What About Paid Social Media Jobs-Is PSM Jobs.Com Legit?

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Paid Social Media Jobs.Com 
Product Owner: Annie
Regular Price:
27.00 Advertised Special: 16.94 EUR
Upsells: $89.95
Rating: 60/100

I joined the program to see what it was about…Read my Review to learn more!

Paid Social Media Jobs.Com with founder Annie was in the news back then! It seems Annie created Paid Social Media Jobs provide the training, tools and support to help others begin work online as social media managers. But listen carefully because what the news says about it and what the website does is perhaps a bit sideways. Let’s refer to it as PSMJ shall we?

Annie says, In her advertisements before purchase that you can get paid to Tweet, Like, Follow and Share. But trust me when I say you won’t be making the kind of money they mentioned. Not at first. Not unless you are really good at Social Media Stuff. And I don’t mean the basics–I mean advanced knowledge. 

People from all around the world are getting paid to perform tasks on Social Media…True. Not everyone makes $40 dollars per hour. So please watch the short video below to see if it is sounds like something you would be interested in. Then keep reading; this get’s good because I signed up and even talked with support.

Yes the video makes it sound so lovely right? Where do I sign up!? Wait before you start looking for a link to click on and join. Keep reading to find out what I’ve learned. This is in fact a good place to find paid social media jobs.

In fact, it’s not much like the video at all. As PSMJ.com is more of a listing service than anything else. But don’t be discouraged. I found that they do have training that you will be able to see more of what they are looking for in employees. 

Their website has a section at top that says “Training Modules”. They have 3 modules that go into a great bit of detail about what you will need to know. Also there is an advanced tab for those who already know the basics of social media work, so that you can pick up on what these companies are wanting and needing from their employees in order to get paid the sums you heard about on the video. 

You are also getting paid as a subcontractor normally speaking and that means holding out a portion of your payments for tax purposes.

Paid Social Media Jobs

Now trust this–If you do not know how to do social media work? Guess what? You will not get hired. But there is one thing you can do and that is to list what it is you do on their website and put the hourly rate you want. And that way when the employers do stop by from time to time to put an ad in or look for employees…
They might just see your name. Good luck on that. I’ve heard that it does work as one guy on YouTube mentioned he just found work a few days ago there. By listing his skills and what he would do for a company from home.

Paid Social Media Financial Results


What Is Paid Social Media.com is About

It’s definitely a website that you can take advantage of. So far the listings of those who want work and need work is perhaps one of the largest lists in the nation. Which is speculation of course as I have not compared the sizes of Paid Social Media Jobs Listings with any other source.

I think many people agree the ads for this website program are more or less hyped up with how much you can actually earn over a period of time. If you are working like most you are making a certain amount an hour of course and I’m sure they will go with the best workers and the cheapest hourly rates requested. That said the competition is going to be somewhat fierce in this game. Trust me, Social Media is big business.

How Paid Social Media Website Works

As a member of Paid Social Media Jobs they say you’ll be doing basic social media tasks and jobs for businesses all over the world. These tasks range from managing  businesses on social media sites like, replying to comments, uploading videos, moderating groups, sending out tweets and other related social media tasks. And they say they provide full training so you don’t need any previous experience. Really?

Have you ever visited Fiverr.com? It’s kind of like that in a sense as it seems there are people wanting work, and also people wanting to find work. There site has a few training modules of information about finding employers and some training on basic social media stuff. But it is not tons of information. Even though it could very well be of help to you.

There is some special training inside. But if you sign up with them you might want to be in a position to already be good at social media management. That way you can command a higher price. They have very little about social media work itself other than basics you can find anywhere online.

If your interested though and just getting started here online and want to earn real income from a real business and not work for others—I would recommend signing up for a free Affiliate Marketing Course with Wealthy Affiliate.

In the training modules they do have templates to help you copy and paste your way to finding work from others who are outsourcing. So like Craigslist for instance, they have a template you can copy and just change a few words to run your own ads on Craigslist so that companies can find you.

Free eBooks Bonus-Sign Up Discount

They have a menu tab that is marked Bonus Area where they have a couple of eBooks you can learn from. It gives more information then you might think. Unless you already know it. And they are offering a discount if you sign up now at the time of this review for $17.00.

  1. Article Cash Machine
  2. Blog Profit Strategy
  3. Also a section about Video

They have partner sites as well. Maybe you’ve heard of these?

  1. Paid Online Writing Jobs 
  2. Social Sale Rep
  3. Paid Social Media Jobs

Now the website is basically created for people who are looking for part time or full time positions where they can work from home. And other members on the website are looking for workers so they can outsource some of the jobs they are not good at or don’t want to do.obs 

However the training material inside is very limited even though you will probably learn a great deal. It does not go into chapters and video after video of information. That kind of learning is left for coaches and such. The website is mainly a place to learn about how to find jobs…More than how to do the work itself.  What you need to do that will help you in that endeavor.

Does Paid Social Media Jobs Really Work?

The answer to that is going to be dependent on your expectations and the skill you already have in Social Media. If you are looking to make hundreds of dollars by next week? Probably not going to work for you like that. But if you use the website as a stepping stone to further advancement and advertising yourself and your abilities, then yes it will help you I think. And if you are one of those types who can crush this type work you will be able to make a great deal of money once you find your funding source within the listings. 

Is Paid Social Media A Scam?

No. Is it hyped up a bit and made to sound like you are going to be rich in a short while? Yes it is a bit hypey. Is that a word even? No. 🙁 But what you can do is give it a trial and pay a small bit to join. Then be sure to cancel if it is something not for you as you will be charged without notice. I was. 








Get Paid With Social Media Jobs

Once you get in the website your first thing to do is start going through the training so you will know the best way to find your job. If you do not know how to do social media and need training. Check out their training section first. And see if you have what it takes. You have 60 days to give it a try.

Learn all you can and perhaps one day you will be able to command a high financial payout. There is plenty of information on YouTube about Social Media. You might want to check the free information out first.

Conclusion To Paid Social Media Jobs.com

There are many people here trying the internet for the first time these days and even though skeptical, still believe there is a way to wealth without work. Not true. Over the last five years I’ve done pretty well, however I have had to work for ever dollar. And my job is not the easiest.

I review programs that promise riches and then end up having to pay for most of these so that I can get in and get the real truth. Many reviewers just read about reviews others have written and base their knowledge on that. Which is basically to sell you their product. Of course that’s a whole different post. 

Bottom line is that if you are starting out and wanting to make money. You will never go wrong with creating your own website to grow and market. It is yours and as long as you learn how to find the traffic to your niche you will earn income without problem.

Special Offer is $17. 00 one time paid for life. 

To create my own website back in 2015 I learned everything I know now thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Read the review I wrote on them years ago. They are still offering free memberships! So you can get on and register and find out if it is a training course you want to be involved with. Free Trail. Free Websites. Free Hosting. All as a free member. Of course you can pay monthly like most of us do and learn way more and get way more.

Frequently Asked Questions For Paid Social Media Jobs Program

paid social media jobs questions







Why Is There A Cost?

Because we don’t take a percentage of your earnings with our social media partners, we have to charge a very small fee to cover costs associated with our web hosting and customer service team. However, we’ve worked out a deal with our social media partners to offer a free $50 once you complete your first paid social media job which pays you back your startup fee and more!

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You will read all kinds of reviews from people who review programs like PSMJ only so they can promote their own and so they never buy into this or any other program. Mainly because they have been taught that you don’t have to. But I myself decided to join most of these programs and try to help people out for real. And that training is in the Social Media Market.


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