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Team V International Founder
Vinh H. Le

The Team Vinh International Review -Tells All

This is one online marketing (MLM) program – I cared not to buy into. There was no safe way to get a return off the incredibly high cost of joining. To become an active member and to be able to be qualified, you would first need to sign in and pay $299.00 along with a $39.97 registration fee.

Team Vinh does not appear to offer a guarantee or money back, and you cannot even join unless you pay for the program first, without guarantee of any kind. Many people would suspect that as being a scam in itself. What no free trial? Or 30 day money back?

What is incredible, is that you will need to bring in a referral with you, a relative or friend to sign up as a referral or they will charge you double the initial $299.00 you are shown at first.  So it’s a whopping $637.97 to be qualified to receive 2 member referrals/recruits from your purchases of 2 V-Packs. Either bring in someone or you now have to buy two V-packs.

So what is Team Vinh? Basically an MLM program where you invest all your money into building a down-line that does the exact same thing. Buy into the program and buy leads, or referrals. Does it work? Mostly… Never. Not everyone is all into spending their hard earned money on risky ventures online.


Is Team Vinh International A Scam?

In my opinion, no. Team Vinh International is not a scam  Certainly it has been reported to be a scam in most reviews… But you see, many of these who are reporting on are using hearsay evidence as they will not take a chance on joining, either, and losing $640 bucks. So how can I without joining the program myself, leave a credible report?

I do this by years of investigating such programs as Team Vinh International and others. I research and write reviews in regard to many programs like this one which compare other MLM programs and MLM events around the world.


Here is a chart of results when you use any type of system based on MLM.



What I mean is, even though I don’t believe the Team Vinh International to be a real actual scam.  I do intend to prove to you why it is certainly a program you should not buy into. Their risk factor is through the roof, based on my research alone. Red flags are apparent all through their sales page.

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What is Team Vinh About?

The program is setup to where they distribute and sell V-packs which you purchase from the program. So, what is team vinh really about?The packs are nothing other than a way to have you buy into the program, paying them money to be a member, and this allows you to build a V-pack down-line of members who you will be given certain earnings from. For each V-pack you get one recruit/referral who is supposedly doing the same thing you are, buying into the program. Investing.

It doesn’t go into details of how much is earned other than we first have to give them money, and have two recruits before they ever intend on doing the so called work by putting new referrals into our down-line for V-packs. The buy in is incredibly expensive, and we never know exactly what quality member we are recruiting. There being one of the many problems. What if these recruits they send us have no future investing capital?

Team Vinh Reviews - What  Is Team Vinh

MLM has been around many years and will always be here among us. The Team Vinh International system is set up so that the people that start the program will make most of all the money generated, and everyone that follows along will make a little from it by building a much needed down line of recruits for the Corporation. These recruits do the exact same thing which is recruit referrals for themselves, and everyone makes a piece of cash for this action. 

Basically Team Vinh is set to build a huge corporation with the help of us little people and agree to give us 2 percent of overall profit sharing as an incentive to keep buying their V-packs. One thing people do not realize is that it takes seemingly forever to build a down-line, and many times it is not something that ordinary people will be able to justify this time, in doing. Meaning, who has this kind of money to buy V-packs each week, anyway? Will your referrals be able to cough up this kind of money like you do, to stay involved, especially when they see very little return coming in over the years?


The Team Vinh International is Costly


As you know most MLM programs over the past 50 years or so have the same thing in common that this one has. The people on top get rich, and all the ones to come into such a program later, get very little return on investment. It is why so many today point to this Team Vinh International program suddenly and say…This is a SCAM! It doesn’t just take your money, it takes lots of time. Years of investing and donations. All for what? A very small piece of pie.

Well, whether someone could actually justify it as being a scam or not, one thing for sure… You are going to find it hard to get recruits outside of the ones you get from buying the V-packs, because society has already made up their minds as to why MLM doesn’t work. It is an MLM Program for Christ sake. You can research MLM and see just what it says here: What is MLM?


Team Vinh Reviews - What  Is Team Vinh
Really? Based on What?

So let us say you figure you will buy a V-pack once a week for $299.00, or once per month. And, you think, well, to speed things up I will do create a website, do some videos, create a ppc campaign, some ppa advertisements as well, and build my down line by adding my own recruits.

Stop right there. Before you do that, look around. See all the other ads out here saying Team V is a scam? So what does that mean to see this all overt the news. It  means as soon as you send someone to your sign up, they are going to check to see the credibility of the program and see just what others are saying. Guess what happens. Your friends, family, associates will suddenly go, Wait a second. I really don’t have the money right now to buy into this. Or, wait buddy, It says here that Team V is a scam!

How many recruites are you going to get? I understand that Team V will be bringing in these recruits for you, as long as you are paying them. But what type recruit are you going to get each time. A go-getter like you are expecting? Someone who will have money to spend, and invest for years, into Team V? I think not. Best case scenario is that we get a variety of people, where some may be go-getters, but it is more likely someone will sign up for Team V and suddenly they cannot really afford to invest this amount without some sort of return.

If I have my own LEADs, can TeamVinh call them for me?
Because TeamVinh’s DynamicTrafficChannels “DTC” are doing all the work and generating all the LEADs & Traffic and does the heavy lifting for you as part of the standard system, we do NOT need your Leads.

Yes they are doing the work, but you would be paying for their advertising. Here is all they would be doing with your money, which basically promotes them. Not you.


Seems to me they are definitely set on expansion of their corporate headquarters!

Team Vinh Might As Well Be A Scam


If we don’t know who we recruit when we buy a V-pack, so we are risking $299.00 each and every time we spend it. How long can you afford to do this without having a perfect results score? This unknown formula could cost you thousands! Buying into Team V could break you and take every bit of your savings while you try to earn your way with online success. There are better ways to learn marketing and even free programs to join if you want to make money for others. Why not join Wealthy Affiliate for free? Learn to Market your own products.

Go here and watch the lack of information they address on this one sales page.

“We don’t need you to bother your Friends or Family or Associates. Because we already have all the Leads and essential elements in V to deliver what you Partnered up with us for.”

Yet they tell you to bring in one member before you ever are even qualified! Or it costs you double to join? How is that for a perfect MLM Program? Just pay for some other referral to come in who may not be willing to invest. How many of these so called referrals are willing to put their heart and soul into this? Could be costing you thousands to find out.

Why Join Team V International?

Team V does not go into any detail about what you will be doing, other than how you should pay them. Also they leave out much information and even point the Q and A area questions back to the information that is presented already. Meaning they have no further details about any of their program. Mostly it is all sales that we see. And without any kind of legit testimonials, I find it strange that they would ask for money without a detail of what you will be working on and how much you will be inclined to make. Seen as a real no-no in online advertising.

Now Team Vinh does talk about some product being offered by a third party. Yet they do not say anything other than the fact you will find out what it is once you join. And that yes, it is an MLM product they are going to talk to you about. I presume it is a product with a nice hefty upsell.

After seeing very little evidence that supports a legit structure here, I would kindly remark… Stay away. Invest in yourself by joining any free training program so you can learn to make money online like I an others do each day. The Wealthy Affiliate Program to get the much needed training you need to be successful online professional.

Invest in YOU!


Team V Conclusion

The video they have for us to watch is lacking any details of the business or how it works. More like a promotional ad is all. Just another business proposal to fund someone else’s business.


I have contacted support asking 14 questions which I will include in this review later on once the answers are received. My advise is don’t wait. Go on to learn the things you need to become successful online for yourself! Which would be just as easy as actually joining someone else on their journey of success. And well worth it by 1000 times!

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Your Success Starts Here


Leave a comment about the review and my honest take on Team Vinh. MLM programs will forever be bad business for anyone who is at the bottom of the ladder. Believe it. The whole entire media and world views are written and are against this form of system. How will you over come that? I mean, how will you recruit others when they read the reviews saying the system is probably a scam? Think about this… And ask me any questions you want and I will send them to support for you.

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