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What Are The Top Online Affiliate Training Courses?


Before you say you’ve tried and failed to make money online, just hang on – I will explain my Top Affiliate Marketing Training Courses to you. First of all, don’t ever give up until you’ve exhausted many, many ways of going about creating online success! And even then, learn to ask for help and most importantly, ask the right person. And ask yourself, how many times am I willing to fail in order to become wealthy and live a laptop life style from home?

What’s the most times you’ve failed at just one thing before you became successful? Many of you never get past your first failure because you give up and quit, saying it cannot be done. Or it is too hard!

If I told you I failed 113 times before gaining the traction needed in online marketing to create my own laptop lifestyle, you would probably not believe me. How in the world can someone fail that many times and be okay with it? Well, failure is one very tough obstacle trust me! But I can show you how you can reduce the failures and create success more quickly.

In fact failure is the main reason many of you will never see a six figure income at home, part time. Because to generate this kind of income you would need to basically rethink all you have learned over the past 20 years! Or have someone like myself teach you the correct way to think so you can be able to it to understand it.


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There are thousands of ways to fail online today, just by signing up for the wrong online affiliate training course. I should know, I’ve researched over 300 articles which hundreds sign up for every day! They fail to read the warnings on these articles. Even though hundreds of us write each day about these and no one listens!

Many of them show just how bad the scams are here online, and how many thousands there are. Normally when someone reads a warning it is because they are searching for why they have failed online with a certain program, already! They soon find hundreds of others talking to them about just how bad this program they had joined, really is! But it is too late!


Get Ready For Affiliate Marketing Success Today!


My name is Rick Bell and you landed on just one of my many websites where I offer a FREE service to those wanting to learn online marketing, and really make money. But not just a little money like everyone else is making, I’m talking a… UnGodly, HUGE amount of it flowing into your bank like the Rio Grande River! all by using Affiliate Marketing.

This site is an online program review site which I have writers researching dozens of programs weekly and writing about them to let others know what is working and what isn’t. Many thousands of other programs online do not work at all! And that my friends, is why so many fail to earn money online. You may have missed the link directly above you about Affiliate Marketing. It is by far the easiest and the number one way to make money online today.

Funny thing. When someone comes to my site they are looking for a way to make money fast. But I’m generally telling them about bad programs that scam others all day long. So lets stay clear of those ways of earning an income! I can, however teach you a legitimate way and you can become successful this year! Just follow the instructions below and take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.




Free Mentoring For Two Students ONLY

If I do not contact you, I am full up and do not have time to help you.


I mentor those that are wanting to earn money online simply because I love it! I am retired and really do enjoy helping others do what I do. All for free, because I was once in your position and was looking for help myself. So I know how it feels to have someone step in and offer assistance. With help I managed to get past this struggling and failure and become a part of the successful online marketers of the world, where money flows freely into my bank account!

If you are looking to start an online business, I can help you by getting you signed up with a very important program that I myself joined and became successful using. You can read My Wealthy Affiliate Review here. I also help others learn to promote other programs that offer huge commissions and also create their own businesses to sell products and other services. 

For this you will have to contact me personally.


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Here is Where You Start Making a Difference Financially

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Or, connect with me on Skype at: Rick.Bell30 or email me at

Get my personal advice and instruction to get started on your way of earning six figures from home. Contact me below with any questions or comments. Ask me about my other Top Affiliate Marketing Training Courses. You will have to do this by contacting me either through WA, SFM, or the above contact information, including comments below.

To Your New Found Success and Training!

8 Responses

  1. Kim

    Awesome post!! I to have failed many times and spent a lot of money. Until I found Wealthy Affiliate I was starting to assume that there was nothing out there that could help me understand affiliate marketing. I encourage any of you that are on the fence, this is the real deal!

    • Rick

      Yes it is. Thank you for the comment. I appreciate you confirming my article and the program Wealthy Affiliate. As someone who has built several websites and now earn revenue from them, I can help others do this as well. It only requires a few things to get started. Sign up as a free member and then get a paypal account if you don’t already have one. After that I can show you the next steps you need to take inside the course to make it work for you.

  2. John

    Hi Rick, great article. I definitely will check out WA and let you know what I think. I have been burnt before, spending money on crappy products and programs. I hope this will be different and the real deal.

    • Rick

      You bet! I would want you to check it out first. And let me know if you have any questions as well. You can reach me at the contacts inside the article. Join us at Wealthy Affiliate and get your business started as soon as you can. I will be there to help you along the way if you need help.

  3. Michelle

    It seems to me that a great number of people do give up on online marketing before giving it a real chance. We’ve kind of been taught that if we fail one time, we are done. I disagree. I think we learn from our mistakes and failures and become a better marketer in the long run. I commend you for offering to mentor individuals for free that are seriously wanting to earn money working online!

    • Rick

      Thank you. I’ve always loved to help others learn. I would have been a teacher but the pay is lacking what I need. I’m more interested in helping someone who will make money as well, and make a good amount so they can brag to their friends and get them to join us as well. The more the merrier!

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