The Top 8 Secrets To Success As A Network Marketer – Can You Smell The Joy?

What does a Purple Cow have to do with networking? Did the image above get your attention? Well, that’s why you’re probably still here and are going to read my review on The Top 8 Secrets To Success As A Network Marketer.

What does a purple cow have to do with anything? Nothing and Everything! It is meant to let you know that if you are just good at this marketing business. It is no longer enough these days. Everyone out there is GOOD!

Is your product remarkable? Are you remarkable? Are you like a punch in the face? Sudden, impactful, yet simplistic. 


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The Purple Cow Restaurant in Fort Worth TEXAS
The Purple Cow Restaurant in Fort Worth TX

Purple Cows? That’s the name of a 50ish burger shop I know of in Fort Worth Texas. Interesting yes. But not the main point. Yet odd enough to get your attention. Which you will relate to once you read the story below…

Remember that new funny named restaurant we went to a few years back?
Hmmmm…YES! The Purple Cow!


How to Excel In Network Marketing? 

Do you have a passion in mind? Or are you here just to try and make money? This article answers how to excel in network marketing.

The incredible difference between success and just earning a few extra bucks part time is a tremendous effort! The discipline needed to be a full-time network marketer is usually not done for the money. 

Most seemingly do not want to work hard enough to earn huge paydays online. They all fall into the big hype category of “It Being Simple To Make Money Online.”

Some of the biggest problems I see each day are that most don’t take on the right kind of daily activities to earn money online.

But before we jump in let me show you something important. Traffic. Leads. Generating lots of them. People never can seem to target their traffic properly and if they do get lucky, their conversions suck. They spend all their time learning and educating themselves only to flounder on the beachhead.

Little Effort, Little Earnings, Little Action, and a Little bit of Confusion make a great recipe for disaster in the marketing biz. Many do not know how to excel in network marketing.


How To Be Successful With Network Marketing

You may become a very successful person in no time. Or it could take years. And you may have just created the next Pet Rock. Or maybe you’ve come up with the next great thing since, “Sliced Bread!” How to be successful with network marketing comes down to being a bit different. A bit remarkable. A bit persuasive.
You can’t do it alone. How to be successful in network marketing means you need people. More and more people.

But the point is…Who knows about building teams? You may need a team of people helping you from day one. You can learn as you go but networking means sharing everything, goals, intentions, and feedback from your team. But also be clever enough and do it differently than everyone else is doing it!
Getting the word out. That is Networking. This is Network Marketing.
A lot of what you learn daily will definitely help you to become a network marketer. But the best help is failing at what does not work so well. Because many are in it for the money. And I do feel sorry for those that are doing this only for the money. That causes all kinds of issues along the way. So Stop!
Or if you’re doing it for the money than perhaps you learn to do a different type of marketing that will work better with money being your sole goal. See the link below…
Because if you are doing it just for the money, you will find yourself really in trouble from the start. Unless network marketing is a passion of yours first and foremost, you will likely fail to make money from it.

The Best Thing Since “Sliced Bread?” 

The guys’ name was Otto Rohwedder who created it. However, at the time no one knew who he was nor that he had created something so beneficial.
He may have spent years developing his sliced bread machine and it may have been the best invention since…Sliced Bread? No! He wouldn’t have said that!
Perhaps maybe how great the Telegraph was? Or perhaps the Model A? Who knows. But here’s the interesting part…
Unless you are able to advertise and get the word out, the world may never know who you are, what you’ve done,
or learn of what you’ve created. Or just how spectacular your gift to the world really is. Do they know of your success?
Well, like sliced bread that was invented 15 years before “Wonder” came to its rescue and told the world about it, It was an unknown to people.
Care to guess why “Sliced Bread” took so long to become known?
Well, Mr. Otto worked very diligently honing his new idea. Then he spent so much time creating and building the contraption that sliced the bread,
making the system up from scratch all the way to getting the bugs out and refining his fabulous machine, that he spent no time Advertising it!
The Problem Was Otto Never Spent Time To Get The Word Out
I guess he thought it would be fine, that if he built it they would come. People would show up and crowd around… But People didn’t show up.
And worse off than that. No one even knew about it so how could they buy it? Back then very few people even knew of him or his sliced bread machine.
If you had to sum it up, it was a complete failure. You could say that for the 15 years after he built his marvelous machine,
it was not considered. Or can we say considered a Failure?
So we see how much focus is put on creating an idea, nourishing it to reality. That’s what people get bogged down on. The idea, the building of it.
Making your own business solidify before our very eyes. And even the work that continues to make it even better, so much better than we could ever imagine.
What happens if we find a big problem of focusing our attention on all the work that takes place to create something, and we never sell it?
So it really makes no difference in what you do, what you create, or what your niche is. No matter what you are passionate about and no matter what type of product you bring to life.
The more important aspect of such should be getting it in front of the eyes of the world!  The work that brings it into being. 
It seems many today do advertising and networking so poorly that very few ever find out about our product. 
It is why so many people who start an online business, never shape it into a real-deal type business, and never actually make money with it.
I Cannot Generate Leads–Failure to get the word out..?

How To Generate Leads With Network Marketing

If we could just get to the first page of Google! Really? How small we think! I’m there every day with articles and these articles barely pay the bills. So how does one become successful generating leads with network marketing? 
Well, what if you could broadcast yourself on TV, Radio, Or Podcasts? To your targeted market? That’s how we need to be thinking. And the internet is a good idea to use…But you need to be very clever thesed days. A there are people here online in the millions, yet they don’t find you, don’t see your ads, and don’t ever hear about you. Why is that? 
Quite simple really. You must be a bit different in your approach these days. What use to work very easily, does no longer do well today. But definitely, some of the best ways to get leads for your network marketing is to buy them. And you can do this through paid ads on Facebook, or Youtube. Or even niche related lists of subscribers. 
If however, you are building a long-term business, why not use SEO. If you are short of cash to buy expensive lists, you can build your own organic brand with the help of a marketing agency.
The software product I recommend for how to target traffic is, Funnelize. By JayKay Dowdall. It has been a great income generator for my team and 
you can read the review here: My Funnelize Review
We have to learn how to touch people and touch them again and again until they buy. 
In some unique way that changes their minds, influences people, and displaces ordinary thought!
Got it?
What was normal, even great before is no longer noticed by people today. Which means you have got to be able to stand out from the crowd. Because if you decide to run your business in a normal way you will have more competition then you could ever imagine. And no one will see you. No one will notice you amongst all the other common businesses.
You can pitch your tent in the land of Hope…Like everyone else…But it won’t mean anyone will ever find you or buy your product. Not without that purple cow. Not with learning the exact marketing training that is working for tens of thousands of internet warriors today.

Earn Money – Network Marketing

Regardless of some over educating themselves and never moving on, there is a need for education.. Education is key to building a superb skill set and be able to earn money Network Marketing. 

 Turn Your Network Marketing Into Something Special. Something Remarkable!

If you are passionate about something, whatever the niche, whatever the subject, gaining an education is first and foremost. You can learn anything quite easily but it takes

dedication, time, perseverance and much more.

And it will be much easier to learn something of interest than something not. But what if you have the task of learning something that you just can’t really relate to. Or that’s boring? 

Or something that is so different it does not make sense? Maybe not something you should tackle by yourself.

Or something so incomprehensible it is difficult to continue? Who wants to work on something that is hard to understand?

Are there too many distractions to comprehend the subject matter? Are you being distracted by daily shiny objects?

Well, my friends, these are just some of the overall 8 problems marketers face today. To earn money using network marketing you really want to be able to understand your product, the project, have help with a group of people, and also make sure money is not the only motivator!

One of the top keys to becoming a top-notch super network marketing machine is Perseverance. At the same time finding something you are very passionate about before you ever start working.



Perseverance is the difference between continuing until you are a success, versus quitting somewhere in between the hard part and the end results. I know. I’ve failed at many endeavors only to learn
that I was close, so close to breaking through to the other side! 

Those of you who have failed before…Pick up your pen and paper and continue what you love doing at all cost. No matter how old or young you are. The things we do always take much longer than we think. 
Are much more difficult. And cost way more than ever expected. Expect to be stopped at every juncture you attempt. 

But then keep pressing forward, ever onward.


Take ACTION Daily

Taking actions suggest you research your topic well while educating yourself but always making physical moves as well.

Because once your done consuming information you will need to do something physical. Whether it’s writing blogs, talking to people, creating videos of yourself, daily. Taking action is a necessary part of making anything work, really. 

And yes it is going to be messy at first. Very messy. Many people shy away from doing things half-ass or terribly. They don’t like being unperfect.

But this is the very thing we have to do to avoid the struggle. 

Make yourself take the action to get it out there regardless of the result. It is the best and only way to get good at something we are not good at. 

I found this out by learning lots of marketing education along the way.

I have so much of it in my head that it clutters in my mind now like moist clouds of gray. But without ACTION all the learning in the world will not help me earn. So once you learn a little, it’s a good idea to take some action. 



Earning Income Online or With Any Business

Earning income is just one end result of taking action. But many startups consider this to be their end game or Goal.  Yet it is merely the result of taking action on what you’ve learned. So as long as you understand that learning and educating yourself is the first part, and then taking action is the second part. The result is usually earnings.

Hopefully, you will understand that when you succeed the money will flow…but it should not be the main reason you are working so hard. Many never succeed.

The result of educating oneself and taking action is only the next part. The result…Can Be Making Money. 

People every day get caught up in buying into the next best education they see advertised. Called Shiny Object Syndrom. Thinking with knowing this new material they will go further, go faster, make money even quicker. 

Yet to their demise this is just another way to sidetrack the mind and efforts into not taking action today. Did you take action today? Or have you been too busy reading and researching articles? Learning?  

How many articles do you need to research before you decide to start taking action? Read one, then take action. Learn something else, then take more action. Keep it going.


“Mistakes by the dozens I do make…But I grind away daily pressing forward to the crossroads of success!”

Video Marketing

If you have to learn to do videos and you’ve never done them, you are going to be in for quite a long haul here. A video is what the world is turning into and if you are not a gifted speaker that can talk smoothly behind the camera lens, it is possibly going to be a very difficult thing to learn to do. But you almost must use video by 2020.

Writing Is Crucial
Also if you’re not a great writer. (Like Me) you will doubtfully ever become a success if your job depends on it. Writing. If you are a terrible writer hopefully you can afford a writer or group of writers? Oh my. Dig deep! And practice, practice, and practice!



8 Secrets to Gaining Your own Network Marketing Success


Education: What you need before you become a successful network marketer

Action: What you do daily: Fail enough times to finally build the skill you need

Perseverance: What happens when you keep going no matter what tries to hold you down

Passion: The thing that a person feels so strongly about which enables them to cross the finish line

Procratination: Putting important things off until a better time is what you want to avoid

Building A Skill Set: Becoming so good at something it becomes super easy and enjoyable

Charisma: A compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others; Totally needed

A Team: Having a group of fellow workers all working toward the same goal; Networking


Your Team Of Helpers

If you’ve ever had the choice of trying to come up with a business by yourself, versus having a team of people helping out, you know of course how much easier things get when you have a group of like-minded people all working on the same idea. 

But here online many people think that because they are working on the internet and have all the tools they need, They no longer need anyone. They may be thinking that once they start making money it will all go to them. 

How sad that train of thought really is. Because business is something that comes together that helps people. That brings them together. How lonely it would be at the top if you did in fact ever succeed at doing everything by yourself. 

What would be the point? There would be just you. All by your lonesome. Who would care? Successful people get to the top of the ladder by having plenty of help. Very few people ever succeed in business doing it on their on. Don’t let that happen to you. Bring lots of great people together if you want to succeed in a big way.


Be A Charismatic Person

Many top success stories are built around these special types of people. I mean you’ll hardly ever see an introvert become successful with anything. The reason is that people are not attracted to introverted types. They are pulled like a magnet though toward charismatic people. 

It is generally why when we see the success of many, we find that they have something that is different about them. 

A charismatic person can not only appear confident in communication but they can also help others feel confident as well, thus aiding and enhancing the communication process. Charismatic people are confident in a positive way, without being boastful or egotistical.


Don’t Allow Procrastination

Doing Things You Don’t Like To Do Until You Like Them Much Better is the key. This will cause you to have some pride and performance both. Most of the time people stop cold when they find something they don’t like to do. And that is where Procrastination comes in. 

And yes its a wicked stepmother for sure. Getting past it is essential. Even if you can only muster up a 15-minute interval once daily. But I suggest you routinely try to conquer this huge bull in the corner. If you don’t it will never go away and you will end up stuck right there facing it.

Procrastination is merely the avoiding of doing something that needs or should be done.


Oh My: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Those who do network marketing will always need to understand that an online business really must use a bit of this; SEO. But for most, this way or gaining free organic traffic is a much-needed part of any networking business today. Yet it is far from free. SEO will certainly help you with the visibility of your website or product. And this organic traffic will steadily improve each and every day. Millions use it daily to find what they need on the internet today.

However, don’t ignore it. Learn it just as if your life depended on it. As it is a big contribution to new niches that pop up everywhere. It is something you will need to become a huge success.

Then take action and work on getting the word out through the means of creating an organic traffic delivery system. You will be glad you did. 

If you do spend lots of time on this it will pay you back later on down the road. If you avoid it, you will ultimately wish you hadn’t sooner or later. Or perhaps later you will end up having to pay someone to do this for you.


A Bundle Of Passion 

There is a direct point I’d like to make here…

Millions of people fail every year trying to make money online. Which is impart to not having a passion or a good enough reason. It’s not enough to just want more money. It is never enough.

It’s why I’m here today telling you to stop what you are doing and work first on finding that passion of yours. Because once you have a passion it will help you pull all the needed materials together needed to bring you to becoming a network marketer.

Those that are not where their passion lies, or they are not here to help other people learn and earn, too. Well, it is doubtful that you will ever be a success online doing anything. 

Do you have a passion? That intense drive to accomplish something? Or an overmastering feeling or conviction.

Those that have a passion, and are in their zone will not feel beaten down every day after working 10 hour days on their new network marketing business. They will be tired. Sure enough. But they won’t feel like they are drowning!

If you have no passion you can still piddle around on the internet and research network marketing and everything else.

But I’ve seen many struggles for years due to the very reason of having no true passion. They do the work and they do it okay. But they suffer for it.

Without having passion, it is hell to start and run a full-time business. And far worse than hell if you are trying to create one by yourself. Some say that it is better to be a CEO going through Hell, rather than a worker bee struggling to feed its family, however.


Fear And Why It Can Stop You Cold

One thing that people do most is find time to worry. And they worry for a reason. FEAR. If you tell yourself you cannot do something. You cannot. But, if you say to FEAR, I’m not scared of you…You might be able to move forward.

There are so many details that one has to conquer when it comes to network marketing. Most can easily say it is just going to be too difficult. And that fear and worry would win. But if you tell yourself over and over that you can do this, then you can. 

If you listen to others they will tell you not to even try. Of course, they don’t want to see you hurt. Right? Or is it they don’t want to see you win, to succeed?  Every day you must work on having a positive mindset. 

Because a positive mindset can keep you working. While a negative mindset will just cause you to soon quit your effort. Your mind will tell you that it is all in vain. That you cannot ever be a success in marketing or anything else.


When Will I Have Time For Networking?

As an affiliate, I first had to quit my day job as a trucker because there was simply not enough time.

I thought. I would have been able to do it after work, on the weekends. Yet it to me was too much working and not enough resting!

And if you are like most, you perhaps already have a job. Even a full-time job. And that’s where your passion has to hold you strong.

Because if you just want to make more money you will likely fail. Working two jobs is not for the faint of heart.

So many times the reason has to justify the condition. 

But if you have the time. Then maybe you’ll have your success after all.

It is fortunate these days for anyone to have all day they can research, write, learn, do videos, talk to people,  all the while working away and with a great feeling of underlying passion to mold and push them forward.


Conclusion: Mindset Over ???

People have to give up a lot to become Network Marketers. But it is often worth it!

Network marketing is difficult in the sense that it has so many moving parts. The lines can blur. The work can be super tedious. Many don’t have the money to be able to delegate their Social Media Ads, or chats, or group get-togethers.

Most will make up excuses not to even try it. Because what happens is they automatically fail just on thinking they will indeed fail if they try. Have you seen this?


The Lines Will Never Blur…


If you think you CAN, you CAN–If you think you Cannot, You Cannot… It is that simple!

Many are having to work a full-time job already and now they are looking for at least working nights and weekends on their new business. If you are willing to work 7 day weeks and 10 and 12 hours day I commend you. I suspect that if you are passionate enough and willing to work hard enough. These helpful Top 8 Secrets To Success As A Network Marketer will have you on the move for sure. Keep an eye on them. 

If you need the training to be a marketer, or you want to do learn the basics of network marketing to see if it is right for you… Click the link below…

Also, I hoped you enjoyed this article on The Top 8 Secrets To Success As A Network Marketer. If you have questions please leave a comment below.

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