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You are in the right place if you are searching the web on ways to make money online, and from home.  Like building a business, or making money fast you will want to start now. You have come to the right place.  As I now work from home making money.  I started with a company that does Affilliate Marketing.  And have branched out into teaching my members  how to build an eCommerce website to sell a service or product.

I didn’t know


I didn’t know what affiliate meant when I first heard of it. And, you may not know much about it either.  But the training I provide will make a huge difference in your life.  So, I want you to follow me once a week with free lessons to learn what I know, at no cost to you!

Become a student and make cash


All I ask for in order for you to become a student of mine and access the free learning, is to sign up for the free training on how to build a website.   It is absolutely free and you will need this training to later build your eCommerce website.  If you are interested in earning money from home, please check out the contents of this website.

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Rick Bell, founder of Down Hill Money



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  1. Garth Oellermann

    I like your no nonsense approach on your website. It is very clear and easy to follow and is obviously a work in progress like mine.

    • Rick

      Well actually website will always be works in progress! Some needing more then others. Thank you for your comment!

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