What Is A Solo Ad

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what is a solo advertisement
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What is a solo ad?

A solo ad is part of an online marketing strategy for people looking to sell products or services online, and get traffic to said products.  A solo ad is a single ad placed into someone’s pre-existing mailing list. It means you would pay for clicks to a provider, which means you pay each time someone clicks on your link in an email they receive. 
One thing about this strategy is you can build your own list as you go. You buy 100 clicks, and out of these clicks, you get traffic to sign up to your squeeze page which the vendor is sending his traffic to. Out of each 100 clicks about 40 average subscribers sign up and are sent to your autoresponder. You can target this fresh traffic at a later day, or run a funnel sequence of emails to them afterward. 
Get Started By Building a Website!
A solo ad is a targeted ad, rather than one placed in SEO or Social Media to be seen by the general public. Because it is targeted, the odds of getting visitors that want to engage are high. It is necessary to have a website, or at least a place where you reside online so as to send the traffic.  
Solo ads have been around since email. Or since 1980’s.  You have probably seen print versions of these; even your Sunday paper circular and what you often experience as junk mail are all examples of direct mail marketing.
Email direct marketing works the same way.  Most polite advertisers hope to reach their markets without just annoying and alienating everyone else as they get the word out about their products and services.  

Buyers of Solo Ads

Buyers can make general selections for their target market such as which nation one is seeking customers in, and some offers involve more detailed information.  Potential customers will receive the link to your website and that’s will they will be directly exposed to your product or service and have the option to learn more or to buy.  Some will just shop and others will try to become your friends.  In some cases, you will get people willing to be both.  
One can look them up online and find solo ad vendors.  As a solo ad buyer one pays the vendor for an ad about your product or service into their email list.  Normally it is one fixed price.
A solo ad generates purchased traffic to a website, and usually assures bloggers and website owners that a solo ad will get them clicks.  Converting traffic and clicks to sales is another matter entirely.  Solo ads are generally short.  The most effective ones often rely on ‘success testimonials’.  
They also follow the basic sales formula of: problem and solution and KISS – keep it simple, stupid.  Show how your website, product or service will help prospective customers solve a pressing problem or provide them a good or service that they want.  Finish up with a call to action.  The call to action is part of the closing in the sales process.  
 how much are solo ads costing

How much do solo ads cost?

Cost:  Solo Ads have a cost per click.  For those in the know, the key is that solo ads are cheaper than the cost of Google ads and other pay-per-click ads.   With a solo ad, after the upfront cost, you will be billed for the clicks at your website.  When visitors convert into being buyers and spend more than what attracting them cost you, you as the marketer earn money.  
This means that it is well worth experimenting with for many startup companies and small businesses.  It can still work for larger companies. Testing is required for best results in almost anything here online, as well as Solo Ads.
When a Solo Ad works best it does more than one thing.  
1.  It brings traffic to your website. Or your sales page. 
2.  It gets you conversions. Meaning you end up making a money
3. The ad brings you people who stick around as what can be called Opportunity Seekers. These are people who are interested in your goods or your service and will stick around to see the next opportunities you send their way.  In addition to the social gratifications of it, these people often become your repeat customers and a part of your own lists and your own platform.  
Solo Ads can be purchased online from individuals who have huge lists and sell ads as a means of earning money, themselves, but also are there to help others earn money. Which one you try is more a matter of luck at first. Being able to test the results is very important.
Solo Ads do really work but it is best to get a referral to those vendors who offer you the best leads. They are not miracle workers and lots has to do with your own product you are offering and the pages you use. Results will vary from person to person. Not everyone has ‘the Midas touch’ but with proper technique and a good product or service, most people can get reasonable results from using Solo Ads.  
Most vendors of Solo Ads provide some built in instructions to help you get started when you decide to try buying your own Solo Ad for the first time.  There are normal FAQs associated with this service. The most important of these are the country for the placement of the ad, and the niche that one is targeting. Some countries do not allow this type of targeting.

What about free solo ads?

You might come across an opportunity to try a free solo ad. According to a quick survey of online information, free solo ads are pieces of promotion of someone’s business.  Normally, in all business, freebies are samples intended to attract long term business. Such a freebie really can give a small business or sole proprietor a chance to try one and see how it goes.  One also gets to learn from doing it.  However, even if does work, plan on spending for your solo ads in the future.  
How to know a good deal on solo ads from a bad one
There are a couple of ways to estimate whether or not a targeted list will be good for your solo ad campaign. One way is to check the results others have had. Have there been a lot of conversions? If so, that is a very good sign. If not, then maybe that list or that vendor is not the best choice for you. What works for one does not work for all. Meaning each situation is different enough that it warrants being vigilant.
A good solo ad should not cost more than $1.00 per click. If you pay more because someone charges more, you have failed to do your research. Some Vendors will charge more because they have so much business, they can! Generally. You can get them much cheaper. But, the overall quality of the subscriber may become questionable at a certain point. So the average price is often times in the best interest of the buyer. Not going on the cheap.
A good solo ad vendor will be accessible and you will also be able to find reviews for their service somewhere online in a discussion thread. Mostly on Facebook or Skype groups. By entering the words Solo Ads. If your vendor has been the subject of a lot of controversies then you can judge by what the dissatisfied have written about his or her service, and see dissatisfied customers.  If only one in 50 customers are complaining the vendor is a good vendor. As many newbies do not create the best pages, or try converting on good products. The Vendor is then usually blamed when it is not their fault.
what are solo ads 



The future of solo ads?

During the past 5 years, there have been a number of changes in the market for Solo Ads.  As is often the case, there are possibilities for the little guy and gal – the ones with little to no capital but wanting to have a go at earning some money online.  In the beginning, people who sold solo ads charged up to hundreds of dollars for access to their lists.  
Three years later, the business had changed and people began selling opt-ins to mailing lists ‘by the click’.  Clicks were a means of offering some kind of guarantee of results to customers. A good thing.
The rise of the Solo Ad boom and use of lists also means that lots of people decided to build mailing lists and to sell solo ads as a means of earning money. The quality of those lists ranged from so bad that they were nothing but scams, to a lot of mediocrity and then of course were a few ‘champs’ who did a really good job and created profitable legit businesses providing clicks and selling a great service.  
The market has changed yet again. And will always be changing.  Now, the market is a bit more like it was a few years ago except of course, that we all have the experience of the intervening years which taught a lot of people a great deal.
Here and there online, one can buy into some of the longer term more established companies that hold lists. The fees for these are relatively large. They have the advantages and disadvantages of being online versions of what we know as more traditional, successfully run businesses. 


Solo Ads can be one good part of a marketing strategy for a digital business. Like all ventures, results vary significantly from person to person.  Also, the old dictum that the more money that goes in will cause the most to come out holds true with solo ads.  Solo ads are still a great marketing strategy for those working with a low budget but they are also handy for people who have plenty of capital.  
The overall changes have not eliminated the usefulness of Solo Ads but instead, have changed which business model of Solo Ad retailer works best.  Also, a number of fly by night outfits rose and fell over the course of a few years as people tried to capitalize on this opportunity. Web and Flow of Internet Marketing happens in all cases.
Solo Ads do help drive traffic. The extent to which that traffic converts to buyers of products and services will always vary. Some of thevariationsn rely on how well the solo ad was targeted and the rest has to do with the quality of the persons list and the products of the buyer. 
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