Traffic Ivy Review – Instant Traffic Generator Or Spamming Software Hazard?

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Introducing Traffic Ivy.  This recent product is a traffic generating platform created by Cindy Donovan. Making use of our WordPress websites Traffic Ivy allows us to share our posts with other platforms using a point system. 

Traffic Ivy is a complex and lengthy learning experience of setting up plug ins within your WordPress site. you will be overwhelmed with first off. 

Cindy makes it all sound super easy but the 30 plus videos tell us it isn’t all just instant reward. The Traffic Ivy could tangle up your website with much less traffic than you think. 

Find out from the video above or the review below to determine if Traffic Ivy is even worth $10 bucks. It could literally be costing you much more!

Product Summary:

Quality Monitored & Secure Platform: Get real and actual…Even track-able, Guaranteed Clicks to your social media group, Blog Roll, Website, Ecom Store or Youtube Channel. Get more leads, sales and profits as Cindy Donovan suggests by using her Traffic Ivy Cloud Based Software. The software and training allows you to share your content on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube.


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What Is Traffic Ivy About?

Traffic Ivy is a traffic generating platform created by Cindy Donovan and her crew. The WordPress Plugin allows traffic to be shared from platform to platform. The product is cloud based so you can access it from anywhere in the world. The training inside teaches you how to set these plugins up on your WordPress website. And you can then connect to other platforms such as social media, YouTube and other marketing networks. ​

The program works on a point system in which you make points by allowing content to be promoted on your channel, or network. And when you send your content to other platforms and someone allows it, you pay out of your points.

The platform is a one of a kind, however we find that very few members are inside the IVY VINE.

Since it is brand new there are very few members you will be able to share content with. 

That leads to the problem of not finding anyone out there on the web that can help you gain more traffic.

This leads to lots of people trying it, only to find that if no one is around that has a crap load size of audiences already visiting their content. If you share your content you won’t get any more traffic than they do already.

Which could  be less than what you are already getting to your site.

traffic ivy dash board membership areatraffic ivy text ads

As you can see now inside my Traffic Ivy Dash Board there are 1600 plus members.

However we’ve seen some of these repeated copies of blogs since yesterday and they appear to be bot copies of content.

Most of the content you find will be low quality content you and you will no want to share this with your visitors.

How is such a product going to help you ? It cannot. Not and give you high quality relevant content you can use. 

Duplicate content if you don’t know that you are posting it, can cause much more harm then good.

Is Traffic Ivy A Scam?

So there are a few people promoting this. And they are saying already they are doing well with it. But since it just came out a week ago at this time of writing the review. 

There would be no one with large amounts of visitors around to share this program with and all the traffic platforms they suggest using.

No one around. But is Traffic Ivy a scam? Quite possibly it is only a scam in the way they are talking about how productive you will be by using it. But it isn’t a scam as it is a legit platform.

Just since it is new, there is a limit to the relevant content you will be able to find for your own niche is all.

If it doesn’t work most will learn this upon entering the program. In one way it is lots of false advertising that you can get traffic. But with a system that just opened its doors, they already know there is no one to share content with.

So inflated traffic assumptions. No traffic equals no one to sign up for Traffic Ivy. In that sense right now it is going to be labeled a scam. As they are basically telling a fib about the amount of traffic you will be able to get. 

Those that don’t ask for a refund will likely keep it until perhaps more people join. Yet they will be in for a shock. 

Remember, if there is no traffic to be found, most members will just get a refund. Leaving you to be one of the few that still believes some day it will work. 

But once all the bad reviews start circulating than it will never take off like real ivy does.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The membership is not much if you don’t need lots of points at first. 

$9.97 you get 2000 points$29.97 you get 5000 points$49.97 you get 10,000 points.

Now you can get a subscription or membership which is…Traffic Ivy Pro: $27/monthly or $47/monthlyGold members get 5,000 points monthlyPlatinum members get 10,000 points monthlyYou can also get her upsell #2 which is Traffic Ivy Kickstart Bundle which is $97 dollars…For $97 dollars you get their platform. They have it pre set up. And, that includes a WordPress website which is hosted by them, along with an automation system that helps you generate and publish niche related content on the fly.

Basically they suggest this package as they do the work for you. 

Then last but not least is the Traffic Ivy rights to sell the entire package for$297. 00 one time payment.

traffic ivy membership options

What I Liked About The Training

I do like the Traffic Ivy set up and dashboard and the many video training instructions on how to set things up.

It is fast and pretty simple to set up a campaign once you’ve joined all the social media platforms and YouTube and Facebook. 

I’m worried though that you are not going to easily find the best content to post on your own blog in order to make points as it could be duplicated content-to the point of causing your website. 

You cannot share content and create back links when Google and the other search engines have set up algorithms to catch this duplication.

They will make adjustments for it and it could be the end of your website rankings!

traffic ivy product imagetraffic ivy text ads

We trust you will not make the mistake of becoming a member hoping to get viral content to lead to your marketing success. 

We feel it is just a cheat type program that is going to cause more harm then good. 

Anyway, if it really worked for you, it would still mean sharing mulitplied duplicated content and once your visitors to your site see it is not you posting these duplicated content posts, your visitors will move on and there goes your rankings!

What I Did Not Like About The Training

The Traffic Ivy suggest you can use and access 22 different niche categories to gain traffic from.

But in the same sentence they tell you that it is ultra targeted traffic where you can upload your content onto YouTube and Active Social Media Accounts. 

But the truth is: It will never go viral as these other niches are not relevant to yours. No matter what yours is. 

To mention highly targeted traffic and then tell newbies they can get traffic from 22 different categories is FALSE. 

Traffic cannot be gained from niches unrelated to  your own. So this training is all falsified basic stuff even new marketers should make themselves aware of.

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

Not so fast. For starters they make it sound like you are going to be sharing high quality content with other bloggers and content writers. 

Wrong. If a blogger has high quality content they would not be joining such a program as Traffic Ivy!

Also if you do sign up and join and other newbie marketers sign up and join, you guys may be sharing content. But it won’t be quality as all the members will be new to marketing and just be in the learning stages.

traffic ivy text ads

Enter your text here…

Will Traffic Ivy Help You Make Money?

Hopefully you’ve read this article of mine Traffic Ivy Review. Which basically warns you not to join such a program. 

If it were this simple to get more traffic it would have been invented decades ago. But it is simply a software that Cindy Donovan and her crew will be making membership donations to their bank account. And perhaps destroy people’s blogs, websites and YouTube channels along the way.  

Google and search engines out there will create an algorithm to stop the non sense, if they don’t already have something in place that will.

google algorithm updates

Are you really willing to take such a risk for a few more traffic hits? My goodness. Than are you a real marketer type who wants to help people find the right information and change their lives? 

Or are you someone just wanting to make money? Let me help you decide your next path to real success.

Would I Recommend You Buy Traffic Ivy?

Would I ever recommend a short cut tactic to increased income? Yes if it was a legit way and didn’t cause more harm then good.

However, Traffic Ivy is not such a program that is going to end up nicely and really get you high quality traffic. 

It will not work as there will always be low quality content being the majority here and this will not help you rank with search engines. 

Duplicate content is a danger and you need to learn now to stay far far away from it.

If you want to learn how to earn money online while creating your own successful affiliate marketing business.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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