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Name: Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle
Name: My Online Business Empire (MOBE)
Website: Ultimatedotcomlifestyle.com
OwnerRyan Mathews & Matt Lloyd
Price: Depends on what page you come in on
           $19/month + up-sells to $100k

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Is the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle a Scam Or Legit

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What’s The Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle About?

We find that with many such programs they tend to lead to something rather interesting. But it is something you’ve all come to hear about and that is The Mobe Program with Matt Loyd. So what is Ultimate Dot Com About?

We can easily picture ourselves lounging around a sparkling pool or perhaps sprawled out lazily on a white sandy beach looking out at the beautiful tropical turquoise waters that spread out in front of us.

With a laptop in our hands and an easy to work method of bringing in tons of cash at our whim. Not going to happen in the real world. But perhaps a perfect dream land we would all do just about anything for. 

Is the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Program A Scam?

Really when you get to looking it is merely a deceptive marketing ads campaign set up and marketed with paid ads which will lead all visitors Mobe. If you’ve not read about Mobe…(Read My Recent Mobe Review Here)

The name of the program is called My Online Business Empire (MOBE), and it leads to the 21-step program talked about which is a subsidiary of it called My Top Tier Business (MTTB).

Reason to be deceptive when it comes to marketing MOBE?

Mobe has been around so long that many of it’s top marketers who promote the program have relied on some shady marketing campaigns that evoke Lifestyle Freedom with a touch of the keyboard. The problem is, Mobe never mentions that making 6 figures a year is a walk in the park.

The Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Deception

So what I find is that these type marketing funnels and campaigns created by Mobe Members are just that. Deceptive and almost a bold-faced Lie. As they speak of their perfectly easy way to make tons of cash from your laptop.

One person who I think actually coined the phrase of Laptop Lifestyle for his program would be none other than Stuart Ross. Who founded the Six Figure Mentors way back when. In fact Matt Loyd talks about a learning curve he was a part of long before Mobe. And as aex-memberr of both Mobe and Six Figure Mentors.

I gather that Matt Loyd was once a member of Six Figure Mentors from the history and talking with him on Facebook. 

Conclusion To Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle

Anytime you see that a program offers a membership to clients and has up sells and promotes themselves…it is generally a way for the founders to make money. And yes, many of these type programs do offer basics on Marketing Skills Education in fact.

But those that have been around are very difficult to promote and earn even a modest living. If you are just starting out I do recommend you get this marketing training of course so that when you are ready to start your own business you will have the necessary knowledge to earn income online like the gurus. 

But, you can get these basics and learn all you need to know within a inexpensive membership with Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review on them to find out if they would be a good fit for your needs. You can live the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle, yes. But you will have to go to work and work hard to become a 6 figure earner and internet entrepreneur.

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