk you through the entire action plan, step by step, to show you how to work through each step.

    9 Lessons

    Step 2

    This is the first “reality check” video which will help you stay focused and help you understand what you are learning inside Taking Action Online

    4 Lessons

    Step  3

    This module will teach you about YouTube and making videos. I will show you live how I record my own videos then post and rank them on YouTube.

    11 Lessons

    Step 4

    You will learn why it is vital you spend your time wisely on social media by choosing only one platform on which to develop your following.

    Step  5

    This module will show you how to build the basic framework of your website. You will have an SEO ready and safe website from which you can launch your new business!

    8 Lessons

    STOP – Let’s Regroup

    This is the second “reality check” video which will help you stay focused and help you understand what you are learning inside Taking Action Online

    Step  6

    Learn why it’s important to create valuable content and understand why “user intent” is SO vital. Create content for your audience and what they WANT!

    9 Lessons

    Step 7

    Learn how you can expand your social following organically. This is a vital part of your business as social proof has a huge influence on your growth.

    Step  8

    Free traffic is awesome! However, it does come at a price. This module will teach you how you can get free traffic to your website.

    5 Lessons

    Step 9

    Here you will learn how to use paid traffic to bring targeted visitors to your website. Again, this is incredibly important because it will give you the ability to bring traffic on demand.

    7 Lessons

    Step  10

    Learn about email marketing and the concept of giving value. Your target audience; “Why did they follow you? What do they want to learn more about?”

    11 Lessons

    Stop – Let’s Regroup

    This is the third “reality check” video which will help you stay focused and help you understand what you are learning inside Taking Action Online

    Step  11

    I am going to talk to you about how you can take things to the next level. Take this whole process seriously and start investing real time and money in yourself!

    Step 12

    This module will teach you how you rinse and repeat the whole process over and over again to grow your business consistently over the long term.

    Step  13

    This module will teach you how you can make money from your website. There is an INCREDIBLE number of ways you can achieve this. The only limitation is your imagination but I will go over a lot of ways here.

    6 Lessons

    Step 14

    You Have To Stop Wasting Your Money And Invest In Yourself! When you build a business online you have to be realistic and think of the whole process as a business!

    Step  15

    This module will show you some examples of outsourcing. If you want to save time and money then outsourcing will become a big part of your business.

    4 Lessons

    Step 16

    A good looking website is essential for you to grow and give a great user experience to your visitors. This module will teach you how to build a beautiful website.

    Step  17

    Networking and making business contacts sound very scary but it is a lot easier than you may think. Learn how you can network and increase your exposure.

    3 Lessons

    Step 18

    Landing pages and list building is very important to grow your business. Learn how you can build landing pages and grow your list in the process.

    6 Lessons

    Step  19

    Creating your own product to sell is the true way of making a long term income because you control everything and you do not really on anyone else. 

    2 Lessons

    Step 20

    I shot my first video, ever, December 2017. This video was shot a year later. Here you will learn how you can increase your own income by changing your mindset and making active progress by implementing what you learn.

    2 Lessons

    Enter your text here…

    Strategy Guide

    This is the Strategy Package which contains a collection of strategies which will help you move forward in your online journey. Use them with the Action Plan!

    11 Lessons

    Strategy Guide Gold Card

    This is the continuously updated Gold Card Membership which will have weekly or monthly strategies added to this section to help you grow online!

    How Much Does Taking Action Online Cost?

    Here comes the part where I would say…

    …They Have Lost Their Collective Minds!

    Taking Action Online will launch on April 8 2019, and for the period of ONE WEEK you can get 


    After the launch period the TAO membership will cost $24.95 per month, and I heard it through the grapevine that the membership fee will eventually be $47 per month

    So, do yourself a favor and get it NOW by hitting this link

    Are There Upsells With Taking Action Online?

    Upsells, also called ONE-Time Offers, are unavoidable in the ‘make money online industry’ and we simply have to live with it. Let me be frank…I am not a big fan of upsells IF they are essential for the product to work but are not disclosed BEFORE you purchase the core product.

    However, if the core product serves its advertised purpose and the upsell will add to the value of the product, I have no problem to recommend it.

    Having said that, here are the upsell options with TAO

    Upsell 1 – TAO Gold Card Program:  $24.95/month

    Constant access to weekly updates, case studies and workshops

    Upsell 2 – Underground Strategies & Workshops: $67

    Instant access to 16 underground strategies for driving traffic, including Chatbot marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc

    Upsell 3 – Case Study Treasure Chest: $197

    1) Watch Step-By-Step As I Make $1500 For Building A Website

    This cases study will show you how I took advantage of my knowledge and experience to secure myself a $1500 client. It’s vital you take advantage of this kind of subscriber.

    2) My 300 Email Campaign Which Failed

    Even when an email marketing campaign goes wrong, you can still make a profit. This case study shows you a failed email campaign which still makes a good profit.

    3) A $500+ Email Campaign Which Started Very Badly

    Technical issues can sometimes cause problems and there is nothing you can do about it. This case study will show you what to do when it happens.

    4) My Badly Timed $350 Email Campaign

    You have to plan your email campaigns well so you can maximize your profit potential. Timing can be important and that is the focus of this case study.

    5) $200 Per Month From A YouTube Channel

    YouTube is a great source of traffic and commissions. This case study will show you how you can make passive income using YouTube. This continues to bring in $200 for 12 months 100% passively and is now reaching $400 per month, as of March 2019.

    6) $550 Profit From 2 Email Broadcasts and Using WhatsApp

    There are a lot of apps you can use to enhance your profits. This case study shows how I would use WhatsApp to make a nice profit from an email campaign.

    7) Learn How I Made $699 + From One YouTube Video

    YouTube can bring in free traffic and exposure. This case study shows you how I made over $699 from one video.

    8) $1000 In 48 Hours. How Does It Happen

    This case study will show you why it is so important to build up a personal and long term relationship with your followers. This, in turn, will increase your profits.

    Does ‘Taking Action Online’ Work?

    Philip and myself are members at Wealthy Affiliate where we built the foundation of our online business and learnt how to make a full-time income from the comfort of our homes.

    Philip created Taking Action Online after he received many requests for help from struggling Internet Marketers which did have good basic knowledge, but needed the already mentioned proverbial ‘kick in the you know what to get up from their lazy you know whats’ and APPLY what they learnt by TAKING ACTION ONLINE!

    I am not ashamed to tell you that I hired Philip as my personal coach to give me a push in the right direction and learned from Philip how to take action.

    I applied what Philip teaches and it truly paid off.

    To answer the question…YES, TAKING ACTION ONLINE does work

    The Pros & Cons Of Taking Action Online:

    Nobody and nothing is perfect and when one looks real close at online products, even in the best some Cons can be found.

    The Pros

    • Phil does make it seem very simple the way he discusses everything
    • Pay the same price and get more and more education as you go
    • He does do as he says and creates new training every month
    • The training and education you get for the price are huge in value
    • The step by step videos builds upon themselves as you move forward
    • He teaches in a simple yet understandable way to help his members understand
    • The training covers many ways to make money online, not just a few
    • The price is super cheap for what you get
    • There is no contract. Join, Stop, Start Again.

    The Cons

    • Phil delivers a great deal of wisdom But he is not an expert on everything he teaches
    • The membership platform does not have a community or Facebook group
    • If you follow what he teaches and take action he does not guarantee you success
    • The price will undoubtedly go up in the future & doubtful anyone will be grandfathered in


    Is Taking Action Online A Scam?

    Of course, it’s not. Have you listened to the guy? Have you watched him in a video? He is probably one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met online to date. So no, taking action online is not a scam. Taking Action Online is as legit as legit comes. And possibly the furthest from being a scam that you can get.

    Most membership sites cannot work or operate if they are scamming or trying to pull the wool over people. Reason being is the members themselves sign up every day and go over their training.

    The education has to be top notch for members to continue learning from it and the creators have to keep them paying monthly to earn any income.  

    Probably one of the most difficult scams would be trying to be unscrupulous within a membership site or program platform such as Wealthy Affiliate or Taking Action Online. It would just be too difficult to pull off. 

    Conclusion To My Taking Action Online Review

    This is a 100 percent newbie friendly educating platform environment. Or so it seems. In talking about his training and education videos for instance.

    The video is fast approaching to be the all-time favorite way of learning. And he takes you one step at a time so each training video does help build upon the next.

    Are You Struggling To Earn Income Online?

    …Philip says if you’re someone struggling and has attempted unsuccessfully online and not made any commissions so far due to technical jargon or false information, or just do not know why…He can and will help you. He will show you how with his training, you can make money, you will make money, and it is an absolute certainty with his help.

    Taking Action Online training helps you create for yourself, an online presence. If you will. Which can help you to earn larger incomes in just about any niche.

    No fake, no hype and no untrustworthy information ever given.

    Just follow the modules every step of the way to your own eventual future success.

    Phil Says “Take Action” and you will be rewarded!

    My Opinion May Not Matter…But!

    If I were just starting out I would definitely either join his program or the one listed below as my #1 recommendation. You can never go wrong with educational material. But having a membership community and group will always outweigh anything you yourself could contrive or come up with.

    A good coach has years of experience over you. A great coach is someone who cares about you and your success!

    You will, in fact, earn way more income by investing in his program. 

    Taking Action Online. 

    That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed reading my Take Action Online Review as much as I liked writing it. If you have any questions, don’t be shy and leave a comment in the box below on your way out.

    Rick Bell

    4 Responses

    1. joe

      I know Philip personally – and he’s not an internet guru – nor does he know the first thing about marketing – NOT A THING. The entire program is a copy and paste job form another person. Look around and you will find that info yourself. Some of the tool he’s charging for are FREE!!!!

      Had to be said. I doubt this will be published. There is some real TRUTH. What goes around comes around.

      • Rick

        I agree. Certainly what he teaches is the same fundamentals that are being taught decade after decade. But what he does is put his passion into it and in fact try to help newbies. Most marketers are here to just make money. I’ve personally seen Philip spend way more time helping others than I’ve seen in my entire 7 years of being a marketer here on the internet. Of course, everyone can say well he does not do this, or he does that wrong. Well, I’m certain if any of us were doing what he is doing we could also be criticized entirely on our work ethic alone. Seems most feel that if they don’t get more value than they pay for they scream scam! Thanks for the feedback. Rick

    2. Dr. Loendi

      Great Information, so true!
      I am a happy member of Tacking Action Online and Philip is a genuine mentor with integrity .
      I love his way of teaching and supporting his students.

      • Rick

        Philip has a way of being down to earth and telling you not to expect to become a millionaire. Especially doing what he has proven himself does only make a certain amount of money. But he is into coaching and that is a whoe new league from people wanting to learn to make money. Not sure most of us are cut out to tutor…especially if many just have a hard time following and understanding what is being taught.

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