What is CashCrate? A Crate of Cash?

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Website: CashCrate.com

Price: Free

Rating: 80 out of 100

Verdict? Legit


CashCrate is No Scam. So lets find out a little more about this CashCrate progam and find out what it brings to the table. My name is Rick Bell and I write hundreds of reviews to help people like you discover what is working and what is not! Here we go…ready to make lots of money? What is CashCrate and can we make crates of dough with it?


Is it Legit or is CashCrate a Scam?


Let me assure you it is no scam. On the other hand, what is CashCrate, besides being just another survey site? Well, it is a survey site where you can complete tasks, sign up for stuff, break out the credit cards to order product, and other things, but be careful. Things you order will arrive, but remember, you have given out information your information just on the off chance to get something for 50 cents? Be wise!


 Most of your income from CashCrate will be from referrals. You refer someone and if they refer someone you get a small percentage of what their efforts bring in. Like ten percent I think.

I know this because I have a friend that plays around on CashCrate and he has tried to get me to sign up many times. Why? I guess he needs more referrals! I however, earn way more working from a program called Wealthy Affiliate. You can read the review by clicking on the name.


How Popular is CashCrate?


It appears there are many members online doing these surveys and getting referrals so they can earn a little extra more. One thing I’ve heard is you can advertise them by using banners they have. Just put up a banner on your website or social network groups. Most of your money is going to come from the referrals. Remember.



I suppose if you work at this long and hard enough you could bring in an extra $100 or $200 dollars per month. That is if you work hard at it! And, you know about online marketing. The harder you work, and the more you effort you put in, the better you get paid. But trust me, this is no program where you can earn 50 percent commissions off thousand dollar digital products.



 Ways to Make Money Using CashCrate


To give you an idea of what CashCrate pays out and for what, take a look at the list below. I grant you, it doesn’t seem like much. You will have to let it build up over time. Try this and if it is not for you just quit. You can always join a real program such as Wealthy Affiliate and earn much more money there. Read the review if you are interested in working less and making more! Like me. I got my start at thereand now work from home.

  • Completing Surveys ($.50-$1)
  • Completing Offers ($1-$30)
  • Completing Tasks ($.05)
  • Watching Videos (1 reward point)
  • Shopping (3-25%)  Update 3/15 Shopping is Back!
  • Referrals (20% of what they make and 10% of what their referrals make + sign up bonuses)
  • Checking In ($.03 a day)



Now if this is something of interest you can join by clicking this link… CASHCRATE. If not, then lets continue to see what else we can find out. Now they do pay you for refferals, and no one has experienced not getting their money.

How much can you earn though? There is a first level and second level. The first level pays you 20 percent. People you refer, at the second level, if they refer someone you get 10 percent as long as they qualify. Not sure what they have to do to qualify. I’m sure it is not hard. They probably have to do a certain amount of surveys.


More Ways to promote CashCrate


They give you banner ads just like real programs do. And you can place these on your website or social networks if you have them. You can email friends with these as well and get the ball rolling.

Mostly the refferals I think allow a person to make the most money. This is normally the case with survey sites. So just doing surveys is okay, but I’ve yet to find a progam where just doing surveys allows you to make that very much. So you will have to do many other things within the program.


cashcrate FAQ
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CashCrate is Legit of Course


 CashCrate is not going to be for everyone, but it is legit and I’ve never heard of anyone calling it a scam. Many people might think it a scam once they realize it pays very little for the time involved. But then people want quick riches and do not want to work, right? Earning chump change and wanting something much more challenging, will always get people crying wolf, or scam. 

What I recommend is you try it for yourself. One thing about programs with free sign ups, is they let you check them out without any hassle of paying or trying to get your money back if you are not interested. 

Gosh I don’t know how many progams I signed up for before I found Wealthy Affiliate. I realized back in 2013 I needed a training program to show me what online marketing and affiliate marketing was all about, and how I could make the highest revenue and commissions available. it took some searching, but I found my place in the online world.


I found Wealthy Affiliate!


Again, even WA is not for everyone. Most people are looking for a get rich kind of program which they will never find, but until they never find it, this type person will never stop to learn and earn the normal way, like the ones of us who are making huge paychecks from home, now. We too, had to bite the bullet and take a few steps back in order to get where we are now.


Click to Image for FREE sign up



Starting out I made nothing for the first month at WA! And about the time I was going to quit, I earned a $22.50 commission! So this is why I’m still there today. Those commissions are recurring!

As a review writer I’ve seen thousands of programs, and have written about plenty. So I know what is out there. All you can hope for is to find a great training program. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review. And find your passion and your niche. Please understand also, online marketing is work. If you want to do it correctly and make $20k to $100k a year, you will have to start learning the basics.

To Your Online Success!



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