The 60 Minute Profit Plan Is It A Scam?

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What you’ll find within this 60 Minute Profit Plan is Squash! Actually it is a bit of training that has to do with email marketing. However, the 60 minute profit plan is a wash basically. 

Brittany Francis says you can make thousands of dollars in a weeks time, but she also is terrible at delivering education material.

Inside the package you’ll be face to face with video training on email marketing and some affiliate marketing traffic strategies. 

But don’t even think about purchasing such. Reason is it is not only is it limited information it is incorrect in some cases.

Product Summary:

The following is our insiders information within the center of the product called 60 Minute Profit Plan. The plan is we believe that Brittany Francis is really only trying to make a fast buck off newbie marketers.

The 60 Minute Profit Plan is based on a so called loop hole “Free Money Loophole” which will help you make at least $500 per day!


Brittany Francis




What Is The 60 Minute Profit Plan About?

The 4 methods to make your $500 day according to “Brittany” are:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Online Surveys
  3. Website Tester
  4. Freelancing

The 60 Minute Profit Plan is about only these four sets of training you’ll find inside the Profit Plan training. To get real training for Email Marketing go here.

So you’ll get 11 pretty short videos that cover hosting set up, domains, and setting up sales pages that will drive traffic to your source so you can have passive income flow.

You are basically being taught to build a list and you will have visitors which are called subscribers and you will know their email addresses.

It is basic Affiliate Marketing fundamentals that are taught for free here online. But you won’t make quick cash with email marketing as it is a long term business model and one such used by having the skill to personally deliver value to your subscribers in order to keep them happy. 

There is nothing in the training that teaches that. But if you would like to learn the correct way of doing it see the box below with my #1 product training.


Inside the membership area we are introduced to a Justin Bryant who seems to be the spokes person doing the training. 

The videos are 3 and 4 minutes long! You cannot cover email marketing in even 2 weeks! Much less 1 hour! And then the rest of the training inside covers stuff that you literally cannot make money, at all.

One thing…Taking surveys is not something you will be able to earn much with. I’ve reviewed many of these type money making survey sites only to show people are frustrated and miserable because they work all day for just a few cents profit.

Also inside you will be instructed to promote other affiliate links as a bonus. These affiliate links are set up so the founder of this product earns big commissions from them.

So you are helping her to make money, yet you have yet to make money!

Is The 60 Minute Profit Plan A Scam?

The training is a incomplete overview that is very brief Technics on how to make money with email marketing. There is little else other than just enough material to get into trouble with. 

The videos inside are very short overviews of email marketing. Along with a sales page that is nothing but hype and it misleads people into thinking they can make tens of thousands of dollars just by following this training. 

We set this up in a real business model and never even got a single person to the page. Reason being is she doesn’t cover how to get fast traffic to the pages. Just organic approach to marketing which is a very slow process indeed. 

She shows you how to target only cold traffic, and since it is cold, you cannot get people to sign up to your pages. 

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The product training will cost you very little. But then you will get very little from 60 Minute Profit Plan.

Price: $37 + Downsell & Upsells up to $97

What I Liked About The Training

Now I love video training myself. But here there is no over the shoulder guide type videos. The videos cover only basics of getting started and not much else.

Even beginners will fail at learning how to do email marketing with these stratgies becuase there is a lot more to email marketing then what this Justin Bryant is showing us.

And of course the sales video itself shows all the people making great money using this very training. But these are all lies and perhaps actors filling in.


I’m sure this is her roommate as she says. Or best friend. Don’t you?

What I Did Not Like About The Training

We really don’t like people creating programs and then using fake testimonials and fake images. As you can see here these are not only fake testimonials they are fake images as well.

60 minute profit plan fake images

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

Unfortunately with internet marketing training today, we see lots of good training out there. But if used in the wrong context or strategy, it can be very misleading to newbies wanting to learn marketing. 

So we now see lots of training but the reason it is no good is that it is done short of what real training does. Which is to teach and help others understand what they are doing wrong. 

If the training never goes back and helps the individual who is learning, then they are lost forever.

Educating people about online marketing means you have to do it correctly. And not give just bits and pieces and expect that student to then understand each strategy fully. 

It is why we teach you the right way to succeed using Affiliate Marketing. See below…

60 minute profit plan scam

Enter your text here…

Will 60 Minute Profit Plan Help You Make Money?

If you’ve ever tried building your own email list you will know it takes far more time than they suggest. And it can cost you thousands. 

Leads today are about one buck per lead. If you had 10k list then it would have cost you $1000’s of dollars to build it. 

And it is why one has to take their time and only invest money back into building they have in profits from their affiliate marketing strategies that are working. 

Based on my own years as a marketer. I see no way this training will turn newbies into advanced educated marketers.

The training within 60 Minute Profit Plan has nothing about delivering value to your clients or your subscribers. And that is definitely needed daily.

60 minute success stories

You won’t be paying off your mortgage with this training any time soon. It is why we write reviews such as this tested and proven liable training program here. You won’t get rich, and you want even learn how to get rich, ever.

Would I Recommend You Buy 60 Minute Profit Plan?

I cannot in all honest recommend such. It is sparse and limited training with no back bone to help individuals understand email marketing or affiliate marketing. 

Stay away. Stay far far away from such programs. If you see these that over inflate your amount you will make to an absurd $$$ dollar amount. Trust that it is fake, false and fiction.

In fact maybe it will help you if I show you why most programs such as 60 Minute Profit Plan are easily seen as scams without every buying into them.

Go to my Scams Sniffed Out Page to learn more about how to spot these scams and illegal information programs. 

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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