Top Online Marketing Scams – Why People Fail to Succeed

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I lost almost $10,000 dollars in 2012. With not one but two quick start to Internet Marketing Programs…Costing upwards of $7000 dollars within my first year. I now help others avoid such scams. If you are wanting to know the top online marketing scams on the internet, read some of these below.

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The ones I fell victim to were mostly coaching and high ticket programs like Six Figure Mentors. I was told I could build an eCommerce Business that would make money within 3 months. By the time I was done with coaching the money was paid and I was still not making the money I was told I’d make. Their was no guarantee. Watch out for mentoring and coaching that offers no guarantee at all.

Now Six Figure Mentors, or My Lead System Pro, and other training type programs are not really scams, but they teach you first to market them. Which means you spend lots of money and time trying to get commissions from member sign ups. Problem with these type companies, or most of them, is they seldom work for the majority. We are not all geared to promoting other people, nor do we want to.


There is No Sheriff in Town

The internet has no sheriff. There is no police patrol. And it’s littered with thousands of scams today. I will help you stay away from these and even show you how to start off with real training that works for those starting from scratch. You will not lose money here. Or be asked for any. But it’s not enough to be safe on one website! Navigating the internet and watching out for online marketing scams is scary.

Scams come out looking just like a great program. The key is to not spend more than a few bucks to get inside any program. And then do not allow yourself to fall victim to a great sales person. Who may call you. There is not need to call you unless someone is trying to sell you something. Stay away from phone calls and coaching calls!


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Recent History-Online Scams

James Paul Lewis Jr. Lost over $300 Million Dollars. Pyramid Scheme. Foreign currency trading’

Barry Minkow lost over 100 million. He created false documents and pretended he was building a corporation.

Kenneth Lay and Jeffrye Skilling. Lost about 65 million dollars from false financial reports.

Each year, more than 30 million consumers fall victim to investment frauds.

The average loss for an investor stands at $15,000, with individual losses

running into millions of dollars.

No matter the amount lost, even if it is $100 dollars and that is lots of money to folk who are just making ends meet. It is a crime and should be reported and the scammer sentenced to prison.

But what is happening is not that. We cannot really rely on the government on this one I don’t believe.

So Have You Been Scammed-Or Want to Avoid Being Scammed?


Stay away from pyramid scams! Here is a list below to watch out for:


Big Idea Mastermind

The iPAS 2 System


My Lead System Pro

My Online Business Empire

Pure Leverage


Conclusion to Online Marketing Scams

These are six names of top online marketing scams and programs, out of tens of thousands. The best way to avoid any scams online would be to turn off your computer and not ever get on it again. 

But, that is not possible if you are wanting to earn money like those of us who do it legally, you will have to find us within articles just like this one and then join the programs we suggest. If you are looking to make money without working though, you can stop here. Making money online requires some work. It is not hard work, it’s just considered work. Sitting at a desk for a few hours each day…Well there is nothing hard about that. 

Stay away from top online marketing scams! Find a legit program and stick with it. No surfing and looking for shiny objects that will get you in trouble and empty your bank account!

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