Under The Radar Profits Review-The Blips Are Green

Under The Radar Profits – Who Thinks Up These Names?


James Canzanella launched this Internet Marketing product September 6, 2014. Speaking of names…..I like the sound of “James Canzanella”; it reminds me of “Don Corleone” which has the same easy roll-of-the-tongue to it.

But seriously now. I got interested in this product because of the sales page. The marketing hype is refreshingly low level without lies and deception.

What stands out though, is James Cancanella’s claims that you can turn $20.00 into precisely $632.86 in four easy steps with the low price of just $9 bucks.

However, he couldn’t refrain himself from the usual “No skills or website needed” and “only a small investment required” tactic. One other phrase caught my attention:


“It Spews Cash Like A Broken ATM”


An ATM does not “SPEW” to start with, but if it should did, I wonder what it does when broken! You only get to use an ATM when signing up for this program I believe.


under the radar profits review


How Much Will Under The Radar Profits Cost You


The initial entry price is a measly $9.00 for the e-book. That’s the bait to get you into the door, so to speak, and makes you an easy target for some upsells. E-books are fine, but they seldom create revenue FOR you. I also have an ebook which uses fresh lessons to train people on how to make money, but it is free! Also, upsells are how a gangster would make money, not a legitimate business man.

Upsell #1: You get 10 pre-written emails that accompany the system. It’s on a dime sale (going up ½ cent with every purchase) and cost me 24,96, but is limited at $47.00

Upsell #2: You will get access to a membership site. Price: $27.00 per month

Downsell: You can skip Upsell #2 and get a 5-day trial membership for 1 buck; then it will be only $27.00 per month.

This is very common with products like Under The Radar Profits. They want you to get in cheap, offer you a little bit to “test-drive” but keep you interested enough to go for the more expensive investment ($27.00 membership per month). For what you get it is a little too much.


The Actual Product – My Under The Radar Profits Review


You paid your $9.00 and think you are done. Wrong. In order to get access to the ebook, you are required to sign up to yet another email list. This p…es’s me off and is annoying, but there is no other way.

After that, you enter a website with several things to look at. You find an offer to a free webinar, which I skipped, because oftentimes these free offerings are used to try selling you some more stuff you really don’t want at this point.


The Under The Radar Profits Ebook


The ebook itself is of good design with easy to read text and enough informative images. But we are not here to get a award on design, are we?


BUT, and here is the BIG BUTt…..there is nothing new in it. Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nothing!


What a disappointment. The method does have some good points, but it’s old news. I have seen it before and it just covers the bare bone basics. Elementry Watson.

To make this very clear: You use the Warriors Forum to promote a FREE product, which then, hopefully, will lead to upsells. OK, taking advantage of the Warrior Forum is new, but the rest was last night’s dinner. What was it we ate, again?


I Give Credit Where Credit Is Due


James Canzanella is doing a very good job in explaining how to set up everything. It’s done in an easy to follow step-by-step process. A total newcomer will have no problems getting started in a relative short time. But then we are not kindergarten students are we?

There is also additional information about email marketing and a somewhat helpful FAQ section. What would you give for a free look at a real and legitimate program that is free? Check out the review here, a program ranked number one above all and even my own! The Wealthy Affiliate Review Rankings.


Can You Make Money With Under The Radar Profits?


In short: Yes you can. The method works if you follow the steps and put some extra effort into the system. For whatever reasons, I could not replicate James’s success to turn 20 bucks into exactly $632.86. I did make 13 dollars, and still have some money to be paid for months end.

I ended up short a couple of Franklins; but hey……no complaints here, I made some money.

My efforts with this program ended right there. I was not interested in joining James Canzanella’s Sales Funnel, which brings me to……


The Real Purpose Of Under The Radar Profits


Let me get to the JamesCanz Sales Funnel. Once you have taken the bait and became a member ($27.00 per month), you are now supposed to promote this program and selling the system to new recruits. Below is a chart of the sales funnel and the commissions you would earn.


under the radar profits review


Is this what you want to do? If so, go for it and spend $9.00 + the $27.00 per month and join the affiliate force at JVZoo. I swear people will try anything to make money…even assembly dolls from home which they might make 3 dollars an hour if they are lucky.

I understand you guys wanting to make money so quickly that you get caught up in this stuff…but hey…are you not wanting to do something fun, interesting and something that adds value to others lives?

Whatever you do join a program where you can have your own websites, sell your own stuff, or service. Quit doing just anything and everything to make a buck! Have your work make sense and make it enjoyable and you will stay with it longer and really start making what you deserve to make!


My Final Thoughts About Under The Radar Profits.


The program is legit and not a scam. It teaches you how to make some money on the internet and helps you to achieve some kind of success. Therefor, the “BLIPS on the RADAR are green”

It is certainly not one of the best programs on the market, but it could lead you to look for a real opportunity to build a successful and sustainable online marketing business.


What Next?


If you want to build a solid online business, I can show you the best way to it. Check out the table below that shows you how my #1 recommendation compares to Under The Radar Profits. Or check out the free training below by clicking on the banner. Learn where you want to be.

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Remember…if it is simple and easy but it is online assembly work, you are going to get bored. Choose an online opportunity to get involved in that helps you create a real business that you can become successful at, enjoy every time you sit down, and end up retiring soon after….makes sense right?



Check out the number one rated learning center, read my review right here.

Thank you so much for joining us again here at Downhill Money. Yes, funny name! 🙂 If you have any questions about us or how well our members are doing.. leave a comment below. I’m looking forward to hearing about your own goals. If you checked out the program above you will see why it’s easy to recommend Wealthy Affiliate. For more details about the best online Business Success, take a look at my about me page!


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