The Rich Jerk Review-Is Rich Jerk A Scam?

the rich jerk scam review



Name : Rich Jerk

Website :

Owner : Kelly Felix 

Price : $297 + upsells

Overall Ranking :6 of 10


It appears this is not really a scam as far as materials sold.The Rich Jerk who made millions many years ago is again, here online, Apparently, he’s created some more pieces to what works online . But, don’t fall victim to fancy girls, and lazy entrepreneurs. Never mind about following programs that give you pieces of a puzzle. If you are a newbie just starting out, you need a full blown super charged course. READ This #1 Wealthy Affiliate


My Rich Jerk Review 

I signed up for his program to review it. As I do many programs to give you the honest truth you need to determine whether to ride in this car… or choose to not get in it in the first place. My Rich Jerk review will help you make this decision so you won’t be getting any road rash along the way! My Rich Jerk Review is spot on.

Speaking of good rides, you may already know that the program called Wealthy Affiliate has everything The Rich Jerk Course offers, and more, with a much lower price tag. So if you are looking to save money, You can even join for free to check WA out, first. When you are finished here you can click on this link below, and read the review.


Is this Rich Jerk Course a Scam?

Actually, more to the point, does the course work and offer solutions? Is the Rich Jerk course a Scam?  It is a course of basic material most of us need online to start making money with. Yet, even though everything we need to learn is given away free online, it is cool to have it in just one place. If you have to pay way too much for anything you are being scammed, though. It is why I am still at Wealthy Affiliate. Me and 100,000 other members who have found real live online success. It’s not a scam as far as I can tell, unless you fall for a bunch of training that is overpriced.

 We know that he is selling information like everyone else, and it appears this information is helpful to some, but the price is crazy high.

Except. Most of the facts and training you get here is all over the computer anyway, at places where the price is much more manageable for newbies. One reason you don’t ever find out about who the Rich Jerk is, is the fact that they know if they stay invisible, like Vic Hutchinson, you will not have a way to confront them, in case anything goes south.

I get asked all the time, how I manage to afford all these programs I buy into. Well, most of the time I find that the programs are not much help and I ask for my money back. Same as anyone else.

In order to save face, most companies will refund your money when you ask, mainly to keep down anybody screaming online about you being a fraud, untrustworthy, and failed to give you your money back. Not something they are willing to face. Much easier to refund and just keep collecting from other members.


the rich jerk reviewThe Rich Jerk Dude: Sales Tactics

I hesitated at first to join the Rich Jerk Course as I could not hardly get through his nasty sales video. No where online have I seen such disgusting advertising…The Rich Jerk calling everyone in his sales video a disgusting idiot and worthless piece of shit. If you ask me, I don’t know how anyone could come across this way and expect someone to follow them. I could barely stand it!

Much less, spend money joining him! It is beyond me psychologically why this would even convert for even half of his target market. But maybe he is trying to reach those that are tired of failing online and are willing to make one last stand to finally create a business that works.


The Jerk Does Have Value

But, I find it a little more radical than many are probably expecting. No where is there a step by step format that will build your confidence and keep you motivated to work each day in order to gain momentum.

It is basically video and software that just says here it all is, do this, and you will be kind of on the road to success. But without help-support-or being able to ask questions and get answers.

Not really the best way to train here online. A much better program here online would be Wealthy Affiliate. At least they have a formatted step by step course you can take and you build each day upon what you learn throughout the course.

Seo Training:

This covers niche research, which is good information, How to find affiliate offers, a must know, and how to build your website, content information and also list building as well. Certainly he is on the right track of course for basics.

Facebook Stuff As Well:

A video on Facebook Marketing and the Strategies others use to get to your targeted traffic. Very good information, however, you will learn quickly that it is much more difficult to use Facebook as a advertising campaign.

Facebook is a social network. Not really the place to market freely. Unless you are using paid advertising to get subscribers, you will be in way over your head here.

Launch Jacking?

This is where he talks about sneaking in to become an authority of someone else’s program when they launch it. You basically write about what’s going on at the time they launch and Google picks your information up as relevant content that needs to be published. You grab lots of traffic that is interested in this product or program launch…

And you begain riding the wave and point your interested traffic to your material or website. So you are redirecting traffic that is suddenly there for a short time.


The Problem of Cost With Rich Jerk… Is the Problem

A payment of $497 is steep! As all this can be learned at far less cost and with a free sign up, you can join, at the one place called Wealthy Affiliate. And, you can learn everything you need to know, in just over 30 days!

Plus there you have a huge forum group of members in the tens of thosands to get answers from within minutes!

You can also do a payment plan and pay more to get The Rich Jerk Course, but why would you? 3 payments of $197 adds up to a whopping $600! You would first off, have to be super crazy and be someone who doesn’t listen to logic. There are some of you out there of course…

is the rich jerk another scamUpsells are Crazy


Upsell #1

Coaching…$197/monthly. I wonder who the coach is? We know it won’t be the Rich Jerk! He presents himself as a very lazy looking person with nothing but time on his hands. No worry about slander here! I’m sure he even paid someone to build his course structure. As he does have paid actors all around him.

He appears to lazy to do that much work.Yet we see from his appearance he is filthy rich….Right? But then why is he here selling more stuff? Obviously maybe he is not telling us the real truth behind the course and why suddenly he has shown back up. But then who cares, right?

Upsell #2

Software and one-on-one coaching through Skype. Via Skype? That sounds more hands on…so maybe worth it…except I found out just now it is has a limited time frame. One WEEK!

Upsell #3

Rich Jerk Training Software, $79/Monthly on top of the course costs. The upsells keep on coming and there was no mention of these when I signed up. Never is when someone is trying to get your goat, later on… So to speak. Can that person really be trusted? No.


The course does appear to provide a good deal of legit information for online marketing. He instructs us on how to use Facebook to market thorugh. But,there is a lot to learn about Facebook Marketing and very few people have become successful with figuring this out.

Of course learning Launch Jacking is pretty cool as well. I myself have set reviews into place to ride this so called wave. You can join me at Wealthy Affiliate and I can show you this strategy for free, though. No sense in having to pay for something this simple.


What Rich Jerk says about building a site and having it rank within a week, is way off the mark. It took me over a month to build my first site and have ranking content inside it. And, it also took the right tools, and the right amount of time to make this happen. I used the best training program out there as well. Wealthy Affiliate.

The price here is way off the charts. Extreme! Very, very far out and out of the normal range of this information. All the information as I said before could be picked up much cheaper within the WA training program. I myself am a part of and where I learned to create a single website that makes me over $3000 monthly. You can join it for free and have me as your mentor! Sound good?

Also the Rich Jerk, when he sales us on his program never does mention upsells nor the blast of training with no format, until after we have already paid the whopping, almost $500 dollars to sign up. That is plain and simply deception. At least when someone keeps information from me, I call it deception! Don’t you?

So that makes him not appear to be trustworthy. And by God this is one place where you need to at least appear trustworthy! Because once you are caught, even one person could cause you to be looked at as a scammer here online. And that one person will have thousands of people see and read about you and what happened. It is the same principle as a negative remark going way further than a positive one.


is rich jerk a scamIs Rich Jerk a Big Scam?

No, The Rich Jerk is not a Scam… it’s not really a scam as we think of scams. But the cost is so high and inflated that I expect The Rich Jerk could be called a scam if a person really wanted to, and they would get away with it. As the Rich Jerk Course Materials does come with valuable information yet is is way over priced and appears he is merely trying to get more out of us to continue his lavish lifestyle.

However, the training doesn’t come across in a worthy step by step format as does, Wealthy Affiliate, my number one pick for newbies, but he does come across with lots of material to learn from. If you are advanced somewhat, you may be at the right place to understand what he offers. If a newbie though…you may be looking up some things and learning outside of his course, the basics he does not take the time to go over.

However, if you are serious about doing what I did in 2013 and you want to build yourself an online business, much cheaper… I would say, stay away from The Rich Jerk. I strongly recommend you build a business, but first off you need to go with your passion, and your interests, and join a program where they have a simple step by step training course like the one mentioned below.

As you know my #1 recommended learning program to become successful online, is Wealthy Affiliate. As a mentor, teacher, and online educator, I am in a position to help you learn online marketing just as I have. And I want to give you that advantage. So since I did get my money back…you should as well. I will never send you off to a program where you spend all your money and you don’t get the true online help you need.

It is why I am here. To help newbies start making the kind of money they want to make without a boss or a job. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get going in the right way and go down the path of least resistance that I once went down.


Stay AWAY! The Jerk Is WAY…                            OVER PRICED!


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