What is a Keyword Research Tool For?

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what is a keyword research tool forName:  Jaxxy-A KeyWord Tool

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

Price: Free/Starter

Jaxxy Pro: $19.00 per month, $199.00 per year

Jaxxy Enterprise: $49.00 per month


What is a Keyword Tool?


Introducing the very first all inclusive keyword tool you will ever want. What is a keyword research tool for? It is a tool that beats the competition by selecting the perfect word or keyword phrase for SEO. A key word research tool is used to get the lowest competitive keywords which people are searching for. Why the lowest? This means for us internet marketers we are looking for a keyword that has little competition but high traffic. Meaning a phrase or word which we can easily rank for and hopefully be found on page one of that search. Internet Marketers are looking to be seen on page one of a search so they get more traffic to their product or service. Rank is a term used to show where their website or article is during a search. When you are ranked on page one of a search, you are found first! 


What Is Jaxxy?


Jaxxy is a program that allows us to find the lowest competing stats on keywords which you can then rank for.  This is what a keyword tool is for. Like this article title. This is a keyword phrase and below I will show you the results of this phrase once my rank allows me to reach page one. The Jaxxy program pulls these searches we type in, from various search engines and compiles them on a ready to use and easy to understand platform spacifically designed for the keyword user. In other words, if you are using the internet for advertising in anyway, you will want to use this tool each day so that you are beating your competition to the traffic available. Without the best keyword research tool in your arsenal the competition will run over you like a tank!


what is a keyword research tool for
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What is a Google Keyword Tool?


Google has their own Keyword tool, but many find it hard to figure out how to use. In fact, it is so difficult to understand, many get it wrong and the keywords they come up with are not what they think. Google targets keywords of course, but they use their keywords. I’m pretty sure that unlike Jaxxy they are only pulling keywords from their on source. Where as Jaxxy combines other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and several others including Google. So which sounds like the better tool?


What About Comparison?


Can we even compare Jaxxy’s system superiority to Google’s keyword planner? I’ve used them both and I used Google’s long before using Jaxxy. They are hardly compariable systems I might add. First off, if you are using a tool like Google’s key word planner and you are not sure about the keywords you are targeting, are you even sure you are targeting the right ones! In fact if you are needing the lowest competitive keywords, you will be hard pressed to come up with these. 

Compared to Google key word tool, Jaxxy also gives you so many essential extras and is easily hands down the tool of choice with professional writers, and internet marketers. All affiliate marketers choose them over any other keyword research tool. Why not?


What the Pro Version Has to Offer


Unlimited Keyword Searches: Means you can spend all the time you need when starting out

  • SEO Analysis
  • Keyword competition
  • Jaxxy Affiliate
  • Keyword Lists
  • Free Idea Sectional
  • Domain Searches

These options are discussed in the video below and you will understand a little more about how important they are.


Enterprise Membership Offers:


  • Data Arranging
  • Instant Competition Analysis
  • 5 Times Faster Platform, which decreases research time
  • Instant Domain Search

You will pay a little more for these extras, but if you need this tool for business then it is worth every penny!

Here is a chart showing some of my many articles on page one Google search. I’ve done so well because I use Jaxxy and it is why I recommend it to everyone, from newbies starting out, to the bonified professionals building their early retirements. Below you are seeing position of my articles within page one search.

what is a keyword research tool for
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The video here is a quick walk through and explanation of Jaxxy and what it has available to you. If you sign up below at the link you can get free searches which allow you to experience this great keyword tool long before you buy. Go over the video below a couple of times to get the best understanding, then head on over from the link I’ve provided to see why I am still an active user of jaxxy. And would not consider using any other tool out there.


When it comes to internet marketing we need all the help we can get. The competition is already using the best tools. So why not join them and at least give yourself a fighting chance. I recommend Jaxxy as the key word tool of choice for myself as well as other professionals in the business. In fact, Jaxxy has given me a better chance of beating the competition each day than any other tool I have.

Order your free trial or sign up as a FREE member today right here:  Get the Jaxxy FREE start up package now.

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