What Is A Mini Site?

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Heard of a Mini Site Have YOU?


iagesHello fellow Internet marketers and affiliate folks. Rick Bell here again. And today, we’ll be discussing the merits and possibilities of “mini sites”, which you also may know as “landing pages.” What is a Mini Site? Well, they’ve been around for many years now and they are certainly effective when used in the right way.

However, there are some things to consider, especially within the realm of Google and how they are ranked in the company’s ever-changing search algorithms. So, let’s get started. First, what is a mini site?


What Is A Mini Site?


By definition and popular use, a mini site is a small website where a company or other organization provides information about a specific product or product group. For example a digital camera manufacturer might have a mini site with bright colors, just a few pages and a direct call to action with a link to a main corporate website.

Or in the case of affiliate marketers, there is typically an affiliate link to a product or service they are promoting. The main idea is to cut through the clutter of a more in-depth main site and to focus the viewer on a specific course of action.


What is inside a Mini Site?


isThe first thing to consider in creating a mini site is the domain name. As an affiliate marketer and someone trying to optimize SEO, it should contain the name of the product and model number if it relates to a specific product. If your are marketing a program or a system, the same thing applies. Include the program name in your domain name if possible and in all of your page titles.

The site itself should contain no more than three to five pages. The first might be an overall description of the product or service with strong calls to action and links in banners and links in the text. The second page could include customer testimonials and another page might include competitor comparisons.


Potential Pitfalls With Google-Panda Update


As I mentioned above, and as you probably already know, Google is constantly changing its algorithm in the attempt to completely control its search and SEO environment. Panda is the latest algorithm update.  Among many other things, mini sites are one of the areas that Panda has targeted.

But this doesn’t mean that mini sites aren’t still a great marketing tool. They just have to be used properly in the eyes of Google and to provide value for the end user. Here are some ideas on making mini sites work in the modern world of SEO.


imagesFind The Right Product. By nature, mini sites are designed to address a particular niche market with the design of optimizing SEO. In this line of thinking, you should always find the right product or product niche.

When you are focusing on a product — let’s say baby strollers — you should really consider going beyond just a basic manufacturer and even as far as a particular model. You would be surprised how many searches there are on specific manufacturer models out there.

Affiliate marketing programs are no different. I’ve been working with an organization called The Wealthy Affiliate for quite a while now. It’s a great program that gives me good insights into the best aspects of affiliate marketing. And it’s one I’ll continue to use building highly effective mini sites.

Keyword Research. If you’ve done much online marketing at all, you know that keyword research is vitally important — especially when it comes to mini sites. Basically, you should search for niche terms that have search volumes of more than 1500 searches per month, have relatively low competition from other websites and target your keywords.

There are dozens of keyword research tool out there, and most are very complex and fairly expensive. The one I’ve been using for a long time now is Jaaxy.  The program is incredibly intuitive and yet simple and powerful. Instead of searching for hours or weeks, the Jaaxy keyword research program will give you SEO insights that are concise and will lead you to your target mini site keywords quickly.




As with all good affiliate marketing SEO content is king! Here are some things to consider for your mini site:

  • Tell the reader in succinct terms what the product or service is about.
  • Use bold headlines and call outs on the first page


SEO and Mini Sites-Mini Sites do Work


For the SEO aspects of your mini site, put your keywords in the title and first paragraph. Don’t overwork your SEO ambitions. Be natural with the rest of your writing for the benefit of your readers and the search engines. You may want to include second and third pages in the header that include links to a graph with competitor evaluations and another to customer referrals.

I hope this information will be of good use to you. The internet and the affiliate marketing experience is one of constant change.  Like discussing mini websites.  Who would have thought this would be a concern. I like to provide good, relevant and current information where I can. So yes, mini websites do work. As always, PLEASE share. And I look forward to hearing of your experiences as well.

If you have any questions on mini sites or affiliate marketing please drop a comment below.  I have helped hundreds of people in building their own online business in the last few years.



Rick Bell



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