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Traffic Authority Review


Traffic Authority Program

The Traffic Authority program shows you how to copy their system and build your own business. But it’s expensive! That is what they don’t tell you up front. It is about getting you traffic by promoting the Traffic Authority, or TA, and building a business system of members under you, who will be doing likewise. Matter of fact, my Review of this Traffic Authority Program will show it is similar to many earlier programs, yet it is different. Earning Real Money today Online means one thing. You need a skill and products to market. You can get that here by reading the number one review Wealthy Affiliate.


Watch this quick 3 minute video to see inside:  Show me Traffic Authority


Traffic Authority

The TA program allows you to share your team commissions which enable you to make even more money and expand your business faster. It is the well known, Two-Tier System. You becoming a sponsor and having team members will change everything here. Commissions coming in from the other members who promote TA, or Traffic Authority is the very success curriculum you need these days. Except it is very hard to find like minded people who are able to go all in on someone else’s program and business!


is traffic authority a scam


Hi, My name is Rick Bell and I join and review new and online programs to see just how easy it is to work them and make an income from them. I’ve researched over 200 online programs and trust me, there are only a few that live up to the hype. Most seem to sputter out shortly after launch. This program has so much potential it is mind blowing! Really? No. And, I have a gut feeling at the time of writing this review that if you pass this opportunity up… you may even struggle for a long time as I did in the beginning. So I’m still kidding, really. I only can say that to one program and you can read the review about it, here Wealthy Affiliate.


What is Traffic Authority?

This new program is called Traffic Authority. Reason being… traffic is exactly what we need as online marketers and cannot do without it. If you are wanting to reach people to tell them about your programs or products it is essentially the best way around. Regardless if you want to build your own business or not… Email Marketing is the heavy hitter when it comes to making progress online offering products.

Traffic Authority is a program where you will be able to learn to build your own business as well, using their affiliate marketing and training inside. They basically show you all their traffic building software, and how much you can make from it, just by following their steps. Of course you have to commit and do your own marketing.But they show you how. So it is a great way for newbies or anyone who really wants to take their marketing to the next level.



Why Traffic Authority?

The Billion Dollar Facebook Business Model?

Actually they have lots of key training in the program you will need if you are new to online marketing. If you are an online marketer already, you even know we all can use more training and new skills. If you are a pro already I would still suggest signing up and taking in how this system differs from the rest.


Premium Traffic, Tools, Training for YOUR Online Business

You get the tools, the training, the coaching, and me as your sponsor which will enable you to build your own successful business as I have done. Also, you receive the very thing that makes the difference of success online, a way to copy a already successful system that already is proven to work. The key to online success is to not recreate a new wheel, but to ride along on one that has been speeding down the road already.


Build a Traffic Authority Team to Earn Even More

Make money from the same customers over and over? Sure. As long as you help them as they go along and teach them what you know… you will always have team players working with you to reach out to more traffic and build your business expotentially over time. Remember it takes time and effort to build any business, either here online or in the 9 to 5 world. Traffic Authority gives you the steps, but you have to find the time to implement them.


traffic authority reviewTraffic Authority Commissions

Earn up to $1,000, $2,000 and $3000 commissions? Anything is possible if you take the steps within the program. However, if you’re the type to say to yourself no way, I’m never going to be able to make this kind of money from home…Than you probably will not. Earning Traffic Authority Commissions would require joining and working the program at all cost! Part of online marketing is You and Your Mindset. People sometimes have to change from negative to postive thoughts and are unable to do this. Creating success and becoming wealthy is a process!

The very thoughts you think will either guide you along the least resistant path to success, or cause you to fall along the path somewhere. Think about this. Are you ready to change daily complaints about not having enough money to OMG I’ve just become Wealthy!  Now is your chance to become wealthy and be your own boss. Or so they say.


Enjoy Having a FREE Mentor

I’ve seen many a sponsor do nothing to help their members. But, they should be giving you a hand on training help each and every day. Most do not.Most the time people are too busy to help others. Yet I am here most days and can connect with you on the phone, skype, or email.

Click the link to sign up and utilize me as someone who can help you learn from the Wealthy Affiliate Training community where I help hundreds of others, for free. Wealhy Affiliate


Recruiting Members.

The traffic authority has plenty of basic training strategies and tools to help you build the number one thing you need online starting out.. A list. So you have to hand it to the Traffic Authority founders for making it easier to understand in the first place and what you will be doing here in the future. For newbies you will learn to market the program and recruit more members just like yourself. Meaning if you get someone as a member that is willing to work and promote the program, that is good for you as their sponsor, and, you make money. Their money.

Auto Traffic Contests:

Not something you would even consider trying to do…Yet, as there are many pro marketers already, finding one or two will be easy. So, you could attract a super marketing person who wants to expand their business, and make more money with recurring commissions by joining you. So this is why Traffic Authority spends time talking about enlisting leaders. It seldom works.

They tell of recruiting heavy hitters, or others who are like minded which have a huge following and are successful even now. It does work and it does happen. But would you discredit yourself and business for someone you don’t know? I think not. Their training says pick a few leaders to associate with and next thing you know you are heads and tails above the majority and creating powerful success! haha.


Training with Traffic Authority

They say you get all you need here inside the program. But I would not believe it, because I joined and found out you don’t. There really is  a whole lot you need more than this. 

traffic authority



Is Traffic Authority a Scam?

No. Traffic Authority is just another way to hook up with like minded individuals and actually make the owners money. Or so they hope.


Weekly updates: Traffic Authority – click this link to sign: Traffic Authority

Never stop coming back to this website. It will be updated weekly with new content that will show you how well I am doing, and how well my team is doing. You will be left a link as well so you can come back later and join. I don’t sell to people any longer. I offer them value and teach you to do the same by joining the 6 programs I have proven to work month after money for you. This Auto Traffic program is just one of half a dozen I already can show will change your lifestyle!


It’s Already Started…
Find out what happens when the money starts flowing! If it ever does here for TA. 


Conclusion of My Review on Traffic Authority?

You will first have to buy into their program and purchase one of the many membership packs they sell. Then you will have to find someone else to buy into the program to make a small commission from it.

Welcome to the best opportunity you will ever find. Right here on this Downhill Money website. And I’m not talking about joining Traffic Authority. I’m talking about finding me here online! You are welcome to read some proof here why Wealthy Affiliate and I help hundreds of others…. Where I help others-profile of mine. 


Final Value Stop


Fortunately, if you don’t want to build a business using Traffic Authority you can join for free the best training program I myself used to create my own success back in 2013. You can read the review about them here at the #1 recommended Wealthy Affiliate. We often find many need training to be able to market professionally and get the results those of us who are successful, achieve. Online marketing is a learned skill. I faced this learning curve myself and failed pretty miserably before I joined WA.

But once I became skilled at marketing there was not a single program I could not promote . So in 2013 I stopped struggling online and went to WA and got the training I needed with their boot camp course. It is free to join at the link below.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp 101 How to Promote anything!

May Fortune Shine on You!

7 Responses

  1. Max

    Thanks for the answer Rick. I may not get involved due to the high cost of the levels, plus I saw an email saying one needed Get Response auto responder..just looks like too much, and yet those who advertise have a way of saying how many thousands they make in a day or week. Misleading..may be good for those who have large lists. I need something that is simple to understand, easy to learn and quick to make extra income soon!!! I know you promote Wealthy Affiliate, but it seems involved with many lessons too. I may already have a free account there from the past..not sure. Max

    • Rick

      Max. Marketing online is not without risk. In order to find the right place you either have to follow someone who is smart(like me) and show you what works, or do it all on your own. When you do it all on your own like I did, it can take years. The programs I show my members are proven to make money by me! I show you how much I make and I don’t do anything different then anyone else when it comes ot marekting. I’m here most everyday at work. And that is what it takes.

      There is no get rich method so stop looking…! LOL

      Your account, at WA can be directed to me but it would depend on who you signed up under and if they are still there. Either way, sure it has lots of lessons, but they are things you need to learn to marketing successfully online like I do! And yes there are lots of misleading ads out there, that is why it is so hard to find your rightful place amongst them. But you will if you keep trying. Keep after it. Work hard and believe you can make a success for yourself here online.

      Either that or just quit now and work for someone else all your life! 🙁

      High cost? $47 per month while you get paid $250? Take the $47 out of the $250 and you have made $200. Where is it that it is too much? What, are you broke, and living on welfare? 🙁 EVerything requires an initial investment. If you want to take a trip in your car you are going to need gas. Or do you say, nope, cannot go anywhere, it costs gas!?! Stop!

      I invested $29 dollars for a program to write a reveiw on. Come to find out I made over $2000 dollars from that program in the last 60 days. This is what I do for a living. Find the paying programs and then help others to make money from them.

      Did you see the CMC program and my earned income from paying $29 dollars? Go read the review. Commission Miner

      Or better yet go sign up. There is a 30 day free trial. Then another 30 days you have before asking for a refund. There are even lessons on strategies in the back office there! Come on and join us or get the hell out of the kitchen! 🙂


  2. Max

    Say Rick
    Read your review on Traffic Authority – looks like a good opportunity but have not decided on the level to start, and if there is a monthly commitment to purchase clicks to be productive. need to make money (don’t we all) but I know this one can be expensive. Are you available as you say you are…and do you know how soon would sales/money be available? hard to predict I’m sure. Anyway, would like to hear from you. I did join TA under your link. Thanks Max

    • Rick

      You will need to purchase the software if you join. And so you have different levels and different prices. It appears the packages are far more than people are wanting to pay. And, that means it is
      hard to get anyone to sign up under you. The larger the ticket item the more difficult it is to get members to sign up.

      Here of late no one has been that interested in TA. I myself haven’t even had time to look into it. But I do know someone who says he made a sale of $529.00 the other day. Let me know if you get invovlved.
      I’m still gathering data on it and curious to see any success that is legit.


  3. Kasun

    Hi Rick Bell,
    This program seems to be very organized and legitimate. You are being very descriptive here. All the basic things of Traffic Authority are explained here.

    I’m already a Wealthy Affiliate member. What do you think is the better one, Wealthy Affiliate of Traffic Authority?

    • Rick

      If you are with Wealthy Affiliate you should stay there and learn marketing. Traffic Authority will be tested by me once it gets rolling. If it does bring in more more money for me than expected, I will contact you and let you know.


      PS. As long as you are still learning you should always be learning lessons inside Wealthy Affiliate. If you are not a WA member, and would like to learn how to make money online. Join Wealthy Affiliate for free today.

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