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Top 10 Best Paid Surveys” is a promotion site for what they claim are the highest and best paid survey sites out there.The company is located in New Market City, UK and privately owned by Mr. James Hume. Don’t waste your time on any of the top ten best paid surveys in this review…If you want to go for the REAL GOLD, see link below.

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My Top Ten Best Paid Surveys Review will take a closer look behind the curtain of this outfit, and explore if this is indeed a good work at home opportunity.


Top Ten Best Paid Surveys Review


What Exactly Does Top Ten Best Paid Surveys Tell Us?


Well, they act as middle man between market research companies and survey takers. Big companies order surveys to learn about consumer behavior to be able to plan product development or improvements of services they offer. They don’t conduct the surveys themselves, rather outsource them to market research institutes, which use survey conducting companies like the 10 Mr. Hume wants you to sign up for.

Of course, Top Ten Best Paid Surveys will get a commission for each survey that was completed by a survey taker referred through their website. Lets take a look at the survey industry in general, shall we?


top ten best paid surveys reviewFirst off, there are many sites that claim you can make money by taking surveys. A lot of them are not really survey sites but ‘Get Paid To….” sites, meaning you will get paid for completing offers of advertisers, play online games, or order stuff on a trial basis, etc. 

If you come across ‘survey ads‘ like the one shown in the image, beware that their surveys are in reality offers that will require you to give out your credit card information, and if you are not diligent in reading the ‘small print of terms and regulations‘ will cost you more money than you will get back.

My research of the surveys sites represented by Mr. Hume shows that these are indeed strict survey conducting outfits and you will not be bombarded with ‘buy offers’ by them.

However, the display of exactly this image on Top Ten Best Paid Surveys’ website indicates that you will receive a bunch of Get Paid To offers from Mr. Hume.


The Sign-Up Process


It’s pretty easy. Choosing on of the 10 links takes you to the particular survey site, where you fill out a simple form and create your member account. Once you verify your email address you get access to your account page. Here you will be asked to fill out some personal profile surveys, which helps the company to determine the demographics group you belong to.

Taking the personal profile surveys takes about 5 minutes each and you get paid a small amount, usually 10 to 50 cents. That’s about all you have to do to get started. You now can lean back and wait for emails informing you that surveys are available. Don’t forget to check your account page at least once every day for new surveys posted before they send out the emails. You know, first come – first served.


What Are The Top 10 Best Paid Surveys?


The ten sites you can choose from, and you should sign up with all ten to increase your chances of getting surveys, are reputable and you will be doing surveys only! The differences between them are Pay-out threshold, pay out methods (cash, check, gift cards, etc) and potential monthly earning.

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  • top ten best paid surveysmysurvey
  • Valued Opinion
  • Global Test Market
  • Smart Panel
  • Survey Spot
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Toluna
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Harris Poll Online



In case you are counting and wonder why there are only 9 in the list, I don’t know. They most have dropped one site for whatever reason. However, they claim that these are the best online survey sites to make money online. But are they really? Lets see what survey takers have to say about it.


What Are The Top Ten Best Paid Surveys Complaints?


First off, every company, even the best, has complaints simply by the fact that you can’t please anybody. For that reason, some of the grumblings need to be taken with a grain of salt.


Its Difficult To Qualify For A Survey!

This is true but easy to understand. Let us assume you are 40 years old, single and don’t have any kids. The survey available is to explore the grocery shopping behavior of a family of four, so you simply don’t belong to the targeted demographics. Not really a complaint, just a fact of life.

Half Way Through A Survey And Get Disqualified!

This can happen for several reasons. You may initially qualify because your profile survey puts you in the demographic group the company is interested in. However, the algorithm detects from your answers that you are not a perfect fit and cuts you off. Disappointing as it may be, you have to accept that fact that you will not get paid for the time you have already spent.

Having said that, I can tell you from my own experience that this is annoying but not avoidable. There is one site I know off that will indeed credit you to some degree with ‘earned market points’ which can be accumulated over time, and converted into real dollars. This site is Global Test Market. So, not everything is lost when it should happen there.

It Takes Too Long To Reach The Pay-Out Threshold!

Don’t get pissed off with such stuff. If you take action today I can assure you success with making a large income. Go to the review and click on WA..It’s free to join.. If you do surveys that pay a buck or two and you qualify and complete 3 a week, don’t expect to make a bunch of money quick. Enough said, I think.

That sums up the main complaints I could find about the survey sites Top Ten Best Paid Surveys wants you to do surveys for.


Here are some reviews I’ve written about similar websites and you may find them interesting enough to at least stay away from most of them!


Only Cash Surveys 

Paid Cash Survey

Survey Head

My Rewarding Ways

Quick Rewards


Is Top Ten Best Paid Surveys A Scam?


No, my friends, far from it. I was surprised when I checked out their website and found this:

“Earn up to $600 per month* ($150 per week) in your spare time, knowing you will be paid for the completion of surveys from reputable companies.

(*Based on possible earnings, these differ due to panelist demographics and companies selected; earnings vary from person to person)”

They are not promising you to earn $70 or $90 bucks per survey, like many other similar sites do, and are very realistic about the earning possibilities. But if you do sign up for all 9 survey sites, and are lucky enough to get 4 surveys a week from each site, you could make $100 per week.

As I mentioned earlier, be very careful if and when you receive offers that have nothing to do with real market research surveys. They do look like a short, maybe 10 question survey about a product, and pays you $20, but has a ‘trial offer‘ attached. Please, read the terms very carefully before you take the offer and give your credit card info. If you miss to cancel in time, your card will be charged and it will be difficult to get a refund.


I hope you enjoyed reading my review and I would love to hear your opinion. Don’t be shy and chime in on your way out.


What Else Can You Do To Make Money Online?

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That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment.


4 Responses

  1. Randy

    Great review on surveys, Rick! I started out the whole ‘Making Money Online’ thing doing surveys and then moved on to paid forum posting and online click work. Like you said, it’s easy to get disqualified in the middle of a survey if it’s detected that your answers are varying from your original profile.

    My profile must have been pretty lame because I had a hard time getting a lot of surveys and I did seem to get ‘dropped’ quite often! I was just wondering if you might have a suggestion for those that are just now looking at surveys as to how to fill out their profiles more applicable to scoring more surveys and opportunities?

    Sure is great to see someone else that had the same struggles as I did. Makes me want to see what you’re doing now to develop a little cash flow!!!

    Thanks man,


    • Rick

      You are the man. Why so many people think they can sit here all day long and answer silly questions online doing surveys and expect to make a living doing it, is beyond me! How unsatisfying would that be even to make 5 dollars per hour! Hell, I’d rather become a criminal! At least you would have a challenge! If you want nothing more than to be paid for doing very little work, you are at the wrong place! The internet is not set up to make money it is set up to take money from people!

      Thanks for your comments buddy. Always appreciated! Good thing you joined Wealthy Affiliate! Now you know how to earn money online and do it legally!


  2. Patrick

    I was wondering whether those surveys were worth the time and effort. Thank you so much for having looked into this and saved me the hassle! Very useful post, I really appreciate it!

    • Rick

      No Surveys used to be very good at paying out when it was all new and they were getting demographics from people and learning what they were looking for. Basically they know now, and there are only a few major brands still out there paying, but not much, to see where their commercals and products stand with the public. No, you cannnot make money doing this, and expect to quit your job or become a work from home person like myself. To do that you need a real program and be able to do like me, sale other peoples products!

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