What is FushionCash?

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What is FushionCash?
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My Fusioncash Review? What is FusionCash?

Ranked: 50/100

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Why are so many interested in Fusion Cash? It’s an assembly site of options for earning a little money here and there online. In general, it is a terrible idea to attempt to do anything like try and earn a living using the methods there. There are multiple market research projects which are time consuming at best. And the money one makes is enough to pay for a candy.
Every once in a while, someone – a stay at home mother or someone, will say they’ve made a huge amount of money using a program like this. What happens is: First many thing happens is many people think it is normal and everyone will have these same results. Most of these people have never heard of market research before, though. And also, many will realize that this is a fluke or that the person making a living at it is some kind of genius or has astounding ‘karma’ to be able to get better results than a million other people who do the exact thing when they try it. Lack of Success wins out for the majority it seems.

Is FusionCash a Scam? 


I rated Fusion Cash at 50/100.  This means it would be easy to interpret it as being a scam, but that’s not exactly what it is. If anyone is looking for a regular job, something so that they will earn a living – this program is not it! Just join any other type of survey program where someone like the founder of it rakes in the cash and you and everyone else trying to profit from it fail to do so.

What is FushionCash?It seems people think they have all the time in the world to do crap like this. Maybe they do if they are relying on food stamps and the government and are looking to make an extra $20 dollars per week, or month! 


Fusion Cash Reviews & Complaints


There have also been many Fusion Cash Reviews and complaints made online about how difficult it is for earners to get their money from Fusion Cash.  I’ve heard it is one tough thing to do! One person wrote from personal experience that it was really tough, even when they had earned the money, they said Fusion Cash had so many crazy rules it was hard to get the money that was owed to them.

When I looked over a few sites to get more information, I learned that of course there was both complaints and people who were happy with it. We talked about what type of people are happy I think. Like so much in life when people try the same thing, it goes more smoothly for some than for others.  There are reasons for that, but without detailed information it is easy to not know the real outcomes or differences.

Another reason why I rate this program at 50/100 even though it is not a scam is that there is a limit to the offers.  That means that in many cases, even when does work and produce some cash,  it can only work for so long before the user runs out of options. Limitations anyone?


What is FushionCash?
It took them two months to do 200 offers.


More about FushionCash


Fusion Cash is a marketing research portal. We spelled it wrong on purpose in the title as a test. Did you catch it? Anyway, most rewards of participation involving accepting some merchandise and becoming a customer of one or maybe numerous companies. 

The company distributes pay monthly.  There is a $25 minimum and a 180 day long claim period.  They use PayPal and ClickBank. Wow, want to know more about how great this is? haha.

There is another level of dealing with Fusion Cash.  That is to spread it around – that’s right, it is possible to earn money referring the system to others and helping it to spread around the Internet.  This helps earn referral money and customers. 

Pat Patterson is one of the people who has a website in which he offers to explain how to earn a good living with Fusion Cash even though the information above shows how you can earn maybe $30 monthly from Fusion Cash, when you do everything perfectly and don’t mind ending up with more “Tupperware” that cost you $15 thanks to the discount you won filling out online surveys right there at FusionCash. 

Does the connection seem mysterious?  No wonder it does.  

It really is just referrals for carriers of the websites. This is essentially like opening another franchise in order to sell more of the surveys. This means that by growing the business, you can grow your business. If you check out Fusion Cash and really like it then it might work for you, but if you feel FusionCash or market research is a waste of time then don’t get involved.


What is FushionCash?
If you really want to sign up…go to top of page and click on link there.


Fusion Cash is Not for YOU, Probably


Even if you earn money doing it you and don’t care to do this, you will not be ahead of the game. It is why I try to get people to get the training they need to build a real business. One they can earn for the rest of their lives while they sleep even! Read the Review for Wealthy Affiliate.

If making money by selling other people’s products and by getting referrals is appealing to you, then you might not be interested in starting your own business. Even if it only takes you 7 days. That’s how long it took to create my first website and get paid my first of many, $22.50 commissions from Wealthy Affiliate. Now, if you join Fusion Cash look to wait 3 months to get paid at all.

There is free training and free websites to start out with at WA, so it costs nothing! The community is helpful and friendly. Sign up here to check the program out. Free Business starts here!


What is FushionCash?In Closing This Article fir FusionCash…

 Very important to read the remaining article. Your  Success/Life depends on it.

There is one final reason to be suspicious of Fusion Cash. When I searched for the names of the CEO or owners or founders of the organization I ran into a blank wall.  Evidently, Fusion Cash is a shadow organization either controlled by invisible people.

Or just shy people who don’t want to be noticed.  Maybe they are getting away with something. If it is not that, then the truth even stranger than fiction perhaps, and the founders are malevolent beings and one should just steer clear of the whole thing.

Now I have read many article reviews that say FusionCash is just a scam. People really don’t do well and stay long. But I think they mean this as far as a real business where one can hope to generate huge earnings from. Like the one I mention below above called, Wealthy Affiliate. A Real Program Where You CAN LEARN & EARN

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