What Is GenuinePTR?

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GenuinePTR Scam?








Product Name: GenuinePTR

Website: GenuinePTR.com, GenuinePTR.net

Price: Free, $299 to Receive Pay Out? (See Review)

Owners: David Clockwise

Recommended: ???

Verdict: Take a look…

What is GenuinePTR?

GenuinePTR is a Paid to Read (hence the PTR) website. Each day, they send you emails and when you read them, you receive a payment per email. You need to wait 30 seconds before you get credit for reading the email. The company advertises to pay $100 per email read and $200 per email if you pay for the upgrade. For free members, you need to accumulate $25,000 to get paid (which you won’t). Premium members can cash out at any time (which you won’t receive anything). 

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Pros vs. Cons


Not finding any today.


  • The company tries to get you to upgrade your membership. They entice you with bigger payouts that you never will receive.
  • Even at the free level, you will waste a lot of time on reading emails. You need to spend at least 30 seconds on each email (it’s timed)
  • There’s no guarantee that the company will prevent advertisers from trying to load spyware or malware on your computer.
  • Too many reports of non-payment. Even if you decide to join and remain a free member, you will go through many days of emails to find out if you will get paid.
  • If this were legitimate, it would have been profiled on news stories and other media outlets. That kind of payout would garner media attention!

Is GenuinePTR Legit?

Affiliate Touting the Benefits of GenuinePTR

Any company that states they are going to pay a certain amount of money and doesn’t deliver should be considered a scam. You may notice some websites (see image) that claim this opportunity is legitimate. If you peel back the layers of this stinky onion, you’ll find that these are people trying to get you to sign up for this under their referral link. They either haven’t discovered yet that this is a scam or they are part of the scam. Another possibility is they forgot to update their website. Nonetheless, it’s not worth it to sign up.

GenuinePTR Info







My Genuine-PTR Review

Okay, do you believe that a website is going to pay you $100 for every email that you read? This falls under the category of if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Reports on other websites state the company requires you pay a transfer fund fee of $299.

So, after spending many days building up your total to $25,000 minimum, you will need to pay them to release your funds. Good luck getting that release!

There are legitimate PTR websites. They usually pay pennies per email. They make their money by charging advertisers more than the pennies to display on their websites. Even though some of the PTR sites may be legit, people get tired of clicking for pennies. This is why GenuinePTR is so enticing to these people.

With GenuinePTR, they would need to charge their advertisers more than $100 to make money on the mail (assuming it was legit). If you were an advertiser, would you be able to afford more than $100 to show your ads? The point is, you can get a much better bang for your buck on other advertising mediums, such as PTC or Solo Ads.

GenuinePTR Terms of Service

It’s not verified that the company does charge $299 to obtain your cash. However, even if they didn’t, they aren’t going to pay anyone $25,000 for reading emails.

Further, they will get you to read through several emails that the advertiser pays for. Since they have no intention of paying you, they can charge the advertiser much lower than the $100.

As you can see from the image, the company does specify in its Terms of Service (TOS) that you will need to upgrade to get paid. No company should charge money to pay you. This is a huge red flag!

The company also claims to give you 25% of the earnings of your referrals. That means (according to them) you would receive $25 on each $100 email they read. Also, you get a $50 referral bonus.

Another enticement is getting you to upgrade your membership. When you do, the company claims you will receive $200 per email instead of $100. You also get a $500 signup bonus. Here’s a suggestion to the company – let me use the $500 to upgrade my account! Again, don’t count on this.


Is The Genuine PTR A Scam?

One big red flag is the company does not pay out using PayPal. While not using PayPal as a payment processor does not automatically constitute a scam, PayPal does not support companies such as this for a reason. And there lies the important information you need. Genuine ptr is a scam by all rights.

If for some reason you still decide to sign up to see if you can make money with them, please be sure to use an email that you don’t care about. When you discover the company is not legitimate (and you will), you will want to dispose of that email so that you no longer receive the junk they will be sending you. If you get nothing else out of this review, please heed this one piece of advice! If you use your regular email, then all that can be said is you’ve been warned!

Even legitimate PTR websites are not worth pursuing. Usually, they pay such low payouts (1 cents or less per email) that people get tired of viewing the emails. The appeal is to refer many others where you get a percentage of their earnings. However, if you get tired of participating, what will make your referrals want to continue? They won’t. They will drop out quickly as well.


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