The Email Syndicate Review

The Email Syndicate is a list purchasing company with generic subscribers who have opted in to see online opportunities. Regardless of where you get your list. Make sure it is extraordinary and not ordinary! I would call lists from most of these type companies extra un-ordinary.

Certain types of lists are bought and sold online by middle-men.  Marketers who think its the quickest and best way to get the traffic they need, have another thing coming. Sure, traffic is the very key to success. Yet the wrong traffic is no better than not having any in the first place. Actually worse. You’ve wasted your money on it!

Problem is, large lists from these type providers seldom work and money is wasted in the effort to build a business this way. If you go to The Click Agency you will see another company who does this.

They provide bulk lists for mostly marketers of MLM programs, Six Figure Mentors Empower Network Members and other such online programs. The bulk list sellers are wanting you to spend your hard earned money with no guarantee!

The subscription agencies are banking on your hard earned money because most marketers do not have a clue what to do when it comes to buying lists. List buyers, bought these subscriber lists in bulk and retail them back to unsuspecting and naive marketers using marked up prices which makes money for themselves as middle men. Not the online marketer trying to make a living.

 I’m Rick… and I write reviews for online products and programs. Good or bad… Most of these programs I buy into, to determine if they justify their ad claims. Most do not. The Email Syndicate is a program to be watchful of, in my opinion.


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What is The Email Syndicate?

The program basically tells you they deliver high quality traffic for a price. Is it? Maybe it is, maybe it is not. You sign up to their system and they deliver quality traffic to your doorstep? If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Targeted and top tier traffic has to be built and grown, or at least generated through ppc ads on Facebook, Bing and other legit companies.

 Their system is supposed to sort out the bots and duplicates. Well, all solo ads will do that much! And you can get bigger list for way less than Click Agency sells. What you get is a marked up group of subscribers who have been sold to, over and over ’til they are worthless! I now have 100,000 of these cold subscribers that never even opt in for any emails no matter what they say!

Trouble with buying any list, there is no way to do this and get targeted traffic. Building a list has to be done in a natural way, while building a trusting and honest relationship with your subscribers. It’s the only way that does work.

There, never has been a way to reach targeted traffic through this type of system. But they will all tell you differently so as to get you to buy into their lists. I’ve been there and done it. I’ve never sold very many products this way! Successfully. Yet people fall for it all the time. Because they are too lazy to create their own list and are wanting to take short cuts to easy money and success! They fail.

You cannot short cut the slow way of building traffic one at a time, no matter how many people tell you that you can buy into their fast lane of targeted traffic. It is just how people selling lists make their money.


Is The Email Syndicate a Scam?

Truly in the sense, no. Non targeted traffic using solo ads like this seldom gives you the kind of results companies say you will have. Yet it is hard to determine as some people actually do okay with these type lists. Most I’ve heard. do not. 

Unless perhaps you are just sending out a product that helps you make money online, as this is what the majority of these subscribers are signed up to look for. If you did perhaps have a super one-of-a-kind product that solved a problem then yes, you could have some sales.

But this is thousands to one odds that you have that product. And if you did come up with such an outstanding product for the masses it would generate its own upward climb and you would never need to buy traffic in the first place!

Places that sell you list make their money when you buy them. So they will tell you they work. But, they take your money and deliver us scores of email addresses that most other list sellers have on theirs. And then tell you there is no guarantee or recourse. Mainly because in marketing you need to be able to target your niche group to promote to. Period.

When you don’t reach your target, you could pay for 100,000 clicks in traffic and hardly make a 1 percent sales. So your expenses go through the roof and your result sucks. Out of so many, you are bound to hit a few that are in your targeted group.That is when they say buy more traffic! You are just getting started! You can see my list at Wealthy Affiliate. Stop in to look around.

The Email Syndicate Group are middle of the road salesman. Selling you clicks for a certain price, and they themselves buy the lists wholesale, at a much smaller price point, and profit when you purchase the clicks at a higher price. You will be told that there is no guarantee with these clicks you get. No refund, no money back, no recourse.

You lose your money and stop advertising the next day. Later when you get more money from another source they advertise to you and talk you back into doing it again, saying you are building momentum! Ha ha.


Don’t Fall For Build Email Lists!

You are asked if you would like to receive special product advertisements, online programs, ways to make money online, and such…and suddenly your name is now circulated. (email address) to many if not thousands and thousands of lists that people build and sell or rent out to you. These agencies buy in bulk, then sale to you. At a higher cost per subscriber.

This type of gaining ones lists is a piss poor way of reaching the right people online. In fact, you cannot. However this type of list sellers are highly advertised because the alternative is doing a solo ad say for $500.00 to get your promotional out to 500 people who are willing to click on your ad. A dollar per subscriber.

Research and lots of time to reach a targeted audience is the only way that has been proven to work over time in building an online list and making a profit from contacting them with top products.


So, Email Syndicate is Not a Scam?

It is not something anyone can prove because you will always get one or two thousand subscribers clicking on your product and possibly even buying an item. Has it ever worked for me or anyone else I know online? NO. And I’ve been told and shown to stay away from this type of subscribers list. Mike Dillard, a well known guru and multi-millionaire many times over will tell you the exact same thing.

So not a full blown, out right scheme type scam in my view, but it might as well be if you are being over charged for a service and have meager results after them telling you that everyone is getting rich from using email lists. That is false statements!

Stay away from buying bulk lists, no matter how they are packaged. 

I’ve bought into these programs before and have just thrown away thousands of dollars and have thrown away huge lists of subscribers that never answer emails or proportionals sent to them. Nor do they answer to emails which give plenty of value and free offers. 


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