What Is Affiliate Rebirth – Read My Review – Is Affiliate Rebirth Legit Or Scam?

Find Out Why Affiliate Rebirth Is Here

I got hold of the founders of Rebirth and they told me a few things about their course. They admitted to me it was not for everyone. Is it worth the money? Maybe if you are brand new to needing to learn such knowledge. Read the Rebirth Review to find out if it has everything you need to begin your journey. Or consider having everything under one rooftop!

Find out here if Affiliate Rebirth Is Legit

Many reviewers have called this program legit. And that it is a solid program to hang your hat. Providing you are new to affiliate marketing. I say that because if you already know affiliate marketing then you already know what Affiliate Rebirth is going to be about. 

Affiliate Marketing depends a great deal upon having affiliates. Of course, before the affiliates comes the training and educating oneself.

Now there is no forum or group where you can compare notes, ask questions and really get a better understanding of the training other than through their support system which is normal at having to wait at least 24 hours before you get your questions answered.

However, one training center that does have a huge group of teachers and students that you can communicate with daily is my number one recommended training course in affiliate marketing…at no cost…


OTO 1 – Done For You Pack:  $47

OTO 2 – Affiliate Rebirth Elite $60k Case Studies Bundle: $47

OTO 3 – Secret Link Building Strategies: $27

Affiliate Rebirth-Is It A Scam? 

Is Affiliate Rebirth legit? It is. But wait. They miss giving out plenty of information, however. And you are going to need to find that elsewhere. Are you sure you want to pay all this money for Rebirth when you have yet to become a born marketer for the first time? I would suggest getting a bit of free information from legit companies that have been out there before risking everything on something no one knows that much about.

What Is Affiliate Rebirth About?

Basic information on how to make money with affiliate marketing done through videos that are very hard to understand. A great attempt at getting some information to newbies however. But it really is not worth the payment. Reason being is not everything you need is included in this mini-course. I call it a mini-course because just about anyone with advanced knowledge of affiliate marketing could actually publish something like this. As it is not everything one would need to build a successful niche business from scratch. 

To build a successful business online you really either need a coach to personally be there to answer questions or you need a community and a group of people who are all working on the same thing.

Which you will get if you buy the right course. But this one has very little support and help to go along for the long haul.

My Rating on this is sub-par: It is not a solid introductory course to affiliate marketing for even newbies? Not in my opinion. But it is a very good attempt at covering lots of beginner info real fast. 

The Good: In-depth videos and attached resources help you get started in affiliate marketing, select your niche products, choose relevant keywords, and input offers from affiliate networks.

The Bad: Some of the videos are tough to understand. Making it difficult to follow and to implement. There is no support or help and It’s a sure-fire bet you won’t make the thousands of dollars each month as they say, even if you do every detailed suggestion.

The Ugly: Just another group of guys selling their wares here online to make money. Will it help you? Probably. As most any information if you don’t already know it will be beneficial. But where to go after you’ve soaked this material in? I recommend a one stop shop so you no longer have to hop about doing research and taking risks.

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Newbie To The Internet Commission Methods

If you are a newbie to online marketing the best and safest solution is to get a free course that explains everything you need to know does not cost you a red penny! It is free to check out. See the text link above in blue so you can register a free account. See what all the hype is about without emptying your bank account. 

If you do want to make more money, there is a chance you have very little now. So why waste what you have on a chance? Read the review for WA above.

Affiliate Rebirth Review – More Details About AR

AR has been relaunched. Guess they did not get it right the first time. Greg K and Stefan C. and Shahnawaz S., Show us a video training program for affiliates to learn and earn with. Yet their claims that you can make lots of money after such training is, in fact, BOLD and an overstated fact.

The program says you can make 3,000.00 to $5000.00 bucks per month. Well, I have to warn you. It took me almost two years to do it working feverishly every day and 7 days per week. All while investing everything I had back into the internet. Some can do it better than that of course. Just saying. What they say is seldom true of most folk being able to make that much money. Not from a few videos. You would need a real live coach to earn this month even within 6 months to a year.

Up-sells Enable The Founders To Earn Extra Money. Even if the material is not that great.

They say you do this by paying for traffic? Not a great way to start off really. As you can lose more than you spend just because it takes a while to build yourself a list. So mostly list building is done, yes. But it costs lots of money up front.

Once you buy into Rebirth you will see plenty of up-sells. When I see upsells it tells me that the founders are really taking this a bit too far in order to make money. It does matter about greed.

They created this course to sell to people that really don’t have a lot of money. Thus making it easy to get and not too overly expensive. But then they try to get a bit greedy and try and sell you more material. 

People figure if you will buy something you have no idea of what it is about. You will also buy other material that is similar and about the same price. Wow. That is the worldly way I suppose. But not by my opinion the right way. Not at all.

First Upsell:

Greg gives you 10 niche sites samples you can start with. But guess what. Every member that buys it is suddenly going to be building on these niche sites and suddenly you have more competition than they ever admit you will have.

$47 dollars gets you started. But just saying. With my course, I took it was free and I was able to pick a unique niche site and earn income without competition!

This is called the done for you system which everyone now has. Does it work? Sure. But you get a smaller slice of this pie just because hundreds are now doing the exact same thing using the exact keywords an selling the exact amazon products.

Second Upsell

For $47 more you can copy and paste most of Grigory’s own sites. Surely these are working. But maybe not since he is allowing you to copy him. Which means you have duplicated information that Google will definitely throw out…And will throw your site and information out as well. Or at least screw with its rankings.

Even though they show thousands spent on case studies, this is not something I would risk my own reputation on. Never.

Third Upsell

$27 dollars for his 3rd upsell which gives you his building strategies for your own niche site you pick. Really. All this starts to sound like someone just trying to make money anyway and anyhow!

So if you didn’t spend money on any of these you are then ready to start launching the video training you just paid for. It is done through JVzoo of course.

Lots of training is created and then sold through their site…But they won’t allow just anyone to be backed by them. Jvzoo is just a place where people can create and marketer their own training to sell to folk.

START: First Module is on Niche Selection. 

As it should be. What else do you do right off the bat when starting a business? Learn about what all you can make money with. Niches. What niche will you promise to make your money? Do you know? Find out here:

Okay, so you are taught in this section how to find a profitable niche. Yet you have just paid for this information. But my question is why pay for it when you could get it for free? Sign up and register after taking a look at my #1 Review For FREE COURSE

Mod1: Niche Selection

Basics of keyword research 

Buying intent keywords 

Product research on Amazon and generating buying intent keywords 

How to find informational keywords 

Mod2: Content Creation

How to create quality content for your niche 

Epic posts 

Keyword tips for content

Mod3: Website Set-up

Site setup, A few minutes worth of introductory website set up which is all explained in this one video. But you can also log into WordPress and get it all for free.


Module 4. Stefan shows us how to find traffic and rank with Google. Using authority links and relevance links. And outbound links. Easy stuff to learn that is shown by Google Links.

Module 4: Traffic

Long term traffic which is needed to sustain a website over the long haul. 

Quick traffic hacks, get traffic instantly 

Web 2.0 links for instant boost in rankings 

Scholarship links 

Okay so you wonder about Rebirth? Here we go:

They do offer a lot of training and in pretty good detail. But it is not for everyone nor does it fit everyone’s idea of what they would use and do here online. It is a template to use if you choose, however. You can elect to leave out or add to your own company and how it is run. 

But this also means you are going to need to learn some more things as you advance and go along. Also if you did everything they suggest you will be spending lots of your time setting all this up without help. Who are you going to be asking questions to? There is no one around after you buy the training. 

They don’t have a community or a forum if you need help
I think it has lots of great information but it is such I’ve already learned elsewhere for even less costs. Even though $17 dollars is not a lot to begin with. FREE is FREE.

Conclusion To Rebirth:

I believe it would help you get started. But after you see this info you will need more to become more advanced. The problem with this information is it is hard to read and understand.

And there is so much more to learn. It is why I recommend the 15-year training company I got my start with which has this information and plenty more all under one roof.

And it is guaranteed just like Rebirth is with a money back for premium membership. But no need to pay for anything up front. Just register after finding the link on myBest Review About A Training Course All Under One Roof with a community of eager helpers….All FREE of CHARGE

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