What is Fast Cash Blueprint?

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Forget about Fast Cash Blueprint. It turned out to be more of the same ole same ole. So instead of asking, What is Fast Cash Blueprint.

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But not someone who will reply to us. So, the Fast Cash Blue Print is a quick way for him to earn revenue from his fake website.


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Take a look at his landing page of reviews against other marketers…so he can provide a link to Fast Cash Blueprint.

Source Digest by Nate Be sure to come back and read why this is failing for him and you will not ever talk to this person. Because his name is not Nate and everything he has written here on his page is copied content, which can is Duplication and a SCAMMING CRIME. Use what works, Wealthy Affiliates.

what is fast cash blueprint

Fast Cash Blueprint Scam!

Nothing more than someone trying to talk you out of your money using stock images and pretending to be the guy in the picture! Not sure if you know this but I’ve been buying into programs like this for years now and I’ve learned one thing.

When they are this cheap, and they are this hyped up on the sales page, and when the profile image is faked, and the testimonials are faked, and when he is discrediting everyone else without ever trying their programs…He IS FAKE TOO! I have learned to stay away.


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I write this review with a big SCAM on the page and Dare the founder of Fast Cash Blueprints to come over and tell me any different. 

What happens is Nate will never show up. He is doing this to unsuspecting traffic who knows no better. And he will get away with it for a good while! Making money he doesn’t deserve by scamming here online. There is not enough laws to correct the situation so it is up to us here on the internet to be the police!


fast cash blueprint, by nate


FastCash Blueprint Says..

Discover How A Complete IM Newbie Earned $108.84 In One Day With Just 40 Minutes Of Work From Affiliate Offers Without A List, Website, Relying On Google, Doing SEO, Creating YouTube Videos, Or Doing Any Paid Advertising…..

Telling us we can make money by doing nothing online except stalking others and work from others who have had to put in the time and energy, yet we are not going to have to do our own stuff? Really? ha!

Fast Cash Blueprint is a product that Nate tells us all about on a landing page. No real website. He has no website. He explains what it is not, cranks out a story of how he was somehow connected to it, suddenly made money, then lets us know we can make money buy giving him $15.00. Really. Ask yourself, is this something that sounds like it would work? 

Actually called Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0. Sounds exciting yes?

Nate uses a fake image, fake testimonials. And anyone having that many testi’s for a $15 dollar product is over doing the sales pitch in an extreme way! Even products costing upwards of $4000 dollars seldom use more than a dozen on their sales page.

This Fast Cash Blueprint is nothing more than a hyped up few pages of how to follow others and take advantage of what they are doing. Nothing you can be proud of. And I would love to get the details and have Nate walk me through his system, yet, he wouldn’t care to, and I wouldn’t want to waste my time with it either. Doubtful that you could make any money if you did it 8 hours a day month after month! Much less one hour per.

Listen if you are really wanting to make money online, you cannot do what this guy does. Ever! You need marketing skills. Obviously this guy is trying to shortcut his way to wealth and I doubt very serious if he even makes ten sales a week off this Fast Cash Blueprint. Which means his way to making money is to use others. Take advantage of loop holes and discredit programs he has not ever signed up for! To hell with him.


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In fact if Nate’s program actually worked, why is he writing content and doing reviews which are all negative about the other programs he is reviewing only so he can promote FCB If his system worked he would never have to advertise it in the first place. Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0? Sound fishy? Extremely so!


fastcash blueprintIs Fast Cash Blueprint a Scam?

You can best believe it as you see it here. I tell it like it is based on my ability to understand what works and what does not work here online. Most certainly, Fast Cash Blueprint is a scam. It has all the signs of one plus some! I’m a professional marketer with years of experience making money online using SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Reviewing  websites, Writing program reviews like this one. And, I offer professional training on Niche Marketing. I’ve written over 300 reviews just on online programs alone.

My experience here tells me that Fast Cash Blueprint is someone trying to make $15 dollars off unsuspecting people who are struggling to earn real money online. See Link Below…

It is why I recommend the training that I got back in 2012 with Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson. A 12 year old company helping hundreds of thousands of members online to create a money making business for themselves. You need before you…

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A website with content and traffic

A real profile of yourself with an about me page

A product that people are already searching for

A goal and determination to never give up no matter what

Tenacity! And,a big group of like minded members just like you.


Everyone one that I know of who is making upwards of $50.000 dollars here online has built their own business and worked it daily to grow it so that one day it becomes all on auto pilot and gives them a passive income they can enjoy and even walk away from their system, to vacation and enjoy life and freedom. Read the #1 Recommended Review on Wealthy Affiliate if you are looking for real prosperity online.

Help me if you will and show me anyone working this program. Have them talk with me and lets see if we can put a stop to this by sharing the information. If you know of anyone being scammed please report them in a comment below and I will research and review the program so that it reaches thousands of internet marketers!





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    from your article ”In fact if Nate’s program actually worked, why is he writing content and doing reviews which are all negative about the other programs he is reviewing only so he can promote FCB.” this is not exactly what are you doing? you give a bad review other products and redirect people to WA, probably is the member of WA because this is what you guys do.

    • Rick

      Thank you for commenting on this. Exactly right, you are. There are two types of review writers. Ones that launch jack products coming from Warrior Plus and JvZoo and write reviews promoting all the crap that these guys bring to the table each day.

      And us review writers who write reviews on programs long after they’ve been out to show no one is making money with them. Because if they were, there would be evidence. So we do redirect to WA. Not to get paid, but to help new marketers find their passion and their purpose.

      However, we don’t give just bad reviews. There are hundreds of products we have reviewed which are good for newbies and will be of help. The problem we find with most programs out there is that they’re really created only to make money for the creators.

      That has to stop. And there are those of us that would much rather point someone in the direction of a program that can help, than point them to one that will just take their money. If you would like, email me and I will give you a list of dozens of positive reviews and which ones they are. And if you would like I will also help try to point you away from other programs that you may fall for yourself. And it is all to help you and others be aware of what is going on in the marketing world.

      I’ve dedicated 5 years to helping people make the right decisions. And I look forward to helping you find your place here as well. WA teaches affiliate marketing and is against all the shiny object programs out there. We are instructed to help others stay away from these as well.

      I myself have been a victim of trying to find fast wealth as well. And have spent lots of money on worthless programs such as Fast Cash Blueprint. We give a bad review based on results of no one showing they are making money. And when we talk to the members or those who bought it we find out they have done very poorly. And in fact, have made no money. WA at least shows thousands of members who have become successful by implementing the training within their affiliate training.

      Send me an email and I will give you lists of both negative reviews and positive ones. Hopefully, it will show you that we are honest about what we write and honest about trying to help those coming in behind us, so they prosper and not keep failing. itsmerickb@gmail.com
      There are over 1.5 million members at WA. Try showing me another training program that has that kind of following. One that has not been sued or removed by the course. And yes WA members are taught to give honest reviews. Whether that product is positive or negative. We only can state the obvious.

      Does everyone have success with WA? No. It is only those who are willing to work hard and have a plan, a passion, and a direction. Those trying to make quick money here online will fail. Sure we get some members signing up. But we make very little money in our 8 hours a day efforts to provide the right path for many.

      I for one normally spend more than I earn. But it is because I’m retired and don’t need the money. I try to help everyone that asks for my help.
      Hope this makes sense,

      Rick Bell

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