Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Review – Is Traffic Xtractor A Big Scam?

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Hey Rick Bell here going over the “Xtractor”. This is our Traffic Extractor Ulimate Review. We find that the guys behind it asked if a software program could be used to help search for long tailed keywords. And yes, it is can. Sso they created it. Xtractor 1.o, Xtractor 2.o and now Traffic Xtractor Ultimate. 

And yes we already have keyword search tools that are available to do this for you. Jaaxy is one such tool. If you are looking for keywords then you’ve come to the right place. 

As we go into research mode to show you why Art Flair, Declan Mc and Alex Krulik get together to see if they can make money with something that has been out for decades now.

After researching this and watching the video there is indeed a software. That software is set up to target by filtering setting low competition keywords and long tail keywords. Mostly on videos so you can see if you can create a short video and rank for it under some sort of long keyword phrase. 

The problem with this is…Yes you can come up with a few keywords that you could possibly try to rank for. But these are hardly the best choices unless you are just starting out and you have no content, no website and no other choice but to try and use a gizmo like his Traffic Extractor. 

A few months after this sales launch you will see that no one is talking about it, and everyone has moved on. 

All the best ways of finding your best keywords to use, if you’re new or advanced, is a keyword tool. They all have set up where you can target long tail keywords.

Product Summary:

Traffic Extractor Ultimate is Software Tool that filters keyword selections for you so that you can rank your video with small amounts of traffic. Low competition helps you get a few visitors. But low ranking keywords also brings you very low count of visitors.

Also training on Creating Videos. The training they use was recorded and published in 2013. It’s a bit old. 

The software works, however even those promoting it are surprised that Art Flair and his team are using old material, old ads, old and outdated images as well, to sell this new upgraded package software Traffic Xtractor Ultimate. Only it appears to be is an updated version of their 2.0 .


Art Flair & Team



What Is Traffic Extractor About?

The first video shows the training for the extractor. The extractor software is a tool that helps you find keywords for video marketing. Now specifically how it works in YouTube. And yes inside YouTube it is difficult to find good keywords to use. 

The second video training covers how to use Create ugly short videos to publish on YouTube.  Creating Videos using Video Scribe. This works as well. Not great but okay. And the problem is that we see the videos for this training were done back in 2013, over five years ago.

traffic extractor sales page listing position samples

First of all the reason in our video review of why we could not find these results they were so excited about sharing is that the were done 2 to 5 years ago! These images are showing they were just done, but we found evidence they were created long ago and just added to the package to make it look like they have fresh data.

Traffic Extractor looks to us like it is merely an older version they sold years ago, repackaged and re- purposed with an even higher price tag!

Keyword Search:

First of all to find non competitive keywords; it is easy work. Not hard. And yes it might take you a bit, but the more you practice this the more proficient you get. 

The problem we’ve seen so far is that Art Flair shows us he targeted plumbing related keywords in which he is not a plumber. 

And anytime you add your name, or a personal name that someone is not searching for, you will find yourself on page one of Google and if you do a video, then YouTube as well. 

As there is no keyword competition behind it.

traffic extractor keyword software tool

Those creating video on YouTube use

I myself use the keyword tool for any platform use. You can get 30 free searches there just to check them out.

Is Traffic Xtractor A Scam?

The hyped up software is combined with video training which was all created 5 years ago. He calls this Traffic Extractor Fresh! It has been around for years. 

The boys cannot get you ranked on page one of Google or Youtube with competitive keywords. And those are what you would need to take advantage of organic traffic.

The many images he uses within the sales page were taken years ago.  At least the images we see where he says he is on page one.

He may have been, but the ranking is there only because you can see that there are also no competition for his wine related youtube video, and his plumbing video.

All where he changes his name so that no one knows him. And he targets a small country that is not even on the internet.

So the software could perhaps help a few people if they are posting videos on YouTube. Not using YouTube…don’t buy it. 

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image for traffic xtractor price

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost seems to vary for people and the second time I went back and clicked on Traffic Xtractor by Art Flair it showed to be not $27.00 but $24.15. It does come with a 30 day money back so if you think you just have to have it, then get it. But let me just say I don’t think this is going to be of much help to you as you think. This product has been sold years before. As 1.o, and 2.o, now the software has not changed I don’t think, just the bonuses you get when you buy. 

Bonuses usually do very little to help any new marketers. If they did work, they would not be tossed in by the thousands!

  • Creator: Art Flair Normally $27. For me today it was $24.15
  • Product: Traffic Xtractor
  • Refund : 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Recommended: Only if doing video ranking
  • Skill Level Needed: beginners
  • Support: Yes

$27 dollars. You are buying software that has been updated from years ago. So I’m not sure but as long as it works it might come in handy. 

Also if you are just starting out you might find the 5 case studies Art does in 2018 somewhat helpful. 

What I Liked About The Training

The traffic Xtractor is software they created years ago, and it has just been relaunched and repackaged as something new.

Yes it will work. But most of the material I found to be outdated by years! Has things change to where it won’t work as described? I think you are safe to use it, buy it, and if you don’t like it the package comes with a money back in 30 days I think.

The program I got my education at also shows YouTube video Traffic. Check it out. YouTube Training.

Art flair Declan Mc Alex Krulik

What’s Inside Traffic Xtractor Ultimate?

The software and Video Training. Some SEO traning and 5 case studies. 

Video #1 Traffic Extractor. Fake photo shopped images showing page one rankings.Video #2 Creating Videos with Videoscribe Another old service that’s been around forever.Video #3 Uploading your video to YouTube. Just follow instructions on YouTube!Video #4 Powerful Backlinks for YouTube Videos-Recorded in 2013Video #5 Local Marketing Part 1 – You cannot market locally unless you are really local!Video #6 Local Marketing Part 2

Video #7 Traffic Xtractor Troubleshooting Video

Video #8 Bonus SEO Training. Video V2, V3, V4, V5

Art’s real live case study is also added. Yet at the time of it that was done in January 2018. Already over a year old now.

actor Ultimate Review can help you to you make a right buying decision. 

traffic xtractor product


OTO1 $47 Done for you platinum pack

OTO2 $197 Unlimited Traffic Package

OTO3 $97/$97 Re-sellers license

OTO4 $37 3X’s Additional Software Bundle

What I Did Not Like About The Training

I find that he has combined short cuts, and real world training SEO that actually is what you would need in the first place. Without the software it would be just as good a package as with it. I’ve just never had much luck using such tools.  

But he has combined the very software Traffic Extractor, then I guess so no one gets pussy, he ads real education on how SEO works and why you should use it. Wow.

This whole package is basically how to cheat and try and get traffic without working hard. 

Which I’ve found doesn’t work. As I’ve reviewed all types of black hat and brown hat tactics on getting traffic. 

Even those that do work, will not have you at the top long before Boss Google comes by and takes a swipe at you and clears you off your foundation.

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

The training falls short of being worthwhile, of any value, or of much use. The time it has taken you to buy it, go through it, see that it is not even something you can use, unless you are starting out doing Videos.

Then you would have already realized you’ve wasted your time an your money!

None of the training is up to date. Even the case study Art shows at the end of the program is already over a year old!

traffic xtractor video

Art does show how he did rank in Youtube. But again this raking for long tailed keywords means very few people will ever see it. 

A long tailed keyword is something that is more of a phrase. And if people don’t type it in exactly as he does, or you do, then no one will see it. 

Long tail Keyword: The Easy Way To Make Money If  You Happen To Be Lazy.

Now if someone types in easy ways to make money for lazy people…Well that will just show you different search result. Not even close to getting traffic from there to yours. Does not work. Will not work. 

Will Traffic Xtractor Help You Make Money?

Keyword tools do everything for you that you need to try to do. Why buy this when they have Google Search, even ways on showing you how to search. And Jaaxy which I use. And they even have ways to show you how to do long tail keyword search. 

Read this blog about long Tail Keywords in order to get the help you need. Don’t buy this keyword research tool.

traffic xtractor ultimate 30 day refund label bonuses

I would not count on this software helping you much. If you are starting off by using YouTube videos for your business. I would suggest taking a course I took on YouTube. Udemi has plenty of these easy type courses that will help you for more than this package by Art Flair and the boys

Would I Recommend You Buy Traffic Extractor Ultimate?

My Traffic Extractor Ultimate proves to be an old software created years ago to find long tail keywords and keywords that might help you bring in some traffic. 

However, you won’t get the kind of traffic you may be thinking you will get. You could just try it and see. It comes with a 30 day money back from Click bank so you are guaranteed to get your money back.

Just don’t bother to come back and find me to tell me I was right. 

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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