Wealthy Trader Review-is it a Scam?

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What is Wealthy Trader – Is it a Big Scam?


Are you interested in making huge earnings with a simple push of buttons? Let’s get started with my Wealthy Trader review – is it a Scam? Find out here about this online program people can use to earn money on a daily basis.  It does not rate well in the over all scheme of things, however.

The presentation is not that friendly as one can see once arriving on the site. They seem to have changed their image with their new website front: Wealthy Trader’s New Look. The key questions though is does Wealthy Trader really work for everyone? Or is it just another scam?

Their latest improvements clarify that unless you can afford to lose $5000, don’t use Wealthy Trader. That gets rid of a lot of the people exploring opportunities to earn money online. Basically I believe if you have money to loose then this could be something for you. However, if you are on a tight budget, run! I’m not against making quick money, but I’m truly against losing money quickly! If you want to Build a real online Business to where you can earn huge commission checks online, then click on my #1 Rated Review below:
Their latest improvements also offer a 4 month training course and warn people to not try to get involved with online daily trading for income until they have learned how to trade properly.  Or does he mean loose money less quickly at first? Given the attitude of their overall website, maybe it is called Wealthy Trader for dummies.
Critics of the site are easy to find.  Wealthy Trader was found to be a typical ‘bait scheme’: claims of amazing results, high cost, high risk and most participants failing miserably.  The approach they take from first base on, certainly does not help the organization’s reputation!
 Are You Funding Someone Else’s Dream?


wealthy trader review
Don’t do it!


How does Wealthy Trader Work?


At the new version of the Wealthy Trader site, people spend hundreds of dollars to sign up for their training.  Along with that comes a basic membership. The options training starts at $450 a month which can feel reasonable or steep if you really just need training and not an entrepreneurial venture. 

Over time, people learn to use the software associated with the site to read ‘signals’.  People have to monitor the trading situation and read the signals the right way to invest their money at the right moments.  One can turn around and buy and sell in the same day, even within just a couple of hours. But if you are new to this type of program? Beware!

As a sideline, people can also promote the site. But why would anyone want to? Heaven knows this isn’t for but a very few people that have more money than they know what to do with. So read the image below and see if this is someone you want to partner with!

There are many programs that offer a kinder, easier method of training to get started online. Did you read the review on Wealthy Affiliate?

For those who master the skill of trading, it can grow into a steady form of income. Or a steady for of bankruptcy, so be extra careful with this Trader Program.


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Who is the Loser?

Pros and Cons of Wealthy Trader



Well trained, experienced traders can earn money using Wealthy Trader.  The way to do it relies on ‘know how’ as profoundly as is does for gambling houses – the “house” consistently earns, but most visitors lose.  Investing to earn  daily income can be done, but must be done correctly to work. 

The website offers training and is clear about the needed investment.  People who have decent savings built up and would like to try something new or wish to try real time trading have a decent chance at making this work for them.  As long as they take the time to go through the training course.  As this training definitely improves their odds. 

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Wealthy Trader is not very friendly place!

Wealthy Trader requires a minimal outlay of more than $5000 just to get started. Expect to lose all of it or most of it when you begin. Trading is not easy! Its gambling!

Wealthy Trader Training… training for dummies, takes months to complete. The odds of even more training being needed before being able to really ‘do well’  are rather much higher. 

Most Wealthy Trader participants lose more money than they earn. I know this for a fact as I have done this myself. And have had friends try it as well. So it is not for the faint of heart.

The latest rendition of the website does not even name one individual founder and does not even provide real names.  That probably gives rise to suspicion in many circles. 


DevilFounder of Wealthy Trader


The Wealthy Trader website claims to have been founded by a group of men each having decades of experience trading stocks, bonds, securities markets.  When asked via email about their identities during research for this article, they did not respond. This let’s you know who you are dealing with, I’d say.

Naturally, not everyone feels comfortable working with an organization led by shadowy nameless figures. So if you want a learning platform which others envy… click on WA image below!




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Wealthy Affiliate                                                                             

In stark contrast to this an alternative method for earning money online is to learn instead, Affiliate Marketing. Read the review at my Wealthy Affiliate, first before doing anything. You will certainly see why.

 My Wealthy Affiliate Review!

 To Your Success!



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