Taking Action Online Review – Legit Training-Or A Membership Scam?


Program: Taking Action.Online
Creator: Philip Borrowman 
Price: $24.95-Monthly Membership
Personal Coaching: $69 – $1499.00
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Introduction: (TAO)

The program called Taking Action Online or (TAO) is a membership site where Philip Borrowman (Phil to his members) offers online marketers a simple education platform along with his personal help and expertise. My review on Taking Action Online appears to be quite positive for a change. It’s about time!



Taking Action Online, or (TAO) is an educational platform which takes you on a path of discovering how to become an affiliate marketer that earns real money, even if just starting from scratch.

It appears to be a legit website training and education program where he does exactly what he teaches. Taking Action! He shows new marketers How to Make Money Online within any category or niche their passionate about.



What Is Taking Action Online About?

The creator is Philip. He himself started learning about the internet and marketing back in 2012. When he failed to earn income using the many typical ways that advertised, “Earn $1000 Dollars Per Day!”

He decided to do something about the frustration and lack of earning income. So he eventually created his own no-nonsense training. In response to so many ads that made it sound like everything was a lie!

But it wasn’t until after he finally found the education platform he had been in search of for years. One that would help him come up with his very own business model and have it work like a well-oiled machine.

Take a look at his story and learn about Philip Borrowman: About Philip @ Taking Action. Online


WA teaches affiliate marketing as well. And too many beginners. Their platform even has a large community area where marketers can chat and help one another. However with strict guidelines.

Perhaps Taking Action will one day implement a group community as well. Since a large part of Taking Action Online is in fact similar to the massively known and marketed WA education program.


To Those Who Are Wanting To Learn And Earn Money Online: Phil Says this: 

…If you’ve ever seen one of his videos about Taking Action Online, you’ll see that Phil insists that you do not need previous experience of online marketing, nor do you need any products or some special niche to earn income online. All you need is to take ACTION!

If you have seen how Wealthy Affiliate works you will find much of this same program within the Taking Action Online. Both seem to welcome newbies as their preferred members. Something about helping someone fresh out to earn money rather than trying to change minds or teach old dogs new tricks.


…see the review I wrote for (Wealthy Affiliate (click this link)



Is Taking Action Online Worth The Membership Fee?

The training platform shows Phil adding new training every month. So, in my opinion, it is well worth the cost. I paid much more to get this information when I got my start. Perhaps you’ve heard of the recent review of the Program advertised for Black Friday? 

I believe that Philip is also a member there. Or was. But the price is much higher than his own membership site. The price for Taking Action Online is only $24.95 per month which is half that of the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Through his own personal choice and specialized training, he now helps people make money online. “Are you struggling to earn commissions he asks”?  If so take a look at his platform as it is a great price for so much positive education and energy all under one rooftop.

In my research of reviewing many training membership programs over the years, Take Action Online is a very inexpensive educational price to pay to learn the fundamental basics of marketing that works.



How Important Are The Strategies Within Taking Action Online?

So how important are the many marketing strategies he teaches? The reason money making strategies are so important is, depending on your niche, you may need to use several strategies.

Not just one. Meaning one is seldom enough these days. So it is vital to learn many strategies. To be able to think outside the box. The many different training strategies enable you to get more traffic through other venues.

What is unique about Taking Action Online is Philip appears to have embedded himself within his own training content and strategies he uses. He shows real-world proof of his own start-up success venturing forward. 

His membership site is set up to show lots of money making strategies covering many different niches. Because he covers many niches, it means, when you do find your own niche you are passionate about, he pretty much has you covered with several strategies you can use to promote it successfully.


What Does It Take To Make Money Online?


Phil will tell you that most people will falter at price point. And that most people even balk at the price of his program. The reason being is many people don’t take education very seriously.

Most likely you have a full-time job, a life, and you have very little time to educate yourself about anything new. So most never give it a shot. Or the old college try.

Most people who want to make money are not willing to invest in themselves nor an education platform which teaches them how to earn money online.

That and action. They do not take action!

And many people buy the latest and greatest way to the top or the best weight loss education ever, yet they never do start! They never implement (Take Action) learning and training needed to succeed in whatever endeavor they chose.

There’s no point in buying a training program unless you’re ready to take action steps.
Sure you are going to flounder at first. Especially if things are new to you.
But if you do as Phil suggests and take the appropriate action, you will find Your Success along the way.

Care To Give It A Go?

If you are not taking action today, then when? Success is not something that people are given. It is something great that people earn!



Does ‘Taking Action Online’ Work?

His training does seem to work and work well. For instance, he shows his advertised funnel that brings visitors to his sales page, he shows how his funnel captures leads,

where they came from, how they got in, and how long it takes to move each visitor along his funnel from first time visitor to client and sales.

When people find something helpful it means they were searching for it. He shows his students how to market so that people can find you. One of the biggest difficulties in online marketing.

Targeting Traffic Is Key:

How to catch the right visitor and then how to give them more value than they intended to get in the first place…Making not only a sale but also a potential future client and many more sales to come.

And out of the millions upon millions of visitors online each day he can convince you that if you just do what he does, traffic will find you and your niche.

By traffic, I mean visitors to your site, post or youtube presence. Which correlates into earning money.


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As a review writer for many years, I can easily believe Taking Action Online was just another membership site to hit the market. Yet this one seems a bit different.

He shows us how he himself just started this business and how he is doing it daily. Also how simple it really is when you take follow his prompts and take action yourself. 

His training teaches you how to target the right people. And that it is not about having a huge list of subscribers to promote to or email…

But how it makes more sense to just have a few of the rightly targeted subscribers.


…Just in case you are wondering about my opinion about whether Taking Action Online works or not..?

Here are my Pros and Cons…


  • Phil does make it seem very simple the way he discusses everything
  • Pay the same price and get more and more education as you go
  • He does do as he says and creates new training every month
  • The training and education you get for the price are huge in value
  • The step by step videos builds upon themselves as you move forward
  • He teaches in a simple yet understandable way to help his members understand
  • The training covers many ways to make money online, not just a few
  • The price is super cheap for what you get
  • There is no contract. Join, Stop, Start Again. Nice..!


  • Phil delivers a great deal of wisdom But he is not an expert on everything he teaches
  • The membership platform does not have a community or Facebook group
  • If you follow what he teaches and take action he does not guarantee you success
  • The great price will undoubtedly go up in the future & doubtful anyone will be grandfathered in



Not a real guarantee about giving you success but a guarantee on the natural basis of if you give people value, honesty, and integrity, you are bound to reach success!

This program is different than the rest I’ve reviewed over the years. It appears more humble and down to earth. Most education platforms today seem to not really care that much about the individual they’re helping. 

And most programs I’ve reviewed seemed limited upon the support, care, and even their honesty. And seemed way more concerned about their bottom line and thinking of their own business.

Phil however, really seems to care about people and helping others. 

I mean he spends hours helping his new visitor understand that if they don’t take action and create themselves and actionable routine around taking action…

no matter how much success they want, or how quick they want it, will not matter. 

Phil seems more genuinely caring and wants to help his members and all to understand that if you work and take action,

you yourself can soon be giving your clients the same value he shares with his members and you can show people you do care–Once that happens–

The money and success will come. In every case or situation. How much of it is up to YOU.




New Case Studies, New Webinars, New strategies, Every Month?

Certainly, in my opinion, this is the best part of the program. He delivers. In fact, his real-world case studies, make it obvious that, IF he can do this,

anyone can achieve this same success using the same simple principles and steps.

This guy is working quite hard to create a huge platform to help wannabe marketers succeed. He knows if they succeed they will keep coming back.

With that philosophy, it is a win-win for everyone.


step 11, through step 15 of taking action online


What’s Inside Taking Action Online

Along with 20 hours of step by step instructions just to start with, Phil shows lots of money making strategies every month and continues to create even more to come.
But he insists that he does not want you to join unless you are going to Take Action Online! He always says, “Those that do not make money, are the ones who do nothing.”  Which means as long as you are at least trying and putting forth the effort, you are going to grow and succeed. 

Below are just some of the goodies inside Taking Action Online…

  • 20 Proven Steps For Building Your Own Online Business
  • New case studies that you can relate to every month
  • Plenty of money making strategies to help you move forward
  • Fresh training modules each month so you can get inside tips and more
  • 25 hours of video training that covers money making niches
  • Every month he showcases a new money making marketing strategy 
  • And there’s more…

Much Much More…

step 16 through 20 of taking action online by philip borrowman


Live Webinars For Taking Action Members

He also does new live-webinars where real members get together and learn new things. The group is able to learn together through plenty of Q & A. And to have someone go over things they’ve done and learned themselves is a huge hit among marketers.

And what he calls the best part? The best part is, he does not create the webinar to sell to his members, but as a tool to teach and to educate his them. Very few webinars will reflect this non-selling touch.


A breath of fresh air…at a very fair price!


Key Marketing Strategy Case Studies

To see new case studies, new strategies, new training being created and announced every month is a breath of fresh air.  I myself love seeing Case Studies as it is “Live (Real) Feedback”.

The heartbeat of things happening in the internet world. Case studies are important and are a big help in online marketing and learning new strategies.


taking action online case studies images


Just a few Recent Case Studies:

All about traffic. Buying cheap traffic. How he made $1500 just for building a website. His first $300 from a failed campaign. Another campaign that went wrong but he earned $500.00.

How he shows Facebook Likes for just pennies, Another badly timed Email campaign that earned only $350. And plenty more of these real tests where he teaches us what not to do as well as what works. 

These are just a look at a few but he actually uses his own money to help his members learn real-life lessons in marketing. Very few programs offer training such as this. If you’ve ever heard him talking you would easily be able to tell that his heart is in the right place. Giving to others.

Giving is Getting…and it is Philips big thing. He is a giver.


One-On-One Coaching By Philip


one on one coaching by philip borrowman
Click here to find out if you are a good fit for his super coaching skills


One brilliant piece of information I almost left out. He has the ability to educate people in groups as well as one-on-one. To me, that says the world. I could never coach others and I know quite a bit.

If you have the skill to help people one-on-one then you are really someone that is knowledgeable and a people person. And, he wants to spend the time and energy to help others. 

The only coaches I’ve ever had mentor me had a firm grasp of what they were teaching. I’m assuming Philip does here as well.

If you have any doubt about his ability to educate just read some of his material and watch a few training videos.

I believe his coaching is $1500. And that is just for one or two days of him working out a progression type program for that person on an individual and unique basis of what would be best to work for them.


budget coaching from philip borrowman in taking action online


Need Personal Coaching Options?

He also shows a mentoring option for those that are not able to pay so much for his one-on-one training. A way to mentor you for just $69.00.

What it means is he will create a help video for you that is sort of a question and answer package that is definitely a bit like one-on-one coaching…But more on a micro scale level.


No matter where you are at in your online marketing, we all have a question from time to time. And everyone is at a different level.


So what he suggests is for those that may have difficulty where they’re at, to just contact him and he will create a video based solution that will be of great help.

The video training he talks about, I think, is about a twenty-minute video showing what he recommends to the problem or your unique situation in question.

I’ve actually never heard of someone devoting this kind of time to so many others, before. But maybe it is his way of saying hey, I’m here, I’m for real, and I do care about your online success.

Will it work for you? I would think so providing he has the answers. Perhaps just having someone to ask a few questions you cannot find the answers to is all you need. 


Is Taking Action Online A Scam?


Of course, it’s not. Have you listened to the guy? Have you watched him in a video? He is probably one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met online to date. So no, taking action online is not a scam. Taking Action Online is as legit as legit comes. And possibly the furthest from being a scam that you can get.

Most membership sites cannot work or operate if they are scamming or trying to pull the wool over people. Reason being is the members themselves sign up every day and go over their training.

The education has to be top notch for members to continue learning from it and the creators have to keep them paying monthly to earn any income.  

Probably one of the most difficult scams would be trying to be unscrupulous within a membership site or program platform such as Wealthy Affiliate or Taking Action Online. It would just be too difficult to pull off. 


Conclusion: To Taking Action Online


This is a 100 percent newbie friendly educating platform environment. Or so it seems. In talking about his training and education videos for instance.

The video is fast approaching to be the all-time favorite way of learning. And he takes you one step at a time so each training video does help build upon the next. 

Are You Struggling To Earn Income Online?

 …Philip says if you’re someone struggling and has attempted unsuccessfully online and not made any commissions so far due to technical jargon or false information, or just do not know why…He can and will help you. He will show you how with his training, you can make money, you will make money, and it is an absolute certainty with his help.

Taking Action Online training helps you create for yourself, an online presence. If you will. Which can help you to earn larger incomes in just about any niche.

No fake, no hype and no untrustworthy information ever given.

Just follow the modules every step of the way to your own eventual future success. Phil Says Take Action. And you will be rewarded!


My Opinion May Not Matter…But!


If I were just starting out I would definitely either join his program or the one listed below as my #1 recommendation. You can never go wrong with educational material. But having a membership community and group will always outweigh anything you yourself could contrive or come up with.


A good coach has years of experience over you. A great coach is someone who cares about you and your success!

You will, in fact, earn way more income by investing in his program called: Taking Action. Online. Then you might be able to do on your own. And years of work. He seems totally genuine. And in my opinion is unique and a caring person.


Is Taking Action Online For You?


The only thing I don’t care about within this program is there is no community. There is no group like at WA.

I think this is the only missing piece to having a great platform that will be here for years to come serving the public. 

If you do feel however that you need training and need a community to help you progress, why not consider the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Their community is the largest in the world. And it worked for me.

See my #1 Recommended Review About Wealthy Affiliate

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