What Is Count Down To Profits? Is It A Scam Or Is It Legit?

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Countdown-To-Profits-Footer Website: https://countdowntoprofits.com/01.php 
Owner: Richard Paul
Price: To Join: $97
My Rating: 0/10

What is Countdown to Profits? Is it a legitimate way to earn online or just another sham designed to relieve you of your hard earned $$$? Let me show you what I think.

Each time I see titles like the ones on Countdown to Profits saying you “don’t need any experience or skills” to become “your own boss” and “start earning immediately” I step back and take a deep breath. Plus, when I watch videos claiming you can earn up to $70.000 in four months without any experience, I become even more skeptical.

So what exactly is Countdown to Profits? 

When you open their website you see a 500-second long video telling you can earn 4 or 5 figures each month. Below you’ll see 8 out of 1.493 testimonials confirming this is the real deal. Yet what’s the point?

The video starts with inserts from major broadcasting media and an assurance that “you’re going to make more money watching this video than ANY other video ever created.” Keep watching and you’ll see Richard Paul promising to explain how you will make money.

Before you hear the magic, you’ll watch a portrait of a pitiful life of Richard Paul who used to be a boring bank teller. Well, until his friend showed him a software that turned his life upside down. His friend, allegedly, used the software to turn a $2000 investment into $125 K every month. When you follow the directions, get the training and press GO, – the video goes on – the system will work for you, making you continual, residual income even while you sleep.

According to the video, you earn $1 for every second of watching it. So if you follow the steps and don’t make a huge commission within 30 days, $500 will be waiting for you. All you have to do to claim $500 (for each second of watching the video) is sign up for the system for a month and pay $97. The regular price is $397, but with a special discount you, and only you, can get it for mere $97.

But that’s not all. When you activate your account, you’re going to get a personal, one-on-one Millionaire Mentor who will lead you by the hand and show you how to make money without doing anything. Wow!
Their refund policy claims users have a 30-day money back guarantee and they can cancel subscription BEFORE it rebills.

Is Countdown To Profits A Scam?

The trouble is, the video never tells you how you can make money. 

On top of that, there’s a huge misalignment between the video’s promises and what it really delivers. Another problem is related to testimonials below the video.
Let me back my skepticism. The devil hides in the details most people tend to overlook. This much is true in anything in life.

You should start by carefully reading their Terms of Service and Income and Earnings Disclaimer.
The first eye-opener in its Terms of Service is that I quote, “The products and services provided on this site are for education and entertainment purposes only.” Just two sentences later you’ll be shocked to read that

“This site is not offering a business opportunity of any kind.” Not only this isn’t a business opportunity, it’s just for fun. To be more precise, the system makes fun OF YOU!


Countdown To Profits Promises Effortless Money

Although the system promises easy, practically effortless money, their Income and Earnings Disclaimer says “no one cannot guarantee your future results and/or success”. They say it even more specifically a few sentences later: “No incomes are represented or guaranteed of any amount for any participant.“

That’s odd because the VIDEO promised exactly the opposite.
This is getting funny. Stay with me and let’s do some more research.

I loved this one: “Where specific income figures are used and attributed to an individual or business, we have every reason to believe that those people have earned that amount of money, however, no statements of income have been verified.” In other words, what we’ve shown in the video isn’t really true.

The most troubling statement is that the “Company/Seller is making no offer of a business opportunity whatsoever. Company/Seller provides information only.”
Hahaha. Is this a joke or what! There’s a gigantic gap between the video’s promise of an incredible mathematical algorithm that can dump massive commissions into your bank account, completely on autopilot and the claim they don’t offer anything of that sort.

Conclusion To My Countdown to Profits

The video says that the software is completely foolproof and 100% legal. But we all know better don’t we. By the way, it’s way longer than 500 seconds. Try clicking on other testimonials and you’ll see you can’t open it. If you visit their website next day, you’ll see the same testimonials. Everything smells rotten sometimes. I’ve tried to find others who have made any money, but have not.

After reading small and boring print, you realize only a naive person will believe this is not a scam or con.
It is a big fraud. Countdown to Profits is a huge scam so steer clear of it.

There are many other real and legitimate and effective ways to earn money online. The hard part is finding where to look. One in fact that I joined when I got my start..Is Wealthy Affiliate. You can read about this #1 recommended program here: “WA Rocks The House” 13 years in the business at this time makes you know for sure it is legit! 

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