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You have found where the rubber meets the road. Your online journey has began! There are very few great programs such as Wealthy Affiliate out there that are turn key systems put into place with step by step instructions to help you become a top online business success!

Even if you are just looking to learn the basics and promote other products as an affiliate, you must get this training. Years went by as an unsuccessful marketer before I finally stumbled onto this program by Kyle and Carson. You can read the review on the Wealthy Affiliate here.

The program took me to the next level where I did actually start making money within two weeks of joining. Yet it is more of a training course so you can learn to create income within your own passions and desires of business. Internet Marketing works like a snowball effect. You have to work to get the snow packed into your hands first of all. Then you add to it making it bigger. Once it is large enough you can then roll it on the ground and the snow litteraly clings to the original like a magnet. Increasing size as it rolls along so does your success! One day you allow it to free wheel, rolling and gathering more speed down a hill, like an avalanche!

Click the ‘Welcome Mat’ below to be taken to the FREE sign in form like the one above. And start your online marketing journey like I did.

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To Your Success!

9 Responses

  1. Jerry

    Wealthy Affiliate, also known as WA, provides a great platform to learn how to build websites, and more importantly, get the websites ranked on page one of major search engines; such as google or Bing.
    The training is very informative and the free websites are great for both training and helps to see results. Try it out for free, and I am sure anyone that actually fallows thru the step by step process the will go premium.

    • Rick

      Thank you Jerry. it’s been a while since I’ve talked with you. And yes, WA has helped so many that I myself have even considered starting a membership sit recently. I have thousands of members who actually subscribed to my list so it’s a good start. The key is to give value of course like WA. And once you know everything you can move on to more training from perhaps a mentor or specialist! Me! 🙂


      Ps. If you already have training you can promote the inhouse program Commission Miner. I’ve made several thousand from this one program in the last 45 days! Bryan Winters is Awesome!

  2. John

    Hello Rick, great article. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best online learning center. No surprise they are in business for over 13 years and taught hundred of thousands folks from all walks of life ‘how to build a sustainable online business’. I am a member for 2 years now, and I have no regrets or complaints whatsoever.

    • Rick

      Hey John, Thank you for the comment and testimonial for Wealthy Affiliate. Wow, I didn’t know you had been there two years! Whew…how time flies! Oh I guess I could give anyone reading the free sign up version link to click on here so they won’t have to go back and find another.

      Wealthy Affiliate

      Join us and make something of yourself! 🙂

  3. Nne Okwara

    Hello Rick Bell,

    Please can you and the Wealthy Affiliate community support my country Nigeria so that I can join the program? I really want to.


  4. Todd

    Hi Rick,

    I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate and it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was looking, for quite some time, for a path or system to learn how to create an online business, shoot, to simply make money online.

    I feel so blessed to have found Wealthy Affiliate and to have had the ability to learn how to build my own income producing websites. The keyword training and SEO ranking training are wonderful. I was also very impressed with their recently added training’s using PPC with Google and Bing.

    Overall, I rank WA at 98 out of 100 out of all the online and offline training courses that I have taken.

    Take care,

    • Rick

      Thanks Todd. Yes it is good to have you as a member here at WA. Many find it fascinating that they can create a business here online and grow it to a passive income! I know I am truly thankful for finding this course!


      Wealthy Affiliate Rocks! You can also become a premium member that opens up the entire course for a fast start to online success! Open up the Complete Package!

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