What is Genius Marketing Pro – Does it Work?

Product Name: Genius Marketing Pro

Product Owners: Dwayne Golden Sr/Jr, Alex Costan, Stephen Gilbert

Price: $47/month

Rating: 63 out of 100

what is genius marketing pro


When newbies get started online they seldom know how to get started. This Genius Marketing Pro System packages an autoresponder, page builder, traffic analyzer and hosting as well, as a All-In-One. So,What is Genius Marketing Pro? Read on to find out the question I ask about What Genius Marketing Pro is?  Get real help here at the #1 ranked program-How to Start FREE

This System went live way back in November 2013. So its been around for sometime, and it must not be very popular as I never heard of it before now. And when I joined there were only 45 members. I took a quick look and did not see any internet training there! Nothing. There is a few short videos on navigating the program itself. But nothing for the newbie or how to do diddly! 

But I did research it and found some issues: All these bonuses normally means you are being enticed to purchase something that is not all that great. At least from my perspective. If a product does what it says there is no need to post bunches of bonuses! I don’t see any bonuses now that I became an active member, either! I will look, but I don’t see all those bonuses I Dwayne Golden said I would get.

Bonus #1 Backward Funnel Blue Print

Bonus #2 Sales Funnel Blue Print

Bonus #3 Sales Video Formula Blue Print

Bonus #4 Cash Machine Advance

Bonus #5 Quick Start Kunaki

There are even more that I don’t mention.


Is Genius Marketing Pro a Scam?

This so called Life Changing Program is no longer even heard about. So maybe it was a scam. Sure there are people still searching it, but they are merely wanting to know what it is, or was. So is Genius Marketing Pro a Scam? Might as well be one. I don’t see it there today. But maybe it wasn’t intended to be a scam. It’s a program where things are packaged together to try to help online marketers. Problem being is, it never did!

Supposedly this is billed as a Life Changing Program or System You deserve, which will allow you to make 5 figure, 6 figure and 7 figure incomes online! Don’t know about all that, but I do know of one recommended program that’s been around for years called Wealthy Affiliate. That one is a very good place to start. Read my review on them. Click Here/

It’s also said to do the job of ten different services. Which I would never suspect a bunch of services bunched together would ever do as well as the real services I use such as GetResponse.com or even Jaxxy.com


Genius Marketing Pro 

Says anyone can use this system to earn money from home. And, it doesn’t matter if you are new to online marketing or if you are advanced. Or that you’ve never created a product or sold one in your entire life.

Even if you’ve tried for years trying to market successfully and have failed, this one system will do for you what it has done for the many who have purchased it.


The Genius System Basics 

The All-In-One saves you money on your autoresponder, hosting, pagebuilders, designers, coding and development. And even Copyrighting?

Which would be about $2000 dollars per month, so they say. Really, you don’t want these tools as they are not as good as the real ones you would get. Just trust me on this. To be able to provide the real thing would mean the founders would need millions! And they don’t have millions, in fact they are here trying to make money with this program!

My Research of Genus Marketing Pro

Shows some Top Marketers I know doing reviews on this System. And that means they didn’t purchase it themselves. Meaning it must not be something they are willing to try. 

So, I will not purchase it, because, it sounds too much like a package of things I don’t need. Nor will you need this extreme package. 

Reason being is if you are starting out you won’t need all these things and you won’t boggle your mind about them, either. Or let’s say you don’t need to.

After Joining I Found

Problems and dated software they use. Not something you can even understand with the pages they have to create. Not sure how old this program really is for creating landing pages. Does not look like any tools that I’ve ever seen. Also, again there is no internet marketing training inside. Only stuff for how to navigate their system. I also think they stopped doing any webinars. There was about a month ago that I didn’t bother watching.

Most copyright tools do not work. At least not so as Google will except your work done with them. You need to write naturally and these type tools are nothing you can take advantage of.


Genius Marketing Training Inside

Has no training on how to create what a newbie would need. Or why! Even their Auto Responding Tool has endless limitations. Reason being is they would need a to double or triple their code crunching capabilities if they ever get more than the 45 members showing! Question everything when you decide to start a business online.

Genius Marketing  – Their Price

I paid $47 dollars to join. And that is what they charge each month as long as you are a member? Please don’t join this program though. If you are wanting Real Training that a newbie needs and how to market successfully, please go to WA! Read about them here.That means you are going to be paying thousands of dollars long before you ever learn marketing. 

Most marketers take up to a year learning on their own. As this doesn’t appear to have a group of like minded members who share and help one another, you could be here two years!


The Genius Marketing Pro Support

Seems to have been ditched along the way somewhere. I cannot exactly tell what happened to it, other than they say they will send me a password when signing in, and I never get one. That should tell you something. But, if you find a place to log in and sign up, let me know and I will add it to my article here. It’s going to be a pain to cancel the program as well! 

I often times find programs where traffic is still searching for them, but they have long sense shut down or been determined to be such a scam people quit looking for them. Buyer beware! This program called Genius Marketing Pro Shows no sign of Dwayne Golden or even his son around to help with support. Nor do they show any internet training other than how to navigate their website.


Stop and Listen

Read my review on the program that has helped and made fortunes for thousands of members. One that is not based on a full package of everything. Just the essentials.

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