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For Many Newbies A Great Way To Make Money Is Selling On eBay.


how to make money on ebay
You can make money selling on ebay

Did you know I started selling on eBay years ago with products I had laying around the house I knew I would never touch again? Yep! So I am well qualified to give you tips on selling on eBay.  And I’ve got several articles to help you do the same, right here in this website. 

It is so easy to grab old jewelry or a watch, a broken necklace and open a account on eBay and list it to auction.  Not only does it bring in money for you, it is down right fun to watch the bids coming in!

There are millions doing this same thing starting out, and even though it is crowded, you can still get on there and make money today!

 Read on and find out how to make money on eBay. You will be glad you did.


I’ve spent Thousands of Dollars


Now I’ve spent lots of money on a programs that told me everything I needed to know about how to sell products on the computer using an eCommerce website, or store, whichever you prefer.  You will spend very little money if you follow along with me here at Downhill Money.  Unless you call spending 10 dollars each month for hosting, a lot of money.

You can always pay more and create a quicker pace for yourself by venturing off into paid programs. I do not recommend it though as I can tell you everything right here on this website, and it is free.


Sell Your Own Products On eBay


Many people started out by emptying their attics, basements or garages from all the unwanted items that accumulated over many years.  But soon they run out of products to sell and are needing to find more.  Not many folks produce their own products, thereby needing a supplier.

What you will do is once you decided what kind of products you want to sell,  you will want to find whole sellers and use them.  Of course, you need a budget that allows you to pay for the goods, and also room to store the inventory.  I am able to present you with a case study about selling other merchants product and making good profits from your price mark-up.


Case Study: Selling Products From Whole Sellers


Take a look here at some figures I had in the last few months which I generated from home by selling products on eBay.  In January I started this account as a tool for you to see what progress can be expected along the way.  Please understand this is only a demo account, but real none the less, and I will be showing charts of real success along the way.  This account that I started recently shows WA members how easy making money from home is. 

The below sample is only to mid May, and is 1 to 2 hours per day 5 days per week.


what to sell on ebay
Case Study: Selling Whole Seller Products on eBay


You will see that my total expenses really is more then my income.  The reason for this is that I always re-invest in order to make even more money!  And if you are buying your products first, you will have much money going back and fourth creating more inventory.  So, below I have invested $1,000.00 dollars which I purchased products wholesale which are added to my list of products on eBay.

These items listed on my next months chart will generate even more income! As you can see May is going to be a huge month which should reach a 3,000 plus profit! So you see the $230 dollars negative? If I had not removed the $1,000 dollars the chart would show that my profit was around $800 dollars for a few minutes work each day, for the month of April. So take a close look at this.


You Can Do This And Make Extra Money Too


You are going to be able to do this same thing within a short time .  Just like the chart.  Actually with my help you will be doing it much faster…like within half the time.  Now if I were bull crapping you about how you can make money by following me… I could have shown you a fake chart showing 10,000 dollars profit! Or ten charts with thousands of dollars in sales! 

I’m not like that.  You can easily see by my report showing a negative balance that I am being honest and up front with you about you making money here by learning from me. Just because a balance shows negative one month, does not mean it is not working. Like I said, when you invest, you have to take the profit and move it back into your business starting out.

One thing I will always be trying to get you to do is re-invest when you can.  Putting money back into your business in the beginning will net you much larger profits later on.


Will You Start Today?


So who wants to start their store today? Don’t forget these tips for selling on eBay. Did you start out here at Down Hill Money by going to the getting started page? Wealthy Affiliate is the place where you are going to gain the experiences of creating websites of which will direct traffic to your e-store or your eBay or Amazon store.  You can check out the Review on Wealthy Affiliate here.  They have helped thousands of members do this same thing for free!

And also I can provide you with the basics to running an eCommerce store site as well.  A website is a huge traffic generator for you and will also teach you many things in the area of online advertisement.  Whether you are a sales person or not, you can do what I do. Because first off, here you do not have to sell anything! Just list products.  And the information and training is free.


Conclusion About Selling Other Merchant’s Products



drop-ship and make money online
Consider “drop-ship” to make money online

This is a good way to earn a livable income with an online business.  If you have the budget that allows you to buy the products outright and sell it to a “price you set” and therefore determine your profit, than that’s even better.  Using Drop shipped items is the easiest and less risky program I train with here.

So if you start on a limited budget, I would recommend you consider the option “drop-ship”. I will cover “What is DROP-SHIPPING in one of my next articles.


I hope my article was helpful and I appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get in contact with you within 24 hours.


Rick Bell, founder of Downhill Money


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  1. Michelle

    Hi Richy,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. Ebay is a nice and simple way to give something to get something. As they say, “One person’s trash is precious to another”.

    • Rick

      Sure is, I make money there most days. I only have 33 products listed. So just starting out.
      thanks for comment.

  2. Trish

    thank you for the great information! Looks like you did your homework on what works and that will answer questions for those looking to get into their own online selling business. Thanks again.

    • Rick

      I will be adding many more posts giving help to others on what not to do here on the internet. Hopefully it will save people thousands of dollars in damages! 🙂

  3. Trialynn

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have learned quite a bit. My mom wants to start getting rid of some of her antique dolls and the information you provided will help me do that for her.
    Thank You,

    • Rick

      It is the best solution other then giving to the homeless! If you ever get a chance to check out this review you would understand
      why it is so helpful and you would always be there to get the jest of support and help you will need with any online internet marketing solution.

  4. NickWild

    Its getting better Rich, you have a lot of content to go through. Keep it up.

  5. Kary

    Thank you for the Ebay suggestions. I really do have a lot of things that could be sold on Ebay. I often forget that this is an option to make a little extra money from the items that are cluttering my closet.

    • Rick

      Yes, I am glad to help. for sure I make money all the time with my ebay store and anyone can do it. I hope to help others in this area later on as well with more information.

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