What Is A Home Based Business About? Can I Work From Home?


woman on computerHave you ever been envious of someone working from home or the coffee shop? I can quickly tell you I’ve been. Let’s open the doors to how important having a home based business is today and what they’re about.

Today home based businesses are no longer a thing of the future. People are moving their regular work stations or offices and computers to their homes every day. And, it is something everyone should consider if possible as it has become a growing trend for a good while now. Has the idea of working from home become an interest to you?

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Millions are involved in working from  the comfort of their own home these days and running their home based businesses. But what it is consist of and what is having a home based business all about? What’s the grab?

Having a Home Based Business?

What a home based business implies is people working from their own home. That’s it. Any type of business you can operate out of your house can be categorized as a home based business. And what it’s about is convenience and money savings. And simplicity!

Whether you are doing work sent over from an employer, or whether you are running some type of service from your house, having a home based business is the most convenient thing since sliced bread.

So a home based business is all about making a living and earning income at home while having the freedom to be your own boss and be at your own beck and call instead of someone else’s. In fact, it is a life saver on commuting and gas. Because you’re able to work in from home, life is good…You can even write off many expenses you wouldn’t normally be able to write off for taxes.

 What A Home Based Business Is?

Basically a home based business is like any other business only it’s worked from a home base. What a home based business is can be classified as a home office really. Any one person or group of people working from a house or their own home using a computer or other means to conduct business on a daily basis. In many cases you can do the same type of work generally done at most offices each day.

Especially in these times since the work we do is just about transfer of information and goods over the phone or computer. It’s the informational world of changing times unlike the industrial age some of grew up in where you had to turn out to work so you could run a machine.

So what all are people wanting to know about home based businesses? Many things I’m sure, so let’s get cracking! 

Many home businesses are started on the side of those already having a full time job. So they start off small in other words. And even family members can grow to become the employees so you won’t have any employees driving to your residence for the work day.

Just like a business that starts off in the garage…The paper work and all the information pertaining to the business can now be done in your own home without a hitch. Using the Internet.  Of course the government will always be trying to regulate things they don’t like. But if home based business folk make more money for them while working in our own homes, it might be hard for them to regulate home based business. Here is what wiki has to say. Home Based Business


Where Is Your Home Based Business Located?

You can have a home based business located just about any location these days that has an internet connection. Whether it be a house, garage, loft, apartment etc or even a coffee shop.

All a home based business is, is your work office at home. In fact your office can be set up in one of the rooms in your house so that makes it pretty easy to go to work and back. It would be a 5 second commute to the bedroom or kitchen, or office space. Right? How glorious would that be?

Mostly businesses based at home that use the internet I imagine are the most lucrative. As lots can be done online now days that could not have worked years ago. But there are a high number of other service type businesses ran from home bases as well. And it happens due to convenience and necessity. Verses paying a huge commercial rate for a store front. Or spending two hour drive times each day to get back and forth to your employer.

These days it is not so much about location of a store than merely having an online business using the web from home. Which is so common these days I question why so many are still asking about a home based business and what it is about. 

How I Got My Home Based Business Started

I make a great living from one of my bedrooms which was turned into an office. There are two desks and two computers. Anyone it seems can have a home based business these days. If you like I can show you how to make money from a home based business just like I have done since 2014. 

Years ago I sat down at my computer and decided since I didn’t want to work for others any longer, I would make money using the internet. So of course I fell into many scams and lost money at the start. I soon learned that to make money from home with a home based business I would need training. I would need information on how to achieve an internet business. 

One reason I decided to work from home or off the internet is that once you do, you can just about go anywhere you want as long as you have a connection and be at work in less than one minute of getting access to the web. 

As long as your business does not require you to shuffle physical products around and have to ship and receive…You’ve got it made. You can now work your business from anywhere in the world!

My business started out taking a free course from Wealthy Affiliate that prepared me on how to start cheap and without risk. I built a website and within a few days had a real business running from my house. Over the years it has grown and now I earn more income than I did when I worked for my boss as a truck driver. 

Are Yop Positioned For A Home Based Business?

Most do if they just think about it a moment. As long as you can provide a service for others via the informational highway you have your own business at home or wherever you wish to have it. And you can start small since the cost of a store front and thousands of dollars are no longer going to stop you. 

If your business does not need lots of parking or dozens of employees to run it, you could do have a home based business in a shanty house or tin hut if you wanted. Of course you almost must have the internet to access the world wide web of course,.

Whether you are an eBay Seller or run products through your website that are affiliated with a company like Amazon, all you need is email to correspond. After all it is the day of the computer and super technology that allows for this to happen more often than not. But people working from home has happening for over a hundred years even without the computer.

Today You Can Start Your Own Home Based Business 

Providing you have the internet and a passion to earn extra income.

I started a my own quick business start up from my kitchen back in 2014. It cost me $19 dollars to get started! I decided on Affiliate Marketing. Something easy to learn and easy to implement. Which means I sell products already listed at places like Amazon, Home Depot and many other locations. And just have them drop shipped when people buy from my site. There are now many specialized affiliate sites you can become an affiliate for and earn hundreds of dollars in commissions in your spare time.

I have good news…Free training with a quick course here called: Wealthy Affiliate. It explains how to create a website and get your traffic to come in. You can have a home based business and understand fully what it is about. You can read my review for them here and learn how I created my own business from scratch: Wealthy Affiliate Profits & Business Sense.


Or if you like you can take my free course: Find Out How To Run A HOME BASED BUSINESS 

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