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superlist dvd's have information basics
superlist dvd’s have information basics

Hello, this Rick Bell here with another online and on time review from As you may know if you keep up with the site that I regularly focus on ways to avoid scams online. And this includes all of the latest software and online programs out there that are created specifically to part you and your hard-earned dollars.

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So, I welcome and look forward to your feedback on the site and the types of articles we’re producing. And if you run across an online affiliate marketing or other online scam, be sure shoot me an email. I’ll be on it ASAP to spread the word.

Today, we are taking a look at The Superlist Method — another of the myriad products churned out annually by Alex Jeffery, another Brit turned Internet marketing guru. By the way, why do so many of these folks come from England? Must be something in the water. But I digress. On with the review of The Superlist Method.


What The Superlist Method Is All About


Hard to Believe a superlist method of any kind could make this much revenue!
Hard to Believe a superlist method of any kind could make this much revenue!

In it’s most basic description, The Superlist method is yet another video training course. And this one is aimed at teaching you the science of email list building and email marketing. The good news…..the price is only $9.95. Well, in one sense, you get what you pay for. And you do, which is not much. But there’s more coming on the price, as there typically is with these bait-and-switch schemes.

As far as the practical aspects of the Superlist email marketing program, there is nothing about it that is particularly enlightening, new or insightful. It is all pretty much rehashed information that you can find for free all over the internet, and it is presented in a really boring, 3-hour long video format.

Most of it is presented in the over-the-shoulder “mind-map” format, where you are looking at his screen and mouse clicks through his voice over. Sure, the English accent makes it sort-of fun for the first five minutes. But after that loses it’s effect and it gets pretty boring!


And Now Folks…Why You Really Purchased The Superlist Program! Upsell After Upsell


Even God could not do this!
Even God could not do this!

The Superlist Program only costs $9.95 — just like thousands of other Internet marketing programs out there of every shape, form and description. And while The Superlist Program doesn’t particularly offer anything new in the way of information or something you couldn’t get for free somewhere else on the Internet — it at least pulls together a lot of basic information for you. And that may be worth the 10 bucks to you if you don’t want to go research it all yourself. That is of course, unless you just can’t stand the boring presentation.

But all that aside, Alex Jeffrey’s real goal here is not the entry ticket to the carnival but all the rides he can charge for once you get inside. In other words, the UPSELL!

  • Upsell Numero Uno — The first thing Alex is so kind to offer immediately after you fork over your initial money is the opportunity to listen to one of his recorded training sessions at $17. Fake bank statements, rigged PayPal screens showing all of the money… know the deal here.
  • Upsell Numero Dos — This is the biggie. $27 recurring monthly. A fee that gets you access to Alex’s “Mastermind Group”, where a bunch of self-proclaimed “successful marketers” get together to promote their own products. Products that Alex Jefferys will of course benefit from as the affiliate. Very clever. But not if you are the one buying into it.
  • Upsell Numero Tres — The third “upsell” is not so much an upsell in the technical sense. It’s a five-day trial of the second upsell. And, of course, they need a $1 hold on your credit card so they can make sure to charge you the $27 if you don’t cancel in time. And so Alex can get your email address and spam you at all hours of the night and day. Hey, after all, he is the self-proclaimed guru of email marketing. And he puts his theories into practice with you.


The Bottom Line On The Superlist Method. Scam Or Not?


You may end up looking more like this when you are done with the program superlist method upsell
You may end up looking more like this when you are done with the program superlist method upsell

In the purest sense, The Superlist Method is not a scam. It is information that is primarily credible, but it is ALSO information that you can get lots of places for free.

And again, maybe it is worth the $9.95 if you don’t want to go looking for all of this info yourself.

But it is the Superlist Method Upsale that sheds an extremely dubious light on the system and the man who created it.

Stay Away From The Superlist Method!

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There is a way to success, but it takes time and it is one legitimate step at a time.
There is a way to success, but it takes time and it is one legitimate step at a time.

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My name is Rick Bell and I’m the founder of Downhill Money.  My my career path is showing newbies around in the internet marketing world.






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  1. Terry

    I unfortunately disagree with this I have followed Alex for some time now and I can tell you that the bank statements or what he’s earning are not made up have you seen the guys house? And as for the so called made up proclaimed success stories he has had with clients have you even spoke to them? I have and I can assure you they also have made lots of money using these methods.

    • Rick

      Thanks for the reply. Yes I know why Alex is wealthy. I don’t understand though why you are not though. I’ve seen your website and it is far from being something of help to anyone! Sorry. I tell it like it is. Yes, when a hundred people on the internet say someone is scamming or their shit is worthless I tend to check what I can and agree! If you have value and good information you will never have someone trying to cut your throat on the internet. You’ve somehow set your site up where it is even hard to leave a comment there. I just tried and it was too much trouble. So much for you getting any feedback yourself. Hope this helps you.

    • Rick

      OMG! Heck Yes! What a problem we have with this one trying to get the world to hear about them! I wonder how many people have fallen victim to this!

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